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Saudi Arabia Unveils THE RIG, A $5 Billion Oil Rig Inspired Adventure Tourism Destination
Saudi Arabia Unveils THE RIG A $5 Billion Oil Rig Inspired Adventure Tourism Destination

Saudi Arabia has announced that THE RIG, a groundbreaking oil rig-inspired mega theme park, is to be located 40 kilometers off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.

Inspired by the country’s rich oil and gas heritage, the theme park is due to feature 3 hotels, 11 restaurants, helipads, a diving center, and an extreme sports adventure park.

The project is being developed by the Oil Park Development Company, funded by the Public Development Fund, and is anticipated to cost $5 billion.

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What is THE RIG?

Image Credit THE RIG

THE RIG is an ambitious project that reimagines offshore oil platforms as a groundbreaking adventure tourism destination. With over 70 attractions and experiences spread over a sprawling 300,000 square meters, the project aims to create a unique and immersive experience for adventure seekers worldwide.

Unveiling THE RIG

Image Credit THE PIF

The Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, recently unveiled the master plan for THE RIG. This project aligns with the PIF’s strategy and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives of diversifying the economy, boosting the tourism sector, and creating new employment opportunities

Celebrating Saudi’s Heritage

Image Credit THE RIG

THE RIG draws inspiration from the design of offshore oil platforms, a nod to Saudi Arabia’s long history in the oil and gas industry. This unique hospitality and adventure experience is 40 kilometers from the coastline, near Al Juraid Island and Berri Oil Field in the Arabian Gulf.

Attracting a Global Audience

Image Credit THE RIG

The project aims to attract over 900,000 annual visitors by 2032, appealing to a wide range of audiences, including adrenaline junkies, explorers, balanced holidaymakers, and relaxation seekers from domestic, regional, and international markets.

Diverse Facilities at THE RIG

Image Credit THE RIG

THE RIG offers extensive hospitality, leisure, entertainment, and accommodation options. These include three hotels with 800 rooms, 11 restaurants, an extreme sports & adventure park, a world-class marina, and helipads.

Embracing Water Activities

Image Credit THE RIG

In addition to land-based attractions, THE RIG will offer many water activities, including a diving center. Furthermore, it will host an amusement park, splash park, an E-sports center, an immersive theater, and a multipurpose arena, among other facilities.

Vision & Mission

Image Credit THE RIG

The RIG’s vision is to establish a global standard in delivering a unique blend of hospitality and adventure on eco-friendly offshore platforms in the ocean’s heart.

Image Credit THE RIG

The Mission is to create sustainable tourist destinations on offshore oil platforms, seamlessly combining gracious hospitality with thrilling adventures. The goal is to provide an unparalleled experience for guests from around the globe.

A Unique Experience at The RIG

THE RIG promises to create a unique experience celebrating the Kingdom’s rich oil and gas heritage. This extraordinary venture will become a must-visit destination for all adventure seekers, making it a significant milestone in global tourism.

Image Credit THE RIG

The unveiling of THE RIG marks a significant step in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 journey, reaffirming the Kingdom’s commitment to economic diversification and the growth of the tourism sector. 

As the world’s first offshore adventure tourism destination, THE RIG symbolizes the innovative spirit and ambitious vision of Saudi Arabia, promising a unique and exciting experience for visitors worldwide.

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