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The PIF Funded Real Estate Developer ROSHN Announces The MARAFY Project in Jeddah
The PIF Funded Saudi’s Gigaproject ROSHN Announces 11-KM Jeddah Canal at MARAFY

The PIF Funded Saudi Real Estate Developer ROSHN announces the MARAFY project in northern Jeddah, which features an 11 km Artificial Canal and aims to house 130,000 residents on completion.

This groundbreaking venture will introduce an 11-kilometre-long, 100-metre-wide navigable canal, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, selected to transform the real estate landscape of Jeddah.

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The Vision of Marafy

Image Credits Roshn

David Grover, the Group CEO of the Roshn Group, has described Marafy as a monumental project that will redefine Jeddah’s position on the global map. He believes this venture will create a thriving economy a vibrant community, and boost the quality of life in the region.

Grover’s vision aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals, aiming to diversify the economy and reduce the Kingdom’s reliance on oil.

The Waterfront Experience

Marafy will introduce a waterfront experience comparable to global cities like Chicago, Hamburg, and central London. This man-made marvel will resemble a horseshoe in shape, connecting to Obhur Creek, which then flows into the Red Sea. 

The project is close to the under-construction Jeddah Tower, adding to the region’s appeal. The waterfront will house several distinct residential and commercial districts, offering an integrated lifestyle experience to more than 130,000 residents. 

Transportation and Connectivity

An integral part of the Marafy project is the intermodal transport system. This includes water taxis, bus lines, a direct canal link to the King Abdulaziz International Airport, and a dedicated Metro Red Line station. 

This system ensures seamless connectivity between Marafy’s diverse waterside districts and the rest of Jeddah.

Architectural Inspiration

Image Credits Roshn

The architectural designs of Marafy will pay homage to Jeddah’s rich historical plans while infusing them with a modern reinterpretation. The project seeks to strengthen Jeddah’s position as a regional hub and serve as a testament to its architectural heritage.

The Future of Saudi Arabia

Image Credits Roshn

The Marafy Canal Project signifies the progressive vision of Saudi Arabia. As the Kingdom transitions towards a new world order, projects like Marafy showcase its commitment to sustainable and innovative development.

The completion date and the cost of the project have yet to be revealed, but it’s clear that the Marafy Canal Project is a massive step forward for Saudi Arabia. 

A New Benchmark 

With this project, the Kingdom is not only changing the face of Jeddah but also setting a new benchmark for real estate development across the globe. Marafy is more than just a construction project; it symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future.

It represents the Kingdom’s commitment to creating a world-class destination that offers a high quality of life for its residents. As Jeddah prepares to welcome this game-changing project, the world watches anxiously.

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