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Zain KSA Partners with Red Sea Global To Launch World’s First Net Zero 5G Network on Ummahat Island
Zain KSA Partners with Red Sea Global To Launch Worlds First Net Zero 5G Network on Ummahat Island

Zain KSA has Partnered with Red Sea Global to launch the world’s first net zero energy 5G network on the beautiful Ummahat Island.

The 5G towers have been beautifully designed using innovative materials produced by the French Serge Ferrari Group and are powered by 100% solar power.

The completion of the towers coincides with the opening of the St Regis Red Sea resort and the soon-to-open Nujuma, Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

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The Strategic Partnership

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The initiative results from a strategic collaboration to increase sustainability efforts between the three entities. 

Red Sea Global and Zain KSA, with their commitment to sustainable development, have designed and implemented these ground-breaking telecom towers that provide visitors with a unique communication experience that merges speed and efficiency of service. 

Image Credit Serge Ferrari Group

The towers also feature a unique design, including innovative French Serge Ferrari Group materials. This ensures the towers blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings of Ummahat Island, preserving the breathtaking vistas and minimal use of land space.

This innovation further enhances the island’s aesthetic appeal, ensuring guests enjoy an unrivaled experience on the white beaches of Ummahat amid its enchanting turquoise waters and striking landscapes.

Achieving Five Key Objectives

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The project was designed to achieve five primary objectives:

  • Provide an ideal 5G service
  • Enhance the island’s magnificent visual scene
  • Reduce emissions through the use of 100% clean energy
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Enable tower sharing among all licensed telecom operators in KSA

World’s First Net Zero Energy 5G Network

Image Credit Zain KSA

The towers are powered by the world’s first net zero energy 5G network, an initiative recently launched by Red Sea Global and Zain KSA and the first of its kind globally. 

Besides being 100% solar-powered, these towers are designed to allow air circulation to minimize cooling costs and do not require high maintenance.

Vision for the Future

“Today, we are developing a future of stunning destinations that put people and the planet at the center. As we aspire to be leaders in sustainable development and environmental responsibility around the world, we know that achieving this ambitious goal requires working with partners who share our vision, a common ethical and social commitment, and a desire for innovation and uniqueness,” said Group Head of Technology at Red Sea Global, Dr. Ahmed Alsohaily.

Innovative Materials Approach

Image Credit Serge Ferrari Group

President of the Serge Ferrari Foundation, Sébastien Baril, said: 

“The challenges of the ecological transition must lead us to transform our organization. This means changing our business model to focus on solutions, with an innovative materials approach to reduce our impact and contribute to a better world”.

Contributing to the Saudi Green Initiative

Red Sea Global and Zain KSA are collaborating to support KSA’s direction through the Saudi Green Initiative. 

This endeavor aims to increase the use of clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals of improving the quality of life and protecting future generations. 

The initiative also aims to curb carbon emissions by more than 500,000 tons annually by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2060.

The Red Sea Hotels

Image Credit Killa Design

In 2023, The Red Sea welcomed its first guests, with two hotels now open.  The completion of these cutting-edge towers coincides with the inauguration of The St. Regis Red Sea Resort and Six Sense Southern Dunes.

Six Sense Southern Dunes

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea is the first hotel to officially open in the Red Sea Giga Project. This stunning resort offers 36 guest rooms and 40 pool villas situated against the backdrop of the Majestic Arabian Desert and Hijaz Mountains. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

This stunning resort combines visionary tourism with sustainability and heritage. Six Senses Southern Dunes has sustainability at the heart of its operations. It aspires to become the first LEED Platinum resort in Saudi Arabia, sourcing its electricity entirely from its solar farm. 

The resort also adheres to a plastic-free policy, bottling still and sparkling water at the on-site water plant.

St Regis Red Sea Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The St Regis Red Sea Resort has officially opened its doors to the public as the first private island resort on the beautiful Saudi Red Sea coast.

The St Regis Red Sea Resort is located on the pristine Ummahat Island and is accessible by chartered boat or seaplane from the new Red Sea International Airport.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The Resort offers 90 spacious overwater and beachfront villas with private pools and a range of luxurious amenities including a signature spa and five unique restaurants.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The Red Sea International Airport has also been receiving a regular schedule of flights since September 2023. 

Expected to cater to one million travelers annually by 2030, this ultramodern airport is a significant step towards transforming the nation’s tourism sector.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Designed by the globally acclaimed British studio Foster + Partners, this ambitious project embodies the country’s commitment to redefining its tourism landscape. The airport’s design is inspired by the kingdom’s breathtaking natural beauty, focusing on the Saudi desert’s unique hues and textures.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Upon completion in 2030, The Red Sea destination will comprise 50 resorts, offering 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. The destination includes luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment, and leisure facilities.

Red Sea Global’s projects, including The Red Sea AMAALA and Thuwal, are set to become the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism destinations. 

These projects and partnerships showcase how responsible and regenerative development can uplift communities, drive economies, and enhance the environment, all while creating exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent and the private sector.

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