Home » Sports » Turki Alalshikh Announces 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Bout Featuring International Boxing Stars
Turki Alalshikh Announces 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Bout Featuring International Boxing Stars
Turki Alalshikh Announces 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Bout Featuring International Boxing Stars

Turki Alalshikh, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, has announced a groundbreaking 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Original bout featuring international boxing stars. 

The bout is set to take place at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on June 1st, 2024, showcasing top fighters from both the world’s top two boxing promotional companies, namely, Queensberry and Matchroom.

The event will include a historic “4 Crown Showdown” between Artur Beterbiev and Dmitry Bivol for light heavyweight supremacy to bring unprecedented entertainment to its global audience.

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The Vision Behind the Riyadh Season Bout

Image Credit Twitter Turki alalshikh

The Riyadh Season bout is more than just an ordinary boxing match. It is a visionary project aimed at showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering unprecedented entertainment experiences for a global audience. 

The concept of the 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Original bout has been designed to present boxing in an innovative format, allowing the world’s top boxing talent from Queensberry and Matchroom to compete in a unique team-based event.

Headlining the Event: The 4 Crown Showdown

Image Credit Twitter Turki alalshikh

The crown jewel of the Riyadh Season bout will undoubtedly be the “4 Crown Showdown”. This historic bout will be a clash of titans between light heavyweight champions Artur Beterbiev and Dmitry Bivol. 

Both champions, known for their undefeated records, will vie for global supremacy on the world stage. With all world title belts at 175lbs hanging in the balance, this exciting match promises to be an epic showdown that will go down in boxing history.

More Compelling Matches 

In addition to the marquee light heavyweight bout, the Riyadh Season Original bout will feature a series of compelling matchups across multiple weight classes.

Heavyweight Showdown: Dubois vs. Hrgovic

Image Credit Getty Images

The heavyweight division will take center stage, with Daniel Dubois representing Queensberry and Filip Hrgovic representing Matchroom. This thrilling clash will determine the next contender for the coveted IBF World Heavyweight title.

Heavyweight Showdown: Zhang vs. Wilder

Image Credit Action Images

Another heavyweight spectacle will feature Queensberry’s Zhilei Zhang facing off against Matchroom’s Deontay Wilder. Wilder, a former WBC world champion, is renowned for his powerful knockouts and is sure to deliver an explosive performance.

Featherweight Showdown: Ball vs. Ford

Image Credit DAZN

≎In the featherweight category, an anticipated ‘fight of the year’ candidate will see Queensberry’s Nick Ball take on Matchroom’s reigning WBA World Featherweight champion Ray Ford.

Middleweight Showdown: Sheeraz vs. Williams

Image Credit DAZN

An exciting middleweight bout will present Queensberry’s Hamzah Sheeraz against Matchroom’s Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams. The victor will earn a shot at the WBC World Middleweight title.

Light Heavyweight Showdown: Hutchinson vs. Richards

Image Credit DAZN

The light heavyweight division will also see action, with Queensberry’s Willy Hutchinson taking on Matchroom’s Craig ‘Spider’ Richards in a matchup promising technical brilliance.

The Venue: Kingdom Arena

Image Credit Riyadh Season

The 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Bout  will take place at the Kingdom Arenan Riyadh on June 1st, 2024. This bout allows fans to see the fighters face-to-face, adding to the anticipation and excitement.

The Kingdom Arena Riyadh stands as a cutting-edge indoor facility crafted specifically for Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Season festival. With a capacity exceeding 26,000 attendees, this immense arena boasts a retractable roof, deluxe skyboxes, and captivating video screens for an unparalleled experience.

Near the Kingdom Arena Riyadh, visitors can explore a various of nearby tourist attractions. From the Historical At-Turaif World Heritage Site to the modern marvels of the King Abdullah Financial District, there’s something for every traveler’s interest, these include:

Additionally, the Kingdom Arena is home to a diverse of hotels catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking luxury accommodations or cozy boutique stays, you’ll find convenient options just a stone’s throw away from the excitement of the Kingdom Arena.Nearby Hotels:

Excitement in the Air

Image Credit Twitter Turki alalshikh

Turki Alalshikh expressed his enthusiasm about the Riyadh Season bout, stating, “The 5 vs 5 a Riyadh Season Original match is a standout event that embodies the spirit of Riyadh Season, featuring top-tier talent and fostering partnerships that bring unprecedented entertainment to our global audience.”

Frank Warren of Queensberry and Eddie Hearn of Matchroom also lauded the initiative. Both highlighted the event’s significance and acknowledged the opportunity to feature some of the world’s top champions in this globally beloved sport. 

They expressed gratitude to Alalshikh for the chance to participate in such a momentous event in Saudi Arabia.

A Blockbuster: Riyadh Season Bout

The 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Original bout promises to be a blockbuster event that will captivate audiences worldwide. 

With an all-star lineup of boxing talent and high-stakes matchups, this is shaping up to be the fight of the year. So, mark your calendars for June 1, gather your friends, and prepare for a night of pulse-pounding action, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

More Combat Sports Iniatives in Saudi Arabia 

The First UFC Event

Image Credit Getty Images

The UFC is scheduled for its First-Ever UFC Event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on June 22, 2024.

The main event will feature a fight between Robert Whittaker and Khamzat Chimaev, the unbeaten rising star, to determine who is the #1 challenger for the middleweight title. 

The bout promises to be an exciting battle between Whittaker’s striking skill and Chimaev’s grappling abilities. The winner will face off against the current champion, Dricus Du Plessis.

WWE Experience

Image Credit WWE

Riyadh Season has officially opened the WWE Experience at Boulevard City in Riyadh, marking it as the first immersive WWE experience in the world.

Unveiled during the 2023 Crown Jewel event, this attraction offers visitors an unprecedented opportunity to delve into WWE’s universe. 

From the awe-inspiring WWE Superdome to the adrenaline-pumping Undertakers Graveyard Escape, guests can immerse themselves in various captivating experiences. 

Moreover, The Crown Jewel exhibition dazzles with a breathtaking array of historic Championship titles and authentic memorabilia, making its debut appearance for enthusiasts to behold.

The PFL and Bellator Merger

Image Credit PFL

The Professional Fighters League has acquired its rival, Bellator MMA, which has brought about a novel format in the world of MMA, where fighters compete in a regular season, playoffs, and championship each year. 

This format offers an exciting twist to the traditional MMA scene, providing fighters with more opportunities to showcase their skills globally.

The combined roster of PFL and Bellator boasts 30% of its fighters independently world-ranked in the top 25 of their respective weight class, matching the same percentage as the UFC. This statistic underscores the quality of fighters in both organizations and the high competition expected at the event.

The Professional Fighters League Stakes

Image Credit SRJ Sports

SRJ Sports Investments, supported by the PIF, has entered the mixed martial arts realm with its first investment, acquiring a $100 million stake in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). 

This move represents SRJ’s initial foray into MMA, with plans to introduce a regional tournament to the kingdom.

The PIF and ESPN Partnership

[Image Credit: PFL]

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia has collaborated substantially with ESPN, focusing on the Professional Fighters League. This strategic partnership underscores Saudi Arabia’s increasing impact on the worldwide sports domain. 

The agreement encompasses broadcasting and Pay Per View on ESPN+, with the objective of enhancing Saudi Arabia’s representation in the global sports arena.

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