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St. Regis Red Sea Resort Officially Opens on Ummahat Island in Red Sea Giga Project
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The St Regis Red Sea Resort has officially opened its doors to the public as the first private island resort on the beautiful Saudi Red Sea coast.

The opening ushers in a new era of luxury travel in Saudi Arabia where travelers can explore the beauty of the Red Sea in unparalleled luxury. 

The St Regis Red Sea Resort is located on the pristine Ummahat Island and is accessible by charted boat or seaplane from the new Red Sea International Airport.

The Resort offers 90 spacious overwater and beachfront villas with private pools and a range of luxurious amenities including a signature spa and five unique restaurants.

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Ummahat Island: An Island Paradise

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Nestled on the untouched Ummahat Island, within the magnificent Al Wajh Lagoon, the resort provides a secluded paradise where the azure waters of the Red Sea meet pristine white sandy beaches. 

This captivating location, known as one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s regenerative luxury tourist destinations, will surely entice even the most discerning travelers.

“Heralding a new era of sustainable luxury aligned with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, we are thrilled to open the first private island resort in The Red Sea,” said Tony Coveney, General Manager of The St. Regis Red Sea Resort.

The Resort Design

Image Credit Marriott International

The architectural design of the St. Regis Red Sea Resort, conceived by Kengo Kuma and Kristina Zanic Consultants, beautifully mirrors the surrounding natural landscape. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

It draws inspiration from the coral reefs, marine life, and dunes, integrating organic forms with soft curves and spiral shapes into the interior spaces and furnishings.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The color palette is inspired by the desert, with blue and green tones reflecting the local biodiversity. Custom furniture, marble, and woodwork accentuate the contemporary interiors, creating a unique blend of luxury and comfort.

A Blend of Luxury and Comfort at The Villas

Image Credit Marriott International

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort features 90 spacious beachfront and overwater villas, each offering a unique blend of luxury and tranquility. 

With options ranging from one to four bedrooms, each villa is equipped with a private pool, sundeck, and outdoor shower, promising an indulgent stay. Prices start at 7000 SAR per night.

Image Credit Marriott International

Dune Villas: Inspired by the sweeping desert sand formations, the Dune Villas are nestled on an undisturbed white sand beach, providing expansive vistas over the azure water.

Image Credit Marriott International

Coral Villas: Taking the form of shells, the Coral Villas are perched over water and connected by elevated walkways. They offer direct access to the sea from each deck.

Image Credit Marriott International

With floor-to-ceiling windows framing picturesque sea views and flooding the living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms with natural light, the villas promise an unforgettable stay.

“The St. Regis Red Sea Resort offers a distinct view of modern luxury and brings the brand’s timeless elegance and storied heritage to an exciting new destination. We look forward to welcoming guests to an escape to the extraordinary,” said Tony Coveney, General Manager of The St. Regis Red Sea Resort.

A Culinary Adventure

Image Credit Marriott International

The resort offers five distinct dining venues, each providing alfresco beachside dining and serving produce sourced from local farms and fishermen.

Gishiki 45: This signature restaurant features a Japanese-inspired menu in a light and contemporary space.

Image Credit Marriott International

Tilina: A sophisticated ‘reeftop’ overwater grill, Tilina serves prime cuts infused with local spices and ingredients.

Image Credit Marriott International

Nesma: Overlooking the glistening pool and peaceful beach, Nesma offers a Levantine-inspired menu throughout the day.

The Beach Club: Serving light dishes and refreshments at the resort’s two outdoor pools and beach, lined with plush cabanas.

The St. Regis Bar: The St. Regis Bar draws inspiration from The St. Regis New York’s King Cole Bar and features a Coral Mary mocktail, a reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic beverage. This unique rendition incorporates flavors of sumac, turmeric, and spirulina algae.

An Enclave of Serenity at The Spa 

Image Credit Marriott International

The St. Regis Spa is a tranquil oasis featuring eight treatment rooms with gazebos and outdoor baths, private treatment cabins, and male and female grooming salons.

Signature treatments include a 24kt Gold facial, a Gold and Caviar ritual to nourish and rejuvenate the body, and a series of immersive wellness journeys incorporating yoga and meditation, all performed with AMRA products.

