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Saudi Arabia Approves Landmark Railway Project Linking Riyadh to Kuwait City
Saudi Arabia Approves Landmark Railway Project linking Riyadh to Kuwait City

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given the green light to a landmark rail linkage project with the State of Kuwait. The project will focus on a high-speed railway connecting Riyadh to Kuwait City.

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Agreement Approval

Image Credit Arabian Trains

The agreement for this railway project received approval in a Cabinet session held in Neom, Saudi Arabia. The session was presided over by Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The project has been approved by both nations, with Kuwait giving its assent to the pact in June.

The Railway Link

Image Credit Saudi Arabia Railways

The proposed rail link that will connect Riyadh and Kuwait City extends over a distance of 600 kilometers. This high-speed train service is expected to drastically enhance transportation options, fostering opportunities to bolster tourism and strengthen economic ties between the two nations.

The implementation of this project will be preceded by consultancy studies expected to take approximately six months. This is just one of the key initiatives that Saudi Arabia has put in place in 2023 to ensure the kingdom’s continuous development.

Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) and the Saudi Public Transport Authority have appointed multinational engineering and consulting group Systra to complete a feasibility study for this high-speed rail link connecting the country with Kuwait.

Gulf Track Enhancing International Rail Links

This project is a significant component of the larger Gulf Railway. The Gulf Railway is a proposed railway system to connect all six Gulf Cooperation Council member states in Eastern Arabia. The rail network will be 2,177 km in length and is estimated to cost US$250bn.

Economic and Cultural Exchange

Image Credit Saudi Arabia Railways

The Riyadh to Kuwait City high-speed rail project holds the potential to transform regional travel and contribute to the economic and cultural exchange between these two influential Gulf states. It marks a significant step forward in Saudi Arabia’s mission to modernize its transportation network, creating more accessible and efficient travel options for its citizens and visitors alike.

The railway is also expected to boost intra-GCC trade by providing freight transport services. The railway hopes to provide more than 80,000 direct and indirect jobs once it is operational. This will significantly boost the economies of both countries.

The approval of this railway link project signifies the strong ties between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. As both countries continue to strive for development and progress, this railway link will serve as a symbol of their shared vision and cooperation.

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