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The New Murabba Reveals Progress on The World’s Largest Modern Downtown
The New Murabba Reveals Progress on The Worlds Largest Modern Downtown

The latest footage shows significant progress of New Murabba, the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh

The footage posted by New Murabba shows that the project has successfully dug up a staggering 5 million cubic tonnes of soil and is making significant progress towards its finalization.

The ambitious project spans 19 square kilometers, features the iconic Mukaab tower at its center, and will include 2 million square meters of floor space featuring retail areas, tourist attractions, and 9,000 hotel rooms. 

The project is expected to contribute $48 billion to the Saudi economy and generate around 334,000 jobs.

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Latest Construction Progress on New Murabba

Recent footage released by the New Murabba’s Instagram account offers a glimpse into this megaproject’s sheer scale and ambition.

The excavation work is only a tiny part of the overall progress that has been made. This popular downtown area is currently laying the foundation for The Mukaab, which will be the development’s main attraction, with the first phase of excavation nearly completed.

As the construction of New Murabba progresses at an unprecedented pace, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of this architectural marvel. 

New Murabba: World’s Largest Modern Downtown 

Image Credit New Murabba

New Murabba was announced on Thursday, February 16, 2023, by His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prime Minister and Chairman of the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC) and the Tourism Development Fund. 

This versatile destination is aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030. This exciting initiative is a joint effort between NMDC and the Tourism Development Fund. The new Murabba offers the opportunity to live, work, and enjoy recreational activities within a single, expansive area.

Image Credit New Murabba

Within the confines of New Murabba, a world of unparalleled experiences awaits. New Murabba will also feature 104,000 residential venues, 9000 hotel rooms, and 80 entertainment attractions, a true haven for travelers seeking luxury and adventure.

New Murabba’s Location

New Murabba is located northwest of Riyadh at the intersection of King Salman Road and King Khalid Road. It covers a vast area of 19 square kilometers, which is large enough to possibly house numerous Empire State Buildings and cater to the needs of hundreds of thousands of residents of Riyadh.

The Iconic Mukaab Tower

Image Credit New Murabba

At its heart lies the iconic Mukaab Tower, a towering cubic structure that will redefine the city’s architectural landscape. 

The Mukaab Tower, the crown jewel of New Murabba, draws inspiration from the architectural styles of the Najdi region, a testament to the Kingdom’s commitment to preserving its cultural identity. 

Image Credit New Murabba

The intricate geometric patterns adorning the tower’s facade are a modern reinterpretation of traditional Islamic motifs, creating a visually stunning tribute to Saudi Arabia’s heritage.

Mukaab Tower: A Futuristic Landmark

Image Credit New Murabba

Beyond its sheer size and architectural grandeur, the Mukaab Tower will undoubtedly become a landmark for the ages, symbolizing Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to progress and innovation. 

Just as the Eiffel Tower has become an indelible part of Paris’s identity, the Mukaab Tower will forever be etched into the collective consciousness of Riyadh’s residents and visitors.

Blending Nature into the Urban Fabric

Image Credit New Murabba

The masterminds behind New Murabba have seamlessly integrated nature into the urban landscape, creating a harmonious balance between the built environment and the natural world. 

Image Credit New Murabba

Lush green spaces, meticulously designed walking and cycling paths, and community gardens will dot the development, providing residents and visitors ample opportunities to connect with the great outdoors.

Sustainable Practices at New Murabba

Image Credit New Murabba

In addition to its commitment to preserving green spaces, New Murabba will incorporate cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to minimize its environmental impact. 

Image Credit New Murabba

This development is setting a new benchmark for eco-friendly urban living in the region, from energy-efficient building designs to renewable energy sources.

A Catalyst for Economic Growth

Image Credit New Murabba

Beyond its awe-inspiring aesthetics, New Murabba is poised to become an economic powerhouse, contributing a staggering $48 billion to Saudi Arabia’s non-oil GDP and generating a remarkable 334,000 employment opportunities. 

