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Saudi’s New Murabba Appoints AtkinsRéalis to Design Riyadh’s New Modern Downtown
Saudis New Murabba Appoints AtkinsRéalis to Design Riyadh_s New Modern Downtown

The New Murabba Development Company, which is a fully owned subsidiary of The Public Investment Fund (The PIF), has appointed the global project management firm, AtkinsRéalis, to help design the New Murabba in Riyadh, which is due to be the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh.

This visionary project is set to feature the iconic cube-shaped Mukaab building, an immersive destination that aims to redefine hospitality, retail, and luxury leisure experiences.

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A Milestone in the Making

Image Credit New Murabba

A signing ceremony was held to commemorate this significant collaboration, with Sabah Barakat, NMDC’s Acting CEO, and Campbell Gray, AtkinsRéalis’s Middle East & Africa CEO, in attendance. The event celebrated the sustained support required to make Riyadh’s new iconic destination a reality.

Sabah Barakat, Acting CEO of New Murabba Development Company, expressed, “We are gratified to acknowledge the indispensable role AtkinsRéalis has fulfilled in converting the remarkable vision of this project into the masterplan’s design and the iconic Mukaab building.”

AtkinsRéalis’s Significant Role

Image Credit AtkinsRéalis

AtkinsRéalis, known for its world-leading engineering, design, and project management expertise, has been instrumental in the design and development of the New Murabba masterplan and the Mukaab building, a fact that was recognized during the signing ceremony.

Recent contract awards have marked the firm’s continuous involvement in the project. These contracts relate to the further detailing and definition of the overall New Murabba masterplan and infrastructure design and the concept design of the iconic Mukaab building.

New Murabba

Image Credit New Murabba

Inspired by Riyadh’s original balance with nature, the New Murabba master plan is set to redefine how we live, work, and play sustainably, thereby boosting the country’s socio-economic development drive.

Image Credit New Murabba

The project’s design focuses on a data-driven approach to sustainability, user convenience, reduction in the need for transport, walkability, and a people-centric design of its public realm.

Ian L. Edwards, President and CEO of AtkinsRéalis, shared his belief that “by connecting people, data, and technology across our projects, transformational change to shape a better future for our planet is possible. The New Murabba is set to define that future.”

Revolutionizing Experiences with The Mukaab

Image Credit New Murabba

At the heart of this groundbreaking project is the Mukaab, which translates to ‘cube’ in Arabic. The Mukaab is set to be the world’s largest immersive destination, offering innovative experiences driven by digital and virtual technology.

Image Credit New Murabba

The Mukaab’s exterior envelope will shroud an internal skyscraper, one of the largest structures in the world’s history, standing 400m high, 400m wide, and 400m long. The design of the Mukaab will also include first-of-its-kind hospitality, F&B, and retail facilities.

AtkinsRéalis’s Winning Scheme

Image Credit New Murabba

AtkinsRéalis’s competition-winning scheme is inspired by Najdi Architecture, focusing on creating a futuristic landmark with deep contextual roots that blends Riyadh’s cultural heritage with its future ambitions.

The firm is committed to supporting the Kingdom’s continuous growth and building its local talent for the future. This iconic landmark will provide excellent career opportunities where the brightest minds can unleash their full potential and help engineer a better future for Saudi Arabia.

World-Leading Management Company

Image Credit The Canadian Press

Established by integrating long-standing organizations from 1911, AtkinsRéalis is a world-leading professional services and project management company. The firm is dedicated to engineering a better future for our planet and its people.

AtkinsRéalis creates sustainable solutions that connect people, data, and technology to transform the world’s infrastructure and energy systems. They deploy global capabilities locally to their clients and deliver unique end-to-end services across an asset’s entire life cycle.

Final Thoughts

Image Credit New Murabba

The New Murabba masterplan and the iconic Mukaab building are set to redefine Riyadh’s landscape, pushing the boundaries of architectural design and urban planning. This project marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. 

The New Murabba signals a sustainable but also innovative and forward-looking future. The New Murabba and the Mukaab are more than just buildings; they represent a global vision of the future – a future that is sustainable, innovative, and centered around the people.

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