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Saudi Arabia’s AIUIa Launches its First Ever Global Marketing Campaign, ‘Forever Revitalising’
AIUIa Launches its First Ever Global Marketing Campaign Forever Revitalizing

Saudi Arabia’s AlUla destination has launched its first-ever worldwide marketing campaign called ‘Forever Revitalising.’

The campaign will showcase AlUla as a must-visit destination across 6  major cities, including Dubai, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Mumbai.

The campaign showcases AlUla’s breathtaking landmarks, rich heritage, and iconic destinations such as Elephant Rock, Hegra, Jabal Ikmah, AlUla Old Town, and AlUla Oasis.

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The Launch of ‘Forever Revitalising’

The ‘Forever Revitalizing’ campaign was unveiled on February 29th, 2024, marking a transformative journey for the historic oasis city. 

This global initiative aims to introduce the world to AlUla through an engaging and novel lens. Unlike traditional destination marketing efforts, ‘Forever Revitalising’ is a data-driven endeavor designed to appeal to international travelers.

Image Credit AlUla Development Company

The campaign started with hallmark events in six major international cities: Dubai, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Mumbai. 

These events, aimed at travel industry professionals and media representatives, were designed to weave a compelling narrative about AlUla and its appeal as a global travel destination.

Capturing the Essence of AlUla

The campaign is highlighted by a striking 6-minute film, ‘Forever Revitalizing,’ directed by the acclaimed French cinematographer Bruno Aveillan. The film beautifully encapsulates the spirit of AlUla, focusing on its core pillars: history & heritage, arts & culture, nature, adventure, and wellness.

In addition to the main film, the campaign features a series of Brand Pillar Films. These short, immersive videos highlight AlUla’s diverse attractions, including Elephant Rock, Hegra, Jabal Ikmah, AlUla Old Town, and AlUla Oasis, showcasing everything from balloon adventures to the local culinary scene.

AIUIa’s Vision Behind the Campaign

The ‘Forever Revitalizing’ campaign resonates with AlUla’s aspiration to be perceived as a site of perpetual significance. It seeks to blend the city’s historical allure with contemporary relevance, inviting potential visitors and collaborators to connect deeply with AlUla’s dynamic and enriching story. 

The campaign goes beyond driving global awareness of AlUla. It communicates the breadth and depth of the programs and initiatives designed to create a better future for all those who live, work, and visit this ancient oasis.

Phillip Jones, Chief Tourism Officer at the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), emphasized the campaign’s forward-thinking perspective. He stated, “While AlUla has already established itself as a destination on the global traveler’s wish list, ‘Forever Revitalizing’ marks the next chapter in the city’s ever-evolving journey.”

The Campaign’s Approach to Modern Travel

The ‘Forever Revitalizing’ campaign acknowledges the shift towards niche, eco-conscious, and culturally sensitive travel options. It promises to fulfill the desires of modern explorers for genuine, impactful experiences. 

This approach aligns with the principles of the AlUla Sustainability Charter, reflecting the city’s dedication to balancing economic growth with conserving its natural and cultural assets.

Through sustainable development, AlUla aims to enrich the lives of its community, reaching significant socio-economic milestones. These include creating 38,000 jobs, contributing SAR 120 billion (approximately USD 32 billion) to Saudi Arabia’s GDP, and boosting its population to 130,000 by 2035.

AIUIa’s Digital-First Campaign

Image Credit AlUla Development Company

‘Forever Revitalizing’ also signifies a move towards a seamless, integrated digital experience. The campaign incorporates a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, a mobile application, and a digital-first strategy to enhance the overall customer journey. 

This way, the campaign resonates with travelers and supports and engages travel partners who are critical to curating the unparalleled experiences of AlUla’s evolving tourism landscape.

AIUIa’s Transformative Campaign

Image Credit AlUla Development Company

The ‘Forever Revitalizing’ campaign marks a significant milestone in AlUla’s journey towards becoming a world-renowned heritage and cultural destination. 

By leveraging innovative marketing strategies and focusing on sustainable development, the campaign aims to place AlUla at the forefront of global travel destinations. 

As the campaign unfolds, the world awaits the continued evolution of this historic city and its transformative impact on the travel industry.

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Upcoming Developments in AIUIa

AIUIa’s Dream of the Desert Train

Image Credit Saudi Arabia Railways

Saudi Arabian Railways and Arsenale Group, an Italian hospitality company, have reached a $53 million agreement to introduce the first luxury train service in the Middle East, Dream of The Desert.

This premium train service will cover a distance of 1300 km from Riyadh to Qurayyat including a stop at AlUla.

The Dream of The Desert trains will consist of 40 lavish cabins, accommodating a total of 82 passengers, and will travel through the breathtaking landscape of Saudi Arabia. The commencement of this service is anticipated in late 2025.

Marriott’s First Autograph Collection Hotel

Image Credit Marriott International

Marriott International has partnered with the AlUla Development Company to establish an Autograph Collection Hotel in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. The anticipated inauguration of this upscale establishment is scheduled for 2025.

The hotel features 250 rooms and suites and is set to provide guests with diverse leisure and entertainment amenities. These include four dining venues, a comprehensive spa, a swimming pool, a contemporary fitness center, a business center, meeting facilities, and retail space.

Six Senses AIUIa

Image Credit AZULIK AlUla

Six Senses and the Al Ula Development Company have agreed to launch a luxurious Six Senses AIUIa hotel spanning 1.2 million square meters in Al Ula. 

The hotel is scheduled to commence operations in 2027 and will be situated in a serene oasis adorned with flourishing palm groves and encircled by striking red sandstone cliffs. It will comprise of 100 guest villas and 25 residences.

Sidrat AlUla 

Image Credit Al Akaria

The Royal Commission for AlUla has announced the new beautiful Real estate development plan in South AlUla, Sidrat AlUla.

This development, consisting of 810 units, will include luxurious villas, apartments, parks, and a retail space of 26,000 square meters. 

The highly anticipated project, led by Al Akaria Real Estate company based in Riyadh, seeks to blend contemporary city living harmoniously with the natural cultural landscape of AlUla.

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