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The PIF Launches Dan Company To Boost Agritourism and Ecotourism in Saudi Arabia

The Public Investment Fund has unveiled Dan Company, a new company that will focus on agritourism and ecotourism in Saudi Arabia.

The company is due to develop and operate resorts and lodges in partnership with local communities by granting franchises.

Dan Company is due to establish a 1.8 million square meter resort in Al-Ahsa as its first destination, and the company hopes to contribute 6 Billion Riyals to Saudi GDP by 2030.

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Dan Company

The introduction of Dan Company is a game-changing move by the PIF to leverage Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Dan’s mission is to create unique tourism ventures highlighting Saudi cities’ stunning natural and cultivated landscapes.

Khalid Johar, the co-head of the local real estate portfolio department at PIF, said, “The establishment of Dan Company encapsulates one element of PIF’s strategy to strengthen tourism. It will boost economic development and contribute to national economic growth.”

The New Tourism Frontier

Image Credit The PIF

Agritourism and ecotourism are innovative concepts that promote traditional farming-related experiences and nature exploration, respectively. These forms of tourism aim to minimize environmental impact while providing immersive experiences to tourists.

Agritourism is an experience that takes tourists on a journey from the farm to the plate, offering them a chance to engage in seasonal farming, harvesting, and cooking farm-sourced products.

On the other hand, ecotourism aims to connect visitors with nature, offering them opportunities to engage in environmentally friendly activities such as horse riding, star-gazing, and climbing nearby rocky hills.

Empowering Local Communities

Image Credit The PIF

Dan Company is committed to empowering local communities by granting farmers and tourist lodge operators franchises. These partners will receive comprehensive training and knowledge to establish and develop their own facilities. 

This move will foster direct and indirect job creation and promote unique immersive experiences that engage and entertain visitors.

Dan’s Inaugural Project

Dan’s inaugural project will span 1.8 million square meters in the Al-Ahsa region, featuring an eco-resort, an agri-resort, and an adventure resort. Each of these resorts will cater to specific niches in the tourism sector, delivering outstanding visitor experiences tailored to diverse tourists.

“Dan Company will operate novel business models that integrate sustainability and embrace nature, involving the private sector and local farmers in agritourism and ecotourism,” said Khalid Johar.

The Agritourism Resort

Image Credit The PIF

The agritourism resort in Al-Ahsa will showcase the region’s renowned produce, particularly its rice and dates. Visitors can engage in hands-on experiences highlighting the field-to-plate journey, including seasonal farming, harvesting, and cooking farm-sourced products.

The Eco-Resort

The eco-resort will utilize local materials with low carbon emissions, preserving the region’s flora and fauna. This resort will concentrate on connecting visitors with the landscape.

The Adventure Resort

Image Credit The PIF

The adventure resort will offer environmentally friendly experiences such as horse riding, star-gazing, and climbing the nearby rocky hills. It aims to provide visitors with an adrenaline-fueled connection with nature.

Economic Impact and Future Prospects

Image Credit Aseer Region Development Authority

By 2030, Dan is anticipated to contribute approximately $1.6 billion (SR6 billion) to Saudi Arabia’s non-oil GDP as it expands its footprint. 

This contribution aligns with Vision 2030 goals and is expected to play a pivotal role in diversifying the economy and enhancing the contribution of city economies to Saudi GDP.

Other Noteworthy PIF Projects

PIF’s portfolio encompasses strategic investments to fortify Saudi tourism and bolster city economies nationwide. 

Notable projects include the Soudah Development, Saudi Arabia is set to develop the Soudah Peaks, an ambitious $7.7 billion luxury mountain resort project. On completion, it is due to offer world-class hotels, chalets, and villas in a stunning environment.

Image Credit ARDARA

The launch of ARDARA and its AlWadi project is also in sync with the objectives of the Aseer Development Strategy, as announced by the Crown Prince in 2021. This strategy aims to uplift and develop the Asir region, highlighting its unique cultural and natural heritage.

Redefining Tourism

Establishing Dan Company is a milestone in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards becoming a leading tourist destination. This innovative company represents a significant stride towards fulfilling Vision 2030’s goals, contributing to national economic growth, and creating new job opportunities in local communities.

With its commitment to preserving the environment, empowering local communities, and promoting immersive experiences, Dan Company is set to redefine the concept of tourism in Saudi Arabia.

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