Fitness and Wellness Activities

Image Credit Marriott International

The resort offers a variety of fitness and wellness activities, including a fully equipped gym, an outdoor lap pool, paddle and tennis courts, sunrise and sunset yoga, personal training sessions, and nutritional consultations.

Image Credit Marriott International

Through the brand’s Family Traditions program, the Little Treasures Children’s Club and the large outdoor adventure area are vibrant and lively spaces for younger guests.

Exploring the Red Sea

Image Credit Killa Design

The Red Sea, surrounded by the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef system, spans over 28,000 square kilometers with an archipelago of more than 90 untouched islands. Abundant wildlife, marine ecosystems, and natural marvels fringe Ummahat Island.

Guests can snorkel amongst preserved coral reefs and embark on scuba diving expeditions to nearby wrecks and discovery sites. Water sports, including stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking, can also be enjoyed on the island’s crystal-clear, vivid blue water.

Accessing the Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The resort is accessible only via a private boat or seaplane from the newly opened Red Sea International Airport, adding an exclusive touch to your journey right from the start.

Designed by the globally acclaimed British studio Foster + Partners, this ambitious project embodies the country’s commitment to redefining its tourism landscape. The airport’s design is inspired by the kingdom’s breathtaking natural beauty, focusing on the Saudi desert’s unique hues and textures.

Sustainability Initiatives

Image Credit Marriott International

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort is committed to sustainability, powered by one hundred percent renewable energy generated by solar power and one of the world’s most extensive battery storage facilities on the mainland.

The resort’s interiors have been developed per LEED platinum certification guidelines, creating healthy, highly efficient, cost-saving green buildings that improve environmental performance from carbon footprint to indoor environmental quality.

Future Developments

Following the opening of The St. Regis Red Sea Resort and Six Sense Southern Dunes, other luxury resorts are set to open in the Red Sea including, Shebara Hotel Resort, Sheybarah Island Resort, Desert Rock Resort, and many more. You can see a full list of the new Red Sea Hotels due to open here.

Image Credit Six Senses

Six Sense Southern Dunes, The Red Sea was the first hotel to officially open in the Red Sea Project, with a special opening offer. This stunning resort offers 36 guest rooms and 40 pool villas situated against the backdrop of the Majestic Arabian Desert and Hijaz Mountains. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The resort combines visionary tourism with sustainability and heritage. Nestled in The Red Sea Destination, this resort is a testament to innovation, adventure, and a rich cultural legacy.

Four Seasons Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global, renowned for its ambitious regenerative tourism initiatives, has joined hands with Kingdom Holding Company to create the Four Seasons Resort Red Sea, which will be set on Shura Island, the main hub island of the Red Sea destination. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

This luxury resort will feature 149 rooms, suites, and 31 residential properties. It is expected to open its doors to guests by early 2025.

The Four Seasons Resort Red Sea, with its luxurious offerings, is a testament to the shared vision of creating extraordinary destinations that drive economic growth and job creation and preserve precious ecosystems.

Sheybarah Island Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The Sheybarah Island Resort, a luxury 73-key resort with stunning over-water villas, is positioned to redefine the concept of luxury tourism with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global has recently unveiled progress at Sheybarah Resort. Designed by the esteemed Dubai-based architectural firm Killa Design, the resort promises a unique combination of luxury and sustainability. 

Desert Rock Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Located just 20 minutes from Red Sea’s airport, Desert Rock Resort, which is now 50 percent complete, will offer a unique luxury experience integrated with the rock side. It will feature 48 villas and 12 hotel rooms, a fitness center, a lagoon oasis, and several remote dining destinations.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Unlike conventional resorts, Desert Rock is not built on the mountainside. Instead, it is sculpted directly into the ancient rock, preserving the environment’s striking silhouette. The materials excavated from the construction site, such as stone and sand, are repurposed for the resort’s infrastructure.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The project aims to create a world-class luxury destination while preserving the region’s rich history. It employs local community members as land stewards, providing educational tours for visitors.

Extraordinary Escape

Image Credit Marriott International

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort offers a unique blend of luxury and nature, promising an unforgettable travel experience. The resort has something to offer for every traveler, be it the luxurious villas, the diverse dining options, the indulgent spa, or the exciting water sports activities.

So, pack your bags and prepare for an extraordinary escape to The St. Regis Red Sea Resort.

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