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Yanbu To Get New Waterfront Destination Scheduled for 2027 with Baheej and Asfar Partnership
Yanbu To Get New Waterfront Destination Scheduled for 2027

Yanbu is due to get a new waterfront tourist destination thanks to a partnership between Baheej Tourism Development Company and ASFAR, the PIF backed tourism investment initiative. 

Spanning 32,000 square meters, it is due to feature three iconic leisure destinations at The Royal Commission of Yanbu, including a beach escape, tourist activation center, and lifestyle hotel

This project is expected to be completed by 2027 and aims to highlight Yanbu’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

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Introducing Yanbu’s First Tourist Destination

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

Located on the coast of the Red Sea, Yanbu has a rich history that can be traced back to the 16th century. Its impressive buildings and beautiful sandy beaches have always reflected the city’s unique character, inviting tourists to experience its charming charm.

Baheej Tourism Development Company, a joint venture between ASFAR and the Tamimi-AWN Alliance, has unveiled this ambitious plan to revitalize the waterfront area of the Royal Commission at Yanbu, ushering in a new era of sustainable tourism.

Blending Heritage and Modernity 

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

At the heart of this groundbreaking initiative lies the seamless fusion of Yanbu’s storied past with modern, cutting-edge attractions. Baheej’s endeavor aims to elevate Yanbu’s status as a premier tourist destination, captivating visitors with a harmonious blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury.

A Phased Approach 

The visionary project will unfold in three meticulously planned phases, each designed to minimize environmental impact while fostering community engagement and sustainable practices.

Phase 1: Iconic Leisure Assets

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

The inaugural phase, spanning an impressive 32,000 square meters, will introduce three iconic leisure assets that promise to redefine the tourism landscape:

  • Beach Escape: A serene sanctuary where visitors can bask in the natural splendor of Yanbu’s pristine beaches, offering a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Image Credit Kerten Hospitality
  • Tourist Activation Center: A vibrant hub that will immerse guests in the rich tapestry of Yanbu’s cultural heritage, providing a dynamic platform for interactive experiences and educational explorations.
Image Credit Kerten Hospitality
  • Lifestyle Hotel: A luxurious retreat that seamlessly blends modern amenities with traditional Arabian hospitality, ensuring an unforgettable stay for discerning travelers.

Phase 2: Unveiling the Fourth Component

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

While the first phase sets the stage for an extraordinary tourism experience, Baheej has hinted at a fourth, enigmatic component unveiled later, further elevating the anticipation and intrigue surrounding this transformative project.

Phase 3: Sustainable Integration

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

The final phase will prioritize the seamless integration of local culture and environmental sustainability, ensuring that Yanbu’s unique identity and natural beauty are preserved and celebrated. 

Additionally, Baheej will actively engage with the local community, empowering them to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their city’s tourism landscape.

Aligning with Saudi Vision 2030

Image Credit Huawei Enterprise

Baheej’s transformative project in Yanbu City is a testament to the company’s alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, a bold initiative to foster economic prosperity and vibrant societal development within the Kingdom. 

By revitalizing Yanbu’s waterfront and positioning it as a premier tourist destination, Baheej contributes to the broader goal of diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy and promoting sustainable growth.

Regional Development

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

Beyond its immediate impact on Yanbu’s tourism landscape, Baheej’s project holds the potential to catalyze regional development. 

The revitalized waterfront area will stimulate economic activity, create employment opportunities, and foster a thriving ecosystem for local businesses and entrepreneurs by attracting visitors from near and far.

Enhancing the Travel Experience

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

Baheej’s commitment to curating exceptional travel experiences is evident in the meticulous planning and execution of this ambitious project. 

From the serene beach escape to the immersive cultural experiences, every aspect is designed to captivate and inspire visitors, leaving them with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for Yanbu’s rich heritage.

Accessibility and Infrastructure Enhancements

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, Baheej recognizes the importance of accessibility and infrastructure improvements. 

Plans are underway to enhance transportation networks, provide ample parking facilities, and integrate cutting-edge technologies to streamline visitor experiences, ensuring a hassle-free journey for all.

