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Saudia Arabia’s Savvy Games to Invest in Mobile Gaming After $2 Billion Monopoly Go Success
Saudia Arabias Savvy Games to Invest in Mobile Gaming After $2 Billlion Monopoly Go Success

Saudia Arabia’s Savvy Games Group, which is fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, plans to invest more in mobile gaming after the success of Monopoly Go, which grossed $2 billion in revenue. 

Savvy Games Group purchased Scopely, the leading video game developer, last April for $4.9 Billion, the same month it released Monopoly Go with a marketing spend of $500 million.

Saudi Arabia’s continued investment in gaming aims to establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a prominent hub for the video game industry.

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A Success Story: Monopoly Go

Saudia Arabias Savvy Games to Invest in Mobile Gaming After
Image Credit Monopoly Go

Savvy Games Group’s meteoric rise in the gaming industry is primarily attributed to the success of its mobile game, Monopoly Go. This digital adaptation of the classic board game has been a blockbuster hit. 

Since its launch, Monopoly Go has grossed $2 billion in revenue, demonstrating mobile games’ massive potential and profitability.

Savvy Games Group’s Investment in Mobile Gaming

Image Credit Scopely

Savvy Games Group is not resting on its laurels, despite the success of Monopoly Go. The company has announced its plans to further invest in mobile game development and acquisitions. 

This strategic move is designed to capitalize on the booming mobile gaming market and expand its portfolio of successful titles.

The company’s investment strategy is spearheaded by Scopely, a mobile game developer that Savvy Games Group acquired for $4.9 billion in a landmark deal. Scopely is set to play a pivotal role in Savvy Games Group’s investment strategy, serving as the “tip of the spear.”

Savvy Games Group’s Investment in eSports

Image Credit SEF

Savvy Games Group’s investment strategy is not limited to mobile gaming alone. The company has also made significant investments in the burgeoning eSports industry.

Savvy Games Group has injected over $1.5 billion into acquisitions to form ESL Faceit Group, which is set to operate the Kingdom’s Esports World Cup, featuring a record-breaking $60 million prize pool, showcasing Savvy Games Group’s commitment to promoting eSports in the region.

Transforming Saudi Arabia into a Gaming Hub

Image Credit AFP

The ambitions of Savvy Games Group extend beyond just excelling in the mobile gaming industry. The company has set its sights on transforming Saudi Arabia into a global hub for video game development.

In 2022, Savvy Games Group announced a whopping $38 billion in funding to achieve this goal. The company has already invested $8.3 billion, demonstrating its commitment to making Saudi Arabia one of the top three gaming countries in the world by 2030.

Enabling Scopely and Nurturing Talent

[Image Credit: Getty Images]

Savvy Games Group’s CEO, Brian Ward, has emphasized that the company’s top priority is to enable Scopely to excel in what they do best. This involves providing the necessary resources and support for the mobile game publisher to continue creating successful titles.

Savvy Games Group also aims to cultivate and upskill new and existing game creators, turning them into globally recognized AAA publishers. By 2030, the company hopes to play a major role in Saudi Arabia’s growing economy and contribute significantly to the global gaming community.

By nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and enabling successful game publishers like Scopely, Savvy Games Group is not just contributing to the growth of the gaming industry but also creating a vibrant and thriving gaming ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.

Redefine Saudi’s Gaming Landscape

Image Credit Savvy Games Group

Savvy Games Group’s strategic investments and forward-thinking initiatives highlight the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the gaming industry. 

With its ambitious vision to transform Saudi Arabia into a global gaming hub, the company is poised to redefine the gaming industry landscape. 

More Gaming Developments in Saudi Arabia

Dragon Balls Theme Park

Image Credit Qiddiya

Saudi Arabia revealed plans for a groundbreaking Dragon Balls Themed Park, set to be built in the Qiddiya Entertainment City. 

Covering an area of 500,000 square meters, the park will consist of seven unique zones and offer 30 themed attractions, including a 70-meter-tall dragon roller coaster as its main centerpiece.

Visitors can also expect to find hotels and restaurants with a Dragon Ball theme, inspired by the popular Japanese anime franchise.

This project, located just 40 km away from Riyadh, is part of the larger development at Qiddiya City, aimed at establishing Saudi Arabia as a top global destination for entertainment.

Saudi Arabia $8 Billion Gaming Industry Investment 

Saudi Arabia has allocated $8 billion towards the development of the gaming industry to reduce its reliance on oil and boost its economy. 

This move is aimed at positioning the kingdom as a major player in the international esports gaming market. This investment is part of a larger budget of $38 billion allocated by the Savvy Games Group, which aims to generate 40,000 job opportunities. 

The group has already made investments in major gaming companies such as Nintendo and Activation Blizzard. 

This marks a significant shift from the country’s traditional dependence on oil, as Saudi Arabia is now focused on diversifying its economy by injecting substantial funds into the rapidly growing global esports gaming sector.

The First Esports World Cup 2024

Image Credit Twittersaudiesports

Saudi Arabia is set to host the first E-Sports World Cup in 2024, a milestone event that promises the largest prize pool in esports history. This strategic move reflects the kingdom’s ambitious vision to establish itself as a key player in the global gaming industry, currently valued at $13.3 billion.

In addition to its commitment to elevating the esports sector, Saudi Arabia aims to substantially impact the job market by generating 39,000 new opportunities, showcasing its dedication to fostering growth and innovation in this rapidly expanding field.

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