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Six Senses Announces Ultra Luxury Six Senses Wadi Safar Hotel in Diriyah

Six Senses, the renowned international hotel brand has announced a new hotel in the highly exclusive Wadi Safar project in Diriyah.

Six Senses Wadi Safar is set to captivate guests with its breathtaking panoramic views of the dramatic valley with its unique hilltop location. 

Set across 49 acres in the Gated Wadi Safar Community, known as the ‘Bel Air’ of Saudi Arabia, the hotel promises to offer exquisite guest experiences combining the region’s rich culture with modern luxury.

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Wadi Safar Gated Lifestyle Destination

Six Senses Wadi Safar forms part of a larger 60-square-kilometer gated community. This secluded enclave offers a unique lifestyle destination for Saudi society and international visitors. The community extends over 49 acres, providing the highest security and remoteness.

It’s conveniently located just two hours away from the six GCC countries, making it an accessible retreat for regional visitors.

The resort aims to serve as more than just a five-star accommodation; it’s envisioned as a versatile cultural hub and wellness retreat. Regular events, weekend getaways, and longer vacations are being planned to cater to various guests, from history enthusiasts to wellness seekers.

A New Addition to the Six Senses Portfolio

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Six Senses, a global leader in high-end hospitality, continues its expansion by adding Wadi Safar to its portfolio. The resort is approximately 41 kilometers from Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport, promising easy access for local and international travelers.

The resort will feature 80 guest rooms spread across five clusters on top of a hill, offering guests an exclusive view of the dramatic valley below. The resort’s architectural design is inspired by the region’s deep cultural roots, showcasing original Najdi-style palatial structures. 

The resort is set to open in 2026, offering guests a unique blend of traditional gathering spaces and modern, luxurious living.

Six Senses Southern Dunes

Image Credit Six Senses

Other Six Senses ventures in Saudi Arabia include Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea. It is officially the first Red Sea Giga Project hotel to open. This stunning resort offers 36 guest rooms and 40 pool villas situated against the backdrop of the Majestic Arabian Desert and Hijaz Mountains. 

Upholding Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a strategic plan aimed at diversifying the country’s economy and developing public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism, Wadi Safar is set to contribute significantly to the country’s tourism sector.

Six Senses’ latest project will host major international events spanning sports, arts, culture, retail, and fashion. 

The luxury resort will include recreation and leisure facilities alongside the royal residences, all nestled amidst an expansive and awe-inspiring natural backdrop. The blueprint contains provisions for hosting prominent global sports, arts, culture, retail, and fashion events. 

A Rich Tapestry of Cultural Heritage at Wadi Safar

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Wadi Safar holds a unique place in history. It was once an ancient trade and pilgrimage route, serving as a strategic meeting point for travelers from Asia, Africa, and Europe. These travelers would gather around night fires, sharing food and stories and creating a rich tapestry of diverse cultural exchanges.

Known as the ‘Bel Air’ of Saudi Arabia, The Wadi Safar community is due to feature homes priced at a minimum of $25 million, targeting ultra-high net worth buyers, and they already have a long waiting list.

Image Credit Diriyah Company

With an estimated population of 15 million by 2030, Riyadh is gearing up to become one of the world’s top ten cities. As part of this vision, Diriyah is being developed as a pedestrian-friendly city akin to Beverly Hills. 

However, Wadi Safar, the location of the ultra-luxury homes, is likened to Bel Air, which is famous for its luxury.

 Mr Inzerillo told reporters at a media event in Diriyah: 

“Diriyah is the Beverly Hills. But Wadi Safar is Bel Air – very, very high-net-worth.”

A Luxurious Oasis in the Heart of the Desert

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Six Senses Wadi Safar is being developed as a luxurious oasis in the heart of the desert. The resort will feature a range of amenities designed to thrill the senses and promote holistic well-being. 

From a world-class spa featuring dedicated suites for sight and touch, a hammam, a salon, a gym and yoga studio, and treatment rooms to a range of dining options offering seasonal sharing plates, a pool-side restaurant, and a signature restaurant, grill, and brew bar, guests will be spoilt for choice.

The resort will offer families a unique Grow With Six Senses activity program featuring mud brick making, traditional Najdi design workshops, Sadu weaving, and pottery. The Earth Lab will introduce guests of all ages to desert conservation, making sustainability a family affair.

A Gateway to Desert Adventures

Image Credit Diriyah Company

In addition to the on-site offerings, the resort will serve as a gateway to a host of desert adventures. Guests will easily access the At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site in nearby Diriyah, offering them a comprehensive journey through Saudi history preserved in open-air museums. 

Other adventures include exploring the stunning desert landscape and participating in traditional cultural activities.

The Six Senses Wadi Safar is set to redefine luxury hospitality in Saudi Arabia. This ambitious project and the country’s strategic Vision 2030 signals exciting times ahead for the Kingdom’s tourism sector.

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