Economic Growth and Business Opportunities

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

The revitalization of Yanbu’s waterfront is poised to unlock many economic opportunities for the region. With an influx of tourists and visitors, local businesses will benefit from increased foot traffic and revenue streams, fostering entrepreneurship and job creation.

Moreover, Baheej’s commitment to sustainable practices and community involvement will ensure that the economic benefits are distributed equitably, empowering local communities and promoting long-term prosperity.

Transforming Yanbu’s Hospitality Landscape

Image Credit Kerten Hospitality

Baheej’s project in Yanbu City represents a transformative journey for the city’s hospitality landscape. Baheej sets a new benchmark for sustainable tourism development by seamlessly blending community heritage with environmental stewardship.

With Baheej’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its steadfast dedication to Saudi Vision 2030, the revitalized waterfront of Yanbu promises to be a shining beacon of sustainable tourism, beckoning visitors from far and wide to experience the magic of this ancient city.

More Tourist Destinations Coming To Saudi Arabia

SEVEN Entertainment Destination In Yanbu

Image Credits SEVEN

SEVEN, a subsidiary of PIF and known as Saudi Entertainment Ventures, is investing $290 million to establish a new entertainment hub in Yanbu. This project will be situated on Nawras Island and aims to boost the city’s entertainment industry while contributing to the economic diversification of Saudi Arabia. 

SEVEN Yanbu will be a carnival-themed family entertainment center with top-of-the-line rides. The destination will offer a range of attractions, including a Clip ‘n Climb facility featuring 30 climbing challenges for children and adults. 

Furthermore, it will include a junior family entertainment center, a modern 10-screen cinema, a futuristic neon 10-lane bowling experience, and an exciting indoor adventure golf course. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various local and international retail and dining options.

SEVEN Indoor Karting Attractions

Image Credit FIA

SEVEN has collaborated with Formula E to introduce the first-ever indoor karting experiences in the country. 

These karting attractions, located at four SEVEN entertainment destinations in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Abha, are set to provide an exceptional and high-quality racing adventure for thrill-seekers. The partnership also aims to boost the development of Motorsports in Saudi Arabia.

SEVEN Entertainment Destination in Al Madinah

Image Credit SEVEN Saudi Entertainment Ventures

SEVEN has announced a 1.3 Billion SAR Entertainment Destination in Al Madinah. Its ambitious plans are to establish a novel entertainment destination, a paradigm of fun and adventure,  in the sacred Holy City.

It would be conveniently located adjacent to King Fahad Central Park, and the development would span over 100,000 square meters, with a built-up area exceeding 84,000 square meters. 

Image Credit SEVEN Saudi Entertainment Ventures

Moreover, a 4,000-square-meter family entertainment center promises an array of exciting rides. For adrenaline entertainers, an e-karting track stretches over 330 meters across two levels, guaranteeing exhilarating moments for children and adults.

SEVEN Entertainment Destination In Aseer

Image Credit SEVEN Saudi Entertainment Ventures

SEVEN has also unveiled Seven Abha, a $346.6 Million (SAR 1.3 Billion) Entertainment Destination in the Aseer region, as part of the kingdom’s diversification efforts.

The entertainment destination is to be strategically located between Abha and Khamis Mushait, near Abha International Airport. 

The development is set to feature unique world-class rides, virtual reality areas, and Discovery Adventures jungle-themed edutainment attraction created in partnership with Warner Bros. 

The Qiddiya City Project

Image credit Qiddiya

The development of Qiddiya City, a project aimed at creating a Global Entertainment and Sports Hub in the Kingdom, has been awarded contracts worth more than $2.6 billion. 

The Qiddiya city, located on the outskirts of Riyadh, is expected to have 60,000 buildings, including golf courses, stadiums, and the Six Flags Qiddiya Theme Park.

Its goal is to attract 40 million tourists annually and contribute $36 billion to the GDP. The city aims to have approximately 48 million visitors per year, with a gaming and e-sports district that will serve as a global competition hub. 


Image Credit Qiddiya

The Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has unveiled plans to develop AQUARABIA, the Middle East’s largest water theme park in Qiddiya City in Saudi Arabia.

Aquarabia will be home to 22 unrivaled rides and attractions featuring 5 record breaking rides, including the world’s first double water loop, the tallest Junoon Drop water coaster, and 8 uniquely designed themed zones, including Camel Rock and The Den.

