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Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Reveals Significant Progress at TROJENA Snow Resort
Neom's Trojena Project Snow Resort Sees Significant Progress

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM reveals significant progress on TROJENA, a remarkable all-year-round snow resort in Tabuk’s region’s highest mountain range. TROJENA is NEOM’s first-ever sub-zero snow destination and all-year-round outdoor ski resort.

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This groundbreaking endeavor, nestled in Saudi Arabia’s highest mountain range in the Tabuk region, promises an unprecedented experience for residents and visitors alike, with many recreational and leisure activities set against a stunning snow-capped backdrop.

Overview of TROJENA

Image Credit NEOM

TROJENA is a part of the Kingdom’s NEOM’s $500 billion mega project, a transformative initiative designed to establish Saudi Arabia as a global hub of trade, innovation, and tourism. TROJENA, the first sub-zero snow destination and outdoor ski resort in the Gulf, signifies a significant milestone in this endeavor.

Construction is well underway at the site, which, upon completion, will be the home to 7,000 residents and is projected to attract over 700,000 visitors annually. The resort will feature a ‘vertical village,’ a ‘fun cluster,’ shopping areas, nightlife venues, many sports facilities, music and fashion events, and its winter slopes.

A Unique Skiing Experience in the GCC

Image Credit NEOM

Philip Gullett, Executive Director of TROJENA, shared that the unique topography and cooler climates of TROJENA make it an ideal location for the first-of-its-kind outdoor skiing experience in the GCC region. 

The area experiences natural snowfall yearly with sub-zero temperatures throughout winter, making it a perfect winter sports destination.

An Architectural and Engineering Marvel

Image Credit NEOM

TROJENA, initially announced by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2022, is being hailed as a massive engineering feat. The project aims to showcase the mountain destination as one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable ski resorts, aligning with the broader green ambitions of NEOM.

Image Credit NEOM

According to Gullett, renewable energy sources will minimize water usage, ensuring maximum water recovery. Moreover, the snow machines will operate using NEOM’s renewable energy grid, which is carbon neutral and emits no greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Snow Production

Image Credit NEOM

The skiing stretch at TROJENA runs at an elevation of approximately 2,400 meters above sea level. The temperature can range from -17 to 22 degrees Celsius in winter, making it ideal for skiing.

Approximately 75 percent of the slopes will be covered with machine-made snow, created sustainably using only water and air as ingredients. All energy will be from renewable sources, and the water will be sourced from zero-discharge desalination plants. 

Furthermore, the melted water from snow production is expected to be recovered and recycled from beneath the ski slopes.

Additional Amenities and Attractions

Image Credit NEOM

In addition to its ski slopes, TROJENA will offer many other amenities and attractions. A key feature will be an artificial-ade freshwater lake that enhances livability for people and animals, offering a range of experiences, water sports, and entertainment activities. A Water Village located on the edge of the Lake will also be a part of the project.

Image Credit NEOM

Additionally, TROJENA’s Slope Residences, located near the ski slope and overlooking the lake, will offer luxurious mansions and exclusive high-end restaurants with panoramic views.

There will be 42,000 square meters of space for retail and dining outlets,  over 3,500 hotel rooms and serviced apartments.

A Year-Round Destination

Image Credit NEOM

TROJENA aims to be a one-of-a-kind regional and global destination all year round, offering more than just winter sports. 

The resort’s annual calendar includes more than 100 indoor and outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, water sports, skiing, zip-lining, alpine coaster, mountain biking, skateboarding, climbing, snow sports, ice skating, and much more.

Image Credit NEOM

Redefining Winter Tourism

Image Credit NEOM

As part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 initiative, TROJENA is a game-changing project to redefine winter tourism and outdoor activities in the Gulf region. It promises to be a unique destination that offers a blend of sports, recreation, luxury, and sustainability.

With its year-round appeal, unique offerings, and sustainable design, TROJENA is poised to become a significant tourist attraction in the GCC, attracting visitors from around the globe. 

It symbolizes an exciting new chapter in Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry and is a testament to its vision and commitment to sustainable and diversified growth.

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