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Saudi Arabia To Launch The Dream of the Desert Luxury Train Service by 2025
Saudi Arabia To Launch The Dream of the Desert Luxury Train Service by 2025

Saudi Arabian Railways has agreed to a $53 million deal with the Italian hospitality company, Arsenale Group, to launch the first luxury train service in the Middle East. 

Known as the Dream of The Desert, the luxury train service is due to stretch 1300 km from Riyadh to Qurayyat, which is close to the northern border with Jordan 

The Dream of The Desert trains will feature 40 luxury cabins accommodating up to 82 passengers and traverse Saudi Arabia’s stunning landscape. They are expected to begin service in late 2025.

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An Innovative Partnership

Image Credit Saudi Arabia Railways

The Dream of the Desert results from a collaboration between Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) and the Arsenale Group. SAR’s CEO, Dr. Bashar bin Khalid Al-Malik, and Arsenale Group’s Chairman, Paolo Barletta, were key figures in bringing this project to life. 

The agreement was signed in Riyadh, marking the beginning of a new chapter in luxury travel.

“This is one of the initiatives the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics has taken to improve the quality of life and support leading national strategies,” said Saudi Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and Chairman of the Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) Engineer Saleh bin Nasser Al Jasser at the signing ceremony held in Riyadh.

The Dream of the Desert: More Than Just a Train

Image Credit Saudi Arabia Railways

The Dream of the Desert is no ordinary train service. It’s a luxury travel experience designed to bring the beauty of Saudi Arabia’s landscapes to life. The train will feature 40 ultra-luxurious cabins, each meticulously crafted and equipped to provide passengers with the ultimate in comfort and style.

A Strategic Luxury Travel Initiative

The launch of the Dream of the Desert is part of the Kingdom’s National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of life in Saudi Arabia by providing residents and visitors with more transportation options and services of exceptional quality. 

The Dream of the Desert train service is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to this strategy.

A Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Al-Malik emphasized SAR’s dedication to implementing quality initiatives aligned with the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services. The Dream of the Desert train service is an excellent example of this commitment. 

This service will not only add a new dimension to SAR’s offerings. Still, it will also allow residents and visitors to discover more regions of the Kingdom while enjoying luxurious transportation services.

Production and Launch of The Desert Dream

Paolo Barletta confirmed that the initial production stages of the Dream of the Desert train have recently begun in Italy. The train will be open for bookings by the end of 2024 and is scheduled to start operations in the last quarter of 2025.

The Train’s Route

Image Credit Saudi Arabia Railways

The train’s route is as spectacular as its interiors. Covering approximately 1300 km, the journey begins from the bustling capital city of Riyadh. 

This route has been carefully chosen to showcase the diverse natural beauty of Saudi Arabia, allowing passengers to experience the country’s stunning landscapes from the comfort of their cabin.

Investment and Specialty

The Arsenale Group, recognized for its expertise in luxury hospitality, international hotel and resort management, and high-end travel, has invested 200 million Riyals in the Dream of the Desert train. 

The company operates sustainable projects for luxury services via tourist trains, with a fleet of 6 trains running in Italy.

A New Era in Luxury Travel

With the Dream of the Desert, Saudi Arabia is setting a new standard in luxury travel. This service will provide passengers with a unique and luxurious travel experience and contribute to the Kingdom’s growth and development in the transportation and logistics sector. 

The future of luxury travel in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region looks brighter than ever with the Dream of the Desert.

More Rail Projects in Saudi Arabia

Image Credit Alstom

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The tramway system will feature 20 state-of-the-art Citadis B battery trams to provide passengers with a seamless journey through time. This experiential tramway project is another step towards the future, combining historical legacy with cutting-edge technology and providing luxurious transportation services.

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