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LEYJA: Neom Announces a Visionary Sustainable Tourism Destination in Saudi Arabia
Leyja Neom

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM has introduced LEYJA, a new eco-friendly and sustainable tourism destination which prioritizes the preservation of natural landscapes. Leyja features three visionary hotels with a total of 120 rooms, designed for adventurers, explorers, and those seeking wellness retreats.

Saudi Arabia’s modernist city, NEOM, continues to astound the world with its innovative initiatives in sustainable tourism.  Leyja, a breath-taking ecotourism destination designed to merge impressively with the natural landscape. We explore the unique features of Leyja and how it contributes to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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Introduction to LEYJA

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM’s Board of Director have unveiled Leyja, a tourism destination that can significantly enhance the Kingdom’s eco-tourism offerings. Leyja, deeply rooted in history and mythology, is located in NEOM, which is shaping up as a sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia. NEOM is one of several Giga Projects which are funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (The PIF).

Geographical Splendor

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja’s geographical splendor starts from the Gulf of Aqaba’s alluring coast and winds inland to form a gorgeous natural valley. This valley has been carved between mountains that reach a height of 400 meters, sculpted over centuries by nature’s power and water.

Intrinsic Connection to Nature

Leyja underlines NEOM’s steadfast commitment to becoming a multi-faceted destination. It supports the Kingdom’s drive to establish a robust and sustainable tourism industry under the Saudi Vision 2030. 

Aligned with NEOM’s strategy to preserve the majority of its land as a nature reserve across its cities and destinations, Leyja ensures that 95% of its area will be conserved for nature. It will utilize innovative, ecological design and construction techniques to seamlessly integrate the development into the landscape.

Sustainable Hotels

Leyja’s three designated hotels have been acclaimed for their intelligent and sensitive design, which complements the surrounding nature. They have been designed to operate sustainably and offer distinct experiences. These properties will provide 120 elegant boutique rooms and suites, distributed equally with 40 keys at each hotel.

Image Credit NEOM

The first property, The Adventure Hotel is custom-made for active adventure. Its deconstructed design ascends the walls of the wadi like a staircase, tracing the topography with minimal disturbance to the terrain’s natural lines. Its unique location, folded into the cliff top and valley sides, is perfect for those seeking high-octane experiences like rock climbing in the surrounding area.

Image Credit NEOM

The second property, The Oasis Hotel rises from the rock to sit prominently at the heart of the wadi’s largest oasis. It functions as an enchanting gateway to discovery and exploration of the valley that continues beyond. The impressive staircase ascending from the canyon to the entrance of the property is a journey of discovery, offering unrivalled views of the valley in all its beauty.

Image Credit NEOM

The third property, The Wellness Hotel is an immersive wellness retreat that promotes longevity. With a high-tech, reflective façade mirroring the surrounding beauty and valley walls, it allows the wadi’s natural passage through the property’s center, providing visitors with an interactive experience.

Experiences and Activities

Image Credit NEOM

Once developed, Leyja will offer a wide array of refined experiences and activities. These will include fine dining and contemporary restaurants presented by world-renowned chefs. Wellness facilities and rooftop infinity-style pools across the three properties are also key features.

Guests can look forward to extensive guided wadi walks and enthralling hiking trails set in the valley’s dramatic mountain landscapes. Mountain biking and climbing will also be on offer for those looking for adventure.

Leyja in the Context of Saudi Tourism

Leyja is NEOM’s latest development and follows the announcement of the project’s flagship regions. These include Sindalah, a luxury island destination; THE LINE, a cognitive linear city that represents the future of urban living; Trojena, a year-round mountain destination offering the first outdoor ski experience in the GCC region; and Oxagon, a reimagined industrial city and home to advanced and clean industries.

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja is part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious target to attract 150 million visitors by 2030. Saudi Arabia hopes that mega projects like these will significantly increase tourism numbers and spending. Other projects include Soudah Peaks, Trojena, Red Sea, and Diriyah.

Mountain Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Mountain tourism is a significant part of Saudi Arabia’s tourism strategy. Projects like Soudah Peaks, located on the country’s highest peak, and Trojena, where Saudi Arabia plans to host the Asia Winter Games in 2029, are testaments to this strategy.

Soudah Peaks will have various hotels, holiday homes, shops, and restaurants, while Trojena will offer a unique outdoor ski experience.

Vision 2030 Goals

Leyja is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainable tourism. Its unique blend of natural beauty, sustainable design, and exclusive experiences makes it a desirable destination for tourists worldwide. As part of NEOM’s innovative initiatives, Leyja is helping Saudi Arabia shape its sustainable future and achieve its Vision 2030 goals.

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