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The British Construction Firm MACE Awarded Delivery Partner Role For New King Salman International Airport
The British Construction Firm MACE Awarded Delivery Partner Role For The New King Salman International Airport

The well-known British construction firm MACE has won the bid to serve as the delivery partner for the New King Salman International Airport in Riyadh.

MACE, known for its extensive 30-year experience at London’s Heathrow Airport, will provide project management and design services. 

King Salman International Airport aims to be the world’s largest airport by 2030, featuring six runways and targeting 120 million annual passengers.

The project is part of Saudi Arabia’s huge $100 billion investment in the aviation sector, which aims to connect the Kingdom to over 250 destinations globally.

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MACE’s Role in the KSIA Project

Image Credit Foster + Partners

In recognition of its industry standing, MACE has been chosen as the lead consultant for the King Salman International Airport (KSIA) project. As the delivery partner, MACE’s responsibilities encompass project management, design management, cost consultancy, and procurement advice. 

With its extensive experience and proven track record, MACE is well-positioned to steer the KSIA project to success.

The King Salman International Airport

Image Credit Foster + Partners

The KSIA is a $50 Billion project that represents a bold vision for the future of global aviation. Spanning an enormous area of approximately 57 square kilometers, KSIA is poised to be the world’s largest airport upon completion. 

The colossal airport is designed to feature six parallel runways, a feat unmatched by any existing airport.

Additionally, the airport will incorporate existing King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) terminals, further amplifying its capacity. 

Image Credit Foster + Partners

The airport infrastructure will also encompass 12 square kilometers of airport support facilities, residential and recreational facilities, retail outlets, and a wide array of logistics real estate.

MACE: An Industry Pioneer

Image Credit LHR Airports Limited

As an industry leader, MACE has built a formidable reputation for delivering world-class construction projects. The company’s portfolio showcases an extensive history of successful projects, with a notable emphasis on airport design and construction. 

MACE’s impressive 30-year record at London’s Heathrow Airport underscores the company’s unrivaled expertise in the aviation sector.

Collaborating with Global Experts

Image Credit Foster + Partners

MACE is not alone in this historic endeavor. The construction giant is collaborating with other global experts to bring the KSIA vision to life. The renowned British architectural firm Foster + Partners designed the airport’s masterplan. 

Meanwhile, the US-based company Jacobs oversaw the infrastructure design. The collective expertise of these industry heavyweights ensures that KSIA is primed for success.

KSIA’s Unprecedented Passenger Capacity

Image Credit Foster + Partners

KSIA is designed with the capacity to handle an impressive number of passengers. The airport aims to accommodate up to 120 million passengers annually by 2030. 

By 2050, the goal is to increase this number to a staggering 185 million passengers, making KSIA the world’s largest operating airport in terms of passenger capacity.

Boosting Saudi Arabia’s Aviation Sector

Image Credit Foster + Partners

The KSIA project aligns with Saudi Arabia’s strategic plan to invest a whopping $100 billion in its aviation sector. The Kingdom aims to amplify its global reach by connecting to over 250 destinations worldwide. 

The goal is to triple the country’s annual passenger traffic to an astounding 330 million by 2030. MACE’s role in the KSIA project signifies a crucial step towards achieving this ambitious target.

Supporting Economic Growth

Image Credit Foster + Partners

The KSIA project is more than just an aviation milestone. It’s a major driver of economic growth for Saudi Arabia. Upon completion, the airport is projected to contribute over SR27 billion ($7.18 billion) annually to Saudi Arabia’s non-oil gross domestic product. 

Furthermore, the project is expected to generate around 150,000 jobs, significantly boosting the Kingdom’s employment sector.

A Testament to MACE’s Expertise

Image Credit Foster + Partners

MACE’s involvement in the KSIA project is a testament to the company’s industry-leading expertise. The successful delivery of the KSIA project will revolutionize the global aviation landscape and solidify MACE’s position as a construction powerhouse. 

As MACE continues to shape the future of aviation through the KSIA project, the world eagerly awaits the completion of the largest airport on the planet by 2030.

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