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Saudi Arabia Discovers Two New Major Natural Gas Fields in Empty Quarter
Saudi Arabia Discovers Two New Major Natural Gas Fields in Empty Quarter_

Saudi Arabia’s Aramco has discovered two new natural gas fields in the Empty Quarter. The first discovery was at the Hanifa reservoir where gas was found to flow at 30 million standard cubic feet per day. This discovery is likely to boost the country’s efforts to increase gas production significantly by 2030.

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Major Natural Gas Discoveries

Saudi Arabia’s energy landscape was recently reshaped with the discovery of two major natural gas fields, Al-Hiran and Al-Mahakik, in the Empty Quarter desert. 

The Al-Hiran field has shown remarkable production capabilities, producing a staggering 30 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd). In contrast, the Al-Mahakik field, though smaller, is still noteworthy, yielding 0.85 mmscfd.

In addition to these new fields, Saudi Arabia has also discovered natural gas in five reservoirs of previously discovered fields. These include the Jallah, ‘Unayzah, Al-Sarah, and Al-Qusaibah reservoirs.

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Expansion

This recent discovery is a part of Saudi Arabia’s broader strategy to enhance its energy capabilities. Saudi Aramco, the national oil company, is focusing its efforts on increasing gas production by a substantial 50% by the year 2030, compared to the levels recorded in 2021.

In September, Aramco announced it would acquire a strategic minority stake in liquefied natural gas (LNG) company MidOcean Energy for $500 million. This move aligns with Aramco’s push into natural gas and its plans to become a leading player in the seaborne gas market.

Global Implications

Saudi Arabia’s foray into natural gas production could potentially alter the nation’s position in global energy markets.

The nation, predominantly known for its vast oil reserves, is now expanding into natural gas. This is a crucial step in meeting growing energy demands and diversifying its energy sources.

Saudi Arabia’s efforts in expanding its gas production and strategic investments in LNG companies signal its ambition to become a leading player in the global gas market.

Ma’aden Explores Seawater Lithium Extraction for EVs

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In related news, Saudi Arabia’s mining giant Ma’aden is taking a significant leap into the future of electric vehicles (EVs) by exploring the potential for extracting lithium from seawater. This initiative, aligned with the global surge in EV demand, positions Ma’aden at the forefront of sustainable and innovative mining practices.

By tapping into the abundant seawater resources, Ma’aden aims to harness lithium, a critical component in EV batteries, potentially revolutionizing the supply chain and contributing to the greening of the automotive industry. 

This venture not only underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to diversifying its economy but also marks a pivotal step in meeting the growing needs of the EV market.

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