This transformative development will not only bolster the Kingdom’s thriving tourism sector. Still, it will also catalyze diversification, further solidifying Saudi Arabia’s position as a global economic force.

Attracting Global Talent

Image Credit New Murabba

With its world-class facilities and commitment to fostering innovation, New Murabba is poised to attract international talent to Saudi Arabia. 

By creating an environment that nurtures creativity and entrepreneurship, this development will position the Kingdom as a hub for cutting-edge industries, further bolstering its economic diversification efforts.

Promoting Networking at New Murabba

Image Credit New Murabba

Beyond its educational offerings, New Murabba will feature dedicated co-working spaces and incubator programs, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to bring their visions to life. 

These collaborative environments will foster networking opportunities and facilitate the exchange of ideas, creating a vibrant ecosystem for innovation to thrive.

Shaping Riyadh’s Landscape

Image Credit New Murabba

In the history of Saudi Arabia’s remarkable transformation, New Murabba will undoubtedly stand as a crowning achievement – a beacon of progress that will shape Riyadh’s destiny for future generations. 

As this giga-project nears completion, it is a powerful reminder of the Kingdom’s unwavering determination to push boundaries, embrace innovation, and create a brighter future for its people and the world.

More Transformative Projects in Riyadh

King Salman Park

Image Credit King Salman Park

King Salman Park, the largest urban park in the world, is scheduled to open in 2024, covering a total area of 16 square kilometers. 

The park includes 11 square kilometers of greenery and water features, located in the heart of Riyadh. 

Image Credit King Salman Park

Its major attractions will be a Royal Arts Complex, an equestrian center, an 850,000 square meter Royal golf course, and the city’s first sky diving center. 

In addition, the park will offer over 2,000 hotel rooms and aims to elevate the quality of life in the city, following the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, thereby improving Riyadh’s global ranking.


Image Credit RCRC

The Royal Commission for Riyadh City has recently announced the construction of one of the biggest parks in the city, Al-Uruba Park

This park, spanning over 754,000 square meters, will include a 3-kilometer long panoramic path, standing 12 meters high, specifically designed to offer breathtaking views of Riyadh. 

Image Credit RCRC

The park’s landscape will be adorned with more than 600,000 trees and shrubs, covering 65% of its total area. 

Al-Uraba Park is a significant part of the Green Riyadh Program, which has set a goal to plant 7.5 million trees in Riyadh to reduce the city’s temperature and air pollution levels, ultimately making it one of the most desirable places to live in the world.

Riyadh Sports Boulevard

Image Credit Sports Boulevard Foundation

The Riyadh Sports Boulevard has been designed to be the longest linear park in the world, to connect the Wadi Hanifa in the western part of Riyadh to the Wadi Al Sulai in the eastern part of the city, spanning a total distance of 135km. 

This project aims to transform Riyadh into one of the world’s most livable and healthy cities. The development plans to include various pathways, bike lanes, and horse riding trails, covering a vast area of 4.4 million square meters of green spaces. 

The impressive initiative will also consist of 8 exceptional districts, such as an athletics district, an entertainment district, and an arts district.

Riyadh Rise Tower

Image Credit North Pole Project Riyadh

Saudi Arabia Holding Co. has unveiled its plans for the Rise Tower, which is set to become the world’s tallest skyscraper in Riyadh, surpassing even the renowned Burj Khalifa. The unveiling of Rise Tower’s plans is a significant component of the broader North Pole Project in Riyadh.

To outshine the Burj Khalifa, Rise Tower is anticipated to exceed a height of 828 meters. There are speculations that Rise Tower might ascend to a staggering 2 kilometers, doubling the Burj Khalifa’s current height.

With these transformative projects, Riyadh is transforming into a city known for its accessibility and quality of life to become among the world’s top 10 cities with an investment of $1 trillion over the next seven years.

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