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Saudi Arabia Unveils Soudah Peaks – $7.7 Billion Luxury Mountain Tourism Resort
Saudi Arabia Unveils Soudah Peaks - A $7.7 Billion Luxury Mountain Tourism Resort

Saudi Arabia is set to develop the Soudah Peaks, an ambitious $7.7 billion luxury mountain resort project. The luxury mountain tourism destination will be set 3,015m above sea level on Saudi Arabia’s highest peak. On completion, it is due to offer world-class hotels, chalets, and villas in a stunning environment.

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An Overview of the Soudah Peaks Project

The Soudah Peaks project, announced by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, is a part of the Public Investment Fund’s (PIF) strategy to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy. The project seeks to promote tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries, contributing significantly to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The luxury mountain resort is to be established 3,015 meters above sea level, crowning the highest peak of the kingdom. With the completion of this project, Saudi Arabia aims to place itself prominently on the global tourism map.

A Confluence of Luxury and Sustainability

One of the key aspects of the Soudah Peaks project is its commitment to sustainability. Despite the extensive development plans, less than 1% of the land will be used for construction, ensuring the natural environment’s preservation. The project aligns with the Crown Prince’s sustainability standards and contributes to the Saudi Green Initiative, emphasizing the protection and preservation of the environment.

Promoting Cultural and Heritage Richness

Apart from offering luxury tourism, the project also seeks to highlight and celebrate Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and heritage. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the region’s cultural abundance and experience authentic hospitality from the local community. The aim is to provide unforgettable experiences amidst lush greenery, above the clouds.

The Masterplan: A Look at What’s in Store

By the year 2033, the Soudah Peaks project aims to attract over two million visitors annually. The destination will house six unique development zones, each providing an array of facilities. These include:

  • World Class Hotels
  • Luxury Mountain Resorts
  • Residential Chalets and Villas
  • Premium Mansion Sites
  • Entertainment and Commercial Attractions
  • Outdoor Attractions

The development plan also includes the creation of 2,700 hospitality keys, 1,336 residential units, and 80,000 square meters of commercial space.

A Boost to the Economy

The Soudah Peaks project is expected to contribute more than SR29 billion ($7.7 billion) to the Kingdom’s GDP. It aims to attract both local and foreign investments and create numerous direct and indirect job opportunities. This aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategic goals, which include increasing the tourism industry’s contribution to the GDP to 10% by 2030.

A Unique Landscape and Climate

The Soudah region, located southwest of Saudi Arabia, is blessed with a unique terrain and climate. It receives more rainfall than any other province in the country, offering a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 10 C. The region is also home to 20 of Saudi Arabia’s highest mountain peaks, offering an exciting environment for climbers and adventure enthusiasts.

The Future of Tourism in Saudi Arabia

The development of Soudah Peaks is a significant step towards realizing Saudi Arabia’s ambitions for the future of tourism. In addition to this project, the nation is also investing in other ventures to establish itself as a global tourism destination. These include potential ventures to establish a new luxury airline, a $500 million e-sports destination, and bids for major sporting events.

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