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Saudi Arabia’s Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Opens As The Middle East’s Most Expensive Hotel
Saudi Arabias Nujuma A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Opens As The Middle Easts Most Expensive Hotel

Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve has opened on the Saudi Red Sea, becoming the region’s most expensive hotel, with prices starting from $2,640 per night. 

This exquisite shell shaped resort designed by Foster + Partners has more than double the room rates of Dubai’s seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel.

It is only one of seven Ritz-Carlton reserves in the world, making it an ultra luxury private resort. 

Nujuma can be accessible by chartered boat or seaplane through the newly opened Red Sea International Airport.

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The Region’s Most Expensive Hotel

Image Credit Marriott International

Nestled within the captivating archipelago of The Red Sea, a new paradigm of luxury has emerged – Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Nujuma, which takes its inspiration from the Arabic word for ‘stars,’ beckons adventurers to embark on a voyage to a remote and safeguarded archipelago.

As one of only seven Ritz-Carlton Reserves worldwide, Nujuma promises an unparalleled experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional luxury hospitality. With nightly rates starting at $2,640, Nujuma has secured its place as the region’s most expensive hotel, surpassing even Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab.

This secluded island paradise, accessible only by chartered boat or seaplane, calls distinguishing travelers to embark on an unchartered journey into one of the world’s most pristine and protected natural havens.

Image Credit Marriott International

Tony Coveney, General Manager of Nujuma, eloquently states, 

“Nujuma is unlike any other property in the region, a pinnacle of luxury with discovery and sustainability at its core, offering guests a transformative journey into the extraordinary set within the picture-perfect backdrop of Ummahat Island’s natural beauty.”

Here is what Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve has to offer to justify its price:

Nujuma’s Stunning Location

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Nestled within the captivating Blue Hole cluster of islands on Ummahat Island, where pristine coral reefs thrive beneath the surface and the starry canopy above paints an endless tapestry of stars, Nujuma invites guests to embrace the region’s natural wonders. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Located in the Red Sea, Ummahat Island features a breathtaking landscape of pure white sands and sparkling waters. With its promise of a truly immersive and life-changing stay, the resort offers guests a blend of seclusion and elegance.

Nujuma Stunning Villas

Image Credit Marriott International

Designed by Foster + Partners to harmonize with its surroundings, the resort’s 63 overwater and beach villas boast sweeping panoramic views of the sky-blue expanse, complemented by private infinity pools and telescopes for stargazing under the mesmerizing Saudi Arabian night sky.

Image Credit Marriott International

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the villas blend traditional Saudi elements with contemporary luxury, featuring locally sourced art, intricate wall hangings, and woven rugs that celebrate the region’s rich cultural tapestry. 

Image Credit Marriott International

Every villa benefits from a committed personal host, whose responsibility is to attend to every aspect and lead visitors through the various enriching activities available in this location.

Nujuma’s Culinary Experience

Image Credit Marriott International

Nujuma’s dining philosophy pays homage to the Arabian tradition of gathering at one’s home to share stories, poetry, and philosophical musings. 

Image Credit Marriott International

The resort’s four distinct culinary experiences, each inspired by the lives of the Umluj region’s fishermen, offer a compelling journey through the flavors and customs of Saudi Arabia.

Jamaa offers a laid-back outdoor setting where guests can enjoy light dishes cooked in an open kitchen and on a wood-fire grill. These delicious meals can be enjoyed by the resort’s outdoor pool and beach, which are adorned with luxurious cabanas.

Image Credit Marriott International

From the modern interpretation of a fisherman’s home at Tabrah, where guests can savor the day’s freshest catch, to the astrology-inspired cocktails at Maia, where expert mixologists craft celestial libations under the starry skies. 

Sita is a large patisserie and Levantine restaurant with a French influence, featuring three pavilions made of woven wood as a tribute to the art of leaf weaving. 

Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed by the fragrant smell of bread baking in a classic clay oven, served with hummus and flavorful dishes made with spices from the resort’s extensive collection. Each and every dining experience is a celebration of the region’s culinary heritage.

Neyrah Spa at Nujuma

Image Credit Marriott International

At the heart of Nujuma lies Neyrah Spa, a tranquil sanctuary dedicated to holistic wellness and rejuvenation. Here, guests can indulge in a curated selection of treatments inspired by regional and international practices designed to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. 

Image Credit Marriott International

Wellness experts guide visitors through breathwork, meditation, and sound healing therapies while the waves’ gentle breeze and soothing sounds flow through the spa’s sea-facing treatment rooms and outdoor cabins.