Aquarabia is set to open in 2025 alongside the Six Flags Qiddiya theme park to bring global visitors to the Kingdom for unparalleled world record breaking entertainment attractions.

Dragon Ball Theme Park

Image credit Qiddiya

Saudi Arabia has revealed plans to build the World’s First Dragon Ball Themed Park in the Qiddiya Entertainment City. 

This groundbreaking park, the first of its kind, will cover an impressive 500,000 square meters and will boast seven unique zones and 30 themed rides. 

Among the park’s highlights will be a 70-meter dragon roller coaster, paying homage to the popular Japanese anime franchise. 

Additionally, the park will offer Dragon Ball inspired accommodations and dining options. The development, situated just 40 km from Riyadh, is part of the larger Qiddiya City project.

Qiddiya Speed Park Track

Image Credit Qiddiya

The Qiddiya Investment Company has unveiled plans for Qiddiya City’s newest attraction, the Speed Park Track, set to establish itself as a premier venue for Saudi Motorsport and a prominent global destination. 

Crafted by experienced race drivers, including renowned former Austrian Formula One racer Alex Wurz, the track boasts a thrilling layout encompassing 21 turns and an impressive elevation gain of 108 meters per lap, weaving through Qiddiya’s breathtaking mountainous terrain. 

Against the backdrop of the world’s tallest rollercoaster at Six Flags Qiddiya City and a vibrant water theme park, drivers will navigate the Speed Park Track, offering an exhilarating experience amidst various entertainment options.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium 

Image credit Qiddiya

Saudi Arabia has announced its plans to construct a new stadium, The Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Stadium, in the upcoming Qiddiya Entertainment City near Riyadh. 

This modern stadium has a capacity of 45,000 seats and will be situated in the Tuwaiq mountains, perched atop a striking 200-meter cliff. It will be the new home for two of Riyadh’s most prominent Saudi Pro League teams, Al Nassr and Al Hilal. 

Image credit Qiddiya

This versatile venue is also expected to host major sporting events in the Kingdom, including the Saudi Cup, the Asian Cup, and potentially even the FIFA 2034 World Cup.

Qiddiya City’s Falcon’s Flight

Image Credit Intamin

Saudi Arabia has revealed Plans for Qiddiya City’s  Falcon’s Flight, which is set to become the world’s fastest, longest, and tallest rollercoaster. This record-breaking ride will be located at Six Flags Qiddiya near Riyadh and is expected to reach a speed of 250kmph and a drop of 640 feet.


Image Credit The PIF

Saudi Arabia has launched THE RIG, an innovative mega theme park inspired by oil rigs 40 kilometers off the country’s eastern coast. 

Inspired by Saudi Arabia’s abundant oil and gas history, the theme park includes three hotels, 11 restaurants, helipads, a diving center, and an extreme sports adventure park.

The Oil Park Development Company is spearheading the project, backed by the Public Investment Fund. The estimated cost of this groundbreaking venture is projected to be $5 billion.

Saudi Summer Program 2024

Image Credit Ministry of Tourism

Saudi Summer is Next Door” is a new Summer Tourism Program introduced by Saudi Arabia, offering attractive incentives like visa assistance, various events, complimentary airfare for children, and duty-free shopping. 

This program will cover 7 destinations, namely Aseer, Al Baha, Taif, The Red Sea, Jeddah, Riyadh, and AlUla, and will feature more than 550 tourism options and 150 exclusive deals and packages. 

The program will also feature the highly anticipated Jeddah Season, the inaugural Aseer Season, and notable events such as the Esports World Cup. Its main objective is to entice international tourists to discover and appreciate the splendor of Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah Season

Image Credit Jeddah Season

The highly anticipated Jeddah Season 2024 is returning as part of the newly launched Saudi Summer Program 2024. 

The event will take place in Jeddah’s four iconic locations, which include the Jeddah Yacht Club, Jeddah Promenade,  Jeddah Corniche Circuit, and City Walk. Under the theme “Once Again,” this year’s Jeddah Season will offer various cultural experiences and events until September. 

In addition to the Jeddah Season, Saudi Arabia has 10 other exciting seasons, such as the well-known Riyadh Season and Diriyah Season.

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