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Space Tourism Firm Halo to Launch Next Space Flight from  Saudi Arabia
Space Tourism Firm Halo to Launch Next Space Flight from Saudi Arabia

Halo Space, a leading Spanish based near space tourism company, has chosen Saudi Arabia as its next launch site to test its prototype capsule.

With conditional approval from the Saudi Space and Technology Commission, the company is planning its test flight from Saudi Arabia to 32 km above the Earth’s surface. 

The company has chosen Saudi Arabia as one of its four global bases and is aiming for commercial operations by 2026.

This aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious space industry growth plans, with the sector projected to reach $2.2 billion annually by 2030.

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Halo Space: Pioneering Global Space Tourism

Image Credit Halo Space Slu

Founded in 2021, Halo Space is a space tourism pioneer specializing in stratospheric commercial flights. The company aims to make space travel more accessible and affordable, with a vision to offer commercial flights by 2026.

The Madrid-based company has already conducted multiple test flights, with the sixth planned to take off from Saudi Arabia. 

Image Credit Halo Space Slu

The upcoming test flight will launch Halo Space’s second real-size prototype capsule 32 kilometers above the Earth’s surface to validate the integrated operation of all vital vehicle systems for upcoming flights.

Saudi Arabia: The New Frontier for Space Tourism

Image Credit Riyadh Expo 2030

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Halo Space’s mission represents the kingdom’s determination to enter the burgeoning space tourism market. 

Image Credit CST

The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST), the governmental body overseeing space affairs in Saudi Arabia, has granted conditional approval to Halo Space for the upcoming test flight. 

This development aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious space industry growth plans, which are projected to reach $2.2 billion annually by 2030.

The Halo Space Experience

Image Credit Halo Space Slu

Halo Space plans to offer an unforgettable journey to tourists and residents of Saudi Arabia. The company’s spacecraft is an aerospace balloon equipped with a pressurized capsule capable of accommodating eight passengers and a pilot. 

Image Credit Halo Space Slu

The capsule features panoramic windows that will provide passengers with a stunning 360-degree view of the Earth.

The estimated cost for commercial orbital trips is around $164,000 per person. The flight time will range from 4 to 6 hours, with passengers spending 1-2 hours at the maximum altitude of 35 kilometers. 

This unique experience will allow passengers to witness the Overview Effect – the blue halo around the curvature of the Earth’s surface.

Future Goals for Halo Space

Image Credit Halo Space Slu

Halo Space has set its sights high to bring at least 10,000 humans to space this decade. The company plans to operate 400 commercial flights a year starting in 2029. To facilitate this, it intends to establish four bases worldwide, including Saudi Arabia, the United States, Australia, and Spain.

A New Era of Space Tourism

Image Credit Halo Space Slu

The partnership between Halo Space and Saudi Arabia signifies a new era of space tourism, bringing the once-distant dream of space travel closer to reality. 

As the industry continues to evolve, the Kingdom’s entry into the space tourism market is expected to boost its economy and place it at the forefront of technological innovation. 

With its unique offerings and ambitious plans, Halo Space is poised to revolutionize space tourism, making the Overview Effect an accessible experience for many.

More Saudi Moves into Tech

$40 Billion AI Fund

Image Credit Alat

Saudi Arabia has announced a whopping [$40 billion investment] to establish an artificial intelligence fund to support AI based tech startups, as well as chip makers and data centers. 

The project involves a potential collaboration between the Public Investment Fund and financiers, such as the US-based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, known for its portfolio of approximately 100 AI startups. 

The fund is scheduled to be launched in the latter half of 2024, with the goal of positioning Saudi Arabia as a prominent global hub for AI.

National Biotechnology Strategy

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has announced an ambitious National Biotechnology Strategy with the goal of establishing the country as the primary biotechnology hub in the MENA region by 2030 and a global leader by 2040. 

This strategy is focused on enhancing vaccine production capabilities within Saudi Arabia and advancing the field of genomics, in line with Vision 2030’s aim to create employment opportunities and attract investors.

The Launch of ALAT

Image Credit The PIF

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has introduced ALAT to establish the Kingdom as a leading destination for electronics and advanced industries.

Focusing on producing semiconductors, robotics, advanced computing devices, intelligent household appliances, and digital entertainment goods, ALAT aspires to generate 39,000 employment opportunities and contribute a total of $9.3 Billion to the non-oil GDP of Saudi Arabia by the year 2030.

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