Nujuma’s Conservation House 

Image Credit Marriott International

Nujuma’s commitment to preserving and sharing the region’s heritage is embodied in the Conservation House, an integrated space for creative pursuits and community engagement. 

Through hands-on activities hosted by resident experts, guests can cultivate a deep connection with the destination, gaining insights into its rich biodiversity, sustainability practices, and cultural traditions.

Galaxea Diving Center at Nujuma

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Moreover, the resort’s Galaxea Diving Center offers a haven for aquatic enthusiasts, providing access to the Red Sea’s vibrant marine ecosystems. From snorkeling and diving expeditions to kayaking and windsurfing, guests can explore the depths of this natural wonder while contributing to its preservation.

Saudi Arabia: A Premier Tourism Destination

Image Credit Marriott International

Nujuma’s unveiling marks a significant milestone in the Kingdom’s ambitious vision to establish Saudi Arabia as a premier luxury tourism destination. 

Image Credit Killa Design

As part of the Red Sea Project, a pioneering regenerative tourism initiative, Nujuma sets a new standard for sustainable development, showcasing how responsible tourism can uplift communities, drive economies, and enhance the environment.

The Red Sea Project plans to welcome 13 additional world-class resorts by 2025, with three resorts opened already, including Six Senses Southern Dunes and St. Regis Red Sea Resort, which is poised to redefine the luxury hospitality landscape in the Middle East.

Redefining Middle East’s Hospitality Landscape 

Image Credit Marriott International

As the world’s attention turns to Saudi Arabia’s ambitious tourism initiatives, Nujuma stands as a beacon of innovation and progress, showcasing the Kingdom’s ability to create world-class experiences that seamlessly blend luxury, sustainability, and cultural preservation.

With its unparalleled offerings, Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve is poised to redefine the luxury hospitality landscape in the Middle East, setting a new standard for discerning travelers seeking transformative experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional luxury.

More NEW Resorts at Red Sea Giga Project

Six Senses Southern Dunes

Image Credit Six Senses

Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea was the first hotel to officially open in the Red Sea Project, with a special opening offer. This stunning resort offers 36 guest rooms and 40 pool villas situated against the backdrop of the Majestic Arabian Desert and Hijaz Mountains. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The resort combines visionary tourism with sustainability and heritage. Nestled in The Red Sea Destination, this resort is a testament to innovation, adventure, and a rich cultural legacy.

St. Regis Red Sea Resort

Image Credit Marriott International

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort has officially opened to the public as the first private island resort along the stunning Saudi Red Sea coast.

Situated on the unspoiled Ummahat Island, the resort’s access is facilitated through chartered boat services or seaplane transportation from the recently established Red Sea International Airport.

Featuring a collection of 90 spacious overwater villas, including overwater and beachfront options equipped with exclusive private pools, the resort boasts various luxury offerings, including its renowned signature spa and five distinct dining venues.

Future Developments

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Following the opening of  Najuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, other luxury resorts are set to open in the Red Sea, including Shebara Hotel Resort, Sheybarah Island Resort, Desert Rock Resort, and many more. You can explore the full list of the new Red Sea Hotels list due to open here.

Four Seasons Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global, renowned for its ambitious regenerative tourism initiatives, has joined hands with Kingdom Holding Company to create the Four Seasons Resort Red Sea, which will be set on Shura Island, the main hub island of the Red Sea destination. 

Image Credit Red Sea Global

This luxury resort will feature 149 rooms, suites, and 31 residential properties. It is expected to open its doors to guests by early 2025.

The Four Seasons Resort Red Sea, with its luxurious offerings, is a testament to the shared vision of creating extraordinary destinations that drive economic growth and job creation and preserve precious ecosystems.

Sheybarah Island Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The Sheybarah Island Resort, a luxury 73-key resort with stunning over-water villas, is positioned to redefine the concept of luxury tourism with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global has recently unveiled progress at Sheybarah Resort. Designed by the esteemed Dubai-based architectural firm Killa Design, the resort promises a unique combination of luxury and sustainability. 

Desert Rock Resort

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Located just 20 minutes from Red Sea’s airport, Desert Rock Resort, which is now 50 percent complete, will offer a unique luxury experience integrated with the rock side. It will feature 48 villas and 12 hotel rooms, a fitness center, a lagoon oasis, and several remote dining destinations.

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Unlike conventional resorts, Desert Rock is not built on the mountainside. Instead, it is sculpted directly into the ancient rock, preserving the environment’s striking silhouette. The materials excavated from the construction site, such as stone and sand, are repurposed for the resort’s infrastructure.

The project aims to create a world-class luxury destination while preserving the region’s rich history. It employs local community members as land stewards, providing educational tours for visitors.

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