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Saudi Arabia’s PIF and ATP Sign Multi-Year Partnership To Boost Global Tennis Growth

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and ATP, the governing body for men’s tennis, have announced a multi year strategic partnership to boost global tennis.

With this partnership, the PIF will become the official ATP Rankings naming partner as well as an official partner in ATP tournaments. 

The collaboration follows the recent naming of Rafael Nadal as the ambassador of The Saudi Tennis Federation and the launch of the 6 Kings Slam Tennis Tournament, which is due to take place in Riyadh this October and feature top global players such as Novak Djokovic.

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The PIF: Official ATP Rankings Naming Partner

Image Credit The PIF

The PIF will become the official ATP Rankings naming partner as part of this partnership. This prestigious role will enhance the visibility of the PIF brand within the tennis community and provide valuable exposure to millions of fans worldwide. 

The ATP Rankings are crucial to professional tennis, determining players’ standings and shaping tournament draws.

ATP CEO Massimo Calvelli called the arrangement “a major moment for tennis.”

ATP Tournaments and Events

Saudi Arabias PIF and ATP Sign Multi Year Partnership To Boost Global Tennis Growth
Image Credit ATP Tour

In addition to the official ATP Rankings naming partnership, the PIF will also collaborate with ATP tournaments held in prestigious locations worldwide. These include Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Beijing, the season-ending ATP Finals in Turin, and the Next Gen ATP Finals in Jeddah.

By partnering with these high-profile events, the PIF aims to showcase its commitment to supporting the growth of tennis at both the professional and grassroots levels. 

Image Credit ATP Tour

The involvement of the PIF in these tournaments will not only elevate the profile of these events but also contribute to the development of the sport in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Calvelli said, “With PIF’s dedication to the next generation – fostering innovation and creating opportunities for all – the stage is set for a transformative new period of progress.”

Saudi’s Increasing Involvement in Global Sports

Image Credit ATP Tour

This strategic partnership comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is actively seeking to expand its presence in the global sports industry. Over the past few years, the kingdom has invested significantly in various sports, including soccer, Formula One, boxing, and golf. 

This partnership with the ATP further solidifies Saudi Arabia’s ambition to become a hub for international sporting events.

The PIF’s Commitment to Tennis Development

Image Credit Saudi Sports for All Federation

The partnership between the PIF and the ATP goes beyond sponsorship agreements. The PIF has also pledged to support the development of young players and contribute to the ATP’s OneVision Strategic Plan. 

This plan focuses on fostering unity, enhancing fan experiences, and capitalizing on growth opportunities within the sport.

Mohamed AlSayyad, Head of Corporate Brand at PIF, said: “As PIF expands its portfolio of innovative sponsorships, our commitment to ‘Invested in Better’ remains unwavering. Through our collaboration with ATP, PIF will be a catalyst for the growth of the global tennis landscape, developing talent, fostering inclusivity, and driving sustainable innovation. This strategic partnership aligns with our broader vision to enhance quality of life and drive transformation in sport both within Saudi and across the world.”

Transformative Change with ATP

Image Credit ATP Tour

By aligning with the ATP, the PIF aims to drive transformative change in tennis and promote inclusivity and innovation on a global scale. 

This partnership will provide aspiring tennis players with valuable resources and opportunities to hone their skills, ultimately strengthening the talent pool and ensuring the sport’s long-term growth.

“Our strategic partnership with PIF marks a major moment for tennis. It’s a shared commitment to propel the future of the sport,” Massimo Calvelli, ATP CEO, said.

The 6 Kings Slam Tennis Tournament

Image Credit Tennis Majors

As part of its commitment to tennis, Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Season will host the inaugural 6 Kings Slam Tennis Tournament in Riyadh

This tournament will feature some of the world’s top players, including Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who was recently named the ambassador of the Saudi Tennis Federation.

The 6 Kings Slam Tennis Tournament aims to showcase the kingdom’s dedication to hosting world-class sporting events and provide a platform for local talent to compete alongside international stars. 

This tournament will undoubtedly attract global attention and further establish Saudi Arabia as a prominent player in the tennis world.

Rafael Nadal Ambassador Appointment

Image Credit Saudi Tennis Federation

The Saudi Tennis Federation has appointed Rafael Nadal, the iconic Spanish tennis player, to serve as their ambassador to enhance the growth of tennis in the Kingdom. 

With a record of 22 Grand Slam victories, Nadal has committed to visiting Saudi Arabia annually to mentor young players and raise awareness for the sport. 

The federation’s initiatives include the creation of a Rafa Nadal Academy and the implementation of tennis programs for the youth of Saudi Arabia.

Taking Tennis to New Heights

Image Credit ATP Tour

This strategic partnership highlights the kingdom’s commitment to sports development and serves as a platform for nurturing young talent and driving innovation within the sport. 

By becoming the official ATP Rankings naming partner and collaborating with ATP tournaments, the PIF aims to elevate the sport to new heights and solidify Saudi Arabia’s position as a key player in the sports industry.

With the upcoming 6 Kings Slam Tennis Tournament and the support of the PIF, Saudi Arabia is set to make a lasting impact on the world of tennis.

More PIF’s Sports Partnerships

PIF’s Electric 360 Partnership

Image Credit The PIF

The PIF has entered into a long-term partnership, Electric 360, with Formula E, Extreme E, and E1 Powerboat racing to accelerate Electric Motorsports’ global expansion. 

The PIF, which already owns a 5% share in Formula E and nearly 50% share in off-road Extreme E, will now include thrilling races in Saudi Arabia, including the annual Formula E event held in the historic city of Diriyah.

Riyadh Air and Athletico Madrid Partnership

Image Credit Riyadh Air

The PIF-backed Riyadh Air has signed its first major sports sponsorship deal with the world-renowned Atletico Madrid Football Team.

This partnership aims to leverage the popularity and international fanbase of Atletico Madrid to propel the Riyadh Air brand worldwide and support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals of increasing tourism to the Kingdom.

PIF and ESPN Partner in PFL

Image Credit PFL

The PIF has partnered with ESPN in a significant deal involving the Professional Fighters League. The partnership highlights Saudi Arabia’s growing influence in global sports.

The deal involves broadcasting and Pay Per View on ESPN+ and aims to boost Saudi Arabia’s presence in the international sports arena​​.

This diverse technology and sports portfolio showcases PIF’s dedication to promoting sports and investing in high-profile events.

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