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Saudi Arabia Announces “Saudi Summer is Next Door” 2024 Tourism Program
Saudi Arabia Announces Saudi Summer is Next Door 2024 Tourism Program

Saudi Arabia has unveiled an amazing Summer Tourism Program called, “Saudi Summer is Next Door,” offering exciting incentives such as visa support, major events, free child airline tickets, and tax-free shopping. 

Running across 7 destinations, including Aseer, Al Baha, Taif, The Red Sea, Jeddah, Riyadh, and AlUla, the program features over 550 tourism products and 150 special offers and packages.

It will also see the return of Jeddah Season and the launch of the first Aseer Season, as well as significant events including the Esports World Cup. The program aims to attract global visitors to explore and enjoy the beauty of Saudi Arabi.

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Unveiling “Saudi Summer is Next Door”

Image Credit Ministry of Tourism

The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has meticulously crafted the “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program for 2024 for an unparalleled summer experience. 

Image Credit Ministry of Tourism

This groundbreaking initiative, spearheaded by Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the STA’s Board of Directors, aims to elevate the Kingdom’s tourism offerings to new heights.

The launch event, graced by esteemed dignitaries like World Tourism Organization Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili and over 250 key strategic partners from the public and private sectors, signaled a transformative vision for Saudi Arabia’s tourism landscape. 

Al-Khateeb underscored the Kingdom’s remarkable progress, solidifying its position as a premier global destination on the UN World Tourism List and among the G20 nations.

The Saudi Summer Destinations

The “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program weaves together a tapestry of seven enchanting destinations, each offering a unique and immersive experience for visitors:

  • Aseer: Nestled within expansive greenery and majestic peaks, Aseer offers an escape to immerse oneself in nature’s beauty. Tourists can enjoy the area’s mild weather, discovering its lush gorges, tumbling waterfalls, and historic towns enriched with diverse cultural traditions.
  • Al Baha: Al Baha, located in the southwest region of Saudi Arabia, invites visitors to experience its peaceful, rich cultural heritage. Take a journey through time by visiting ancient forts, as Al Baha provides insight into the Kingdom’s historical background.
  • Taif: Known for its amazing weather and stunning natural scenery, Taif is a genuine haven nestled in the center of the highlands of Saudi Arabia. Tourists can enjoy the famous rose water of the area and discover its charming rose gardens in the peaceful mountain hideaways.
Image Credit Red Sea Global
  • Red Sea: Revealing the unspoiled beauty of the Red Sea, this place guarantees a memorable experience in the water. It lets you explore colorful coral reefs or simply relax on the warm sandy beaches, providing a stunning getaway for those who love the ocean and the beach.
  • Jeddah: Jeddah, known as the cultural center of Saudi Arabia, enchants tourists with its perfect blend of modern and traditional elements. From strolling along the famous Jeddah Corniche to immersing oneself in the flavorsome cuisine, this location guarantees a unique and all-encompassing adventure.
  • Riyadh: The city of Riyadh is a clear example of Saudi Arabia’s fast growth and unrelenting determination. Tourists can admire the capital’s famous landmarks, enjoy top-notch shopping and dining options, and observe the Kingdom’s dedication to advancement and modernization.
  • AlUla: AlUla, with its rich history and archaeological wonders, invites visitors to experience a journey through the past. From discovering the well-known Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to being amazed by the ancient sandstone cliffs with their carved rock formations and tombs, offering a deep connection to the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Reviving the Jeddah Season

Image Credit Jeddah Season

This summer truly celebrates Saudi Arabia’s vibrant culture and heritage. The program will witness the triumphant return of the beloved Jeddah Season, an annual event that captivates visitors with its rich tapestry of cultural experiences and thrilling performances.

Introducing the Aseer Season

Image Credit Aseer Season

Moreover, the inaugural Aseer Season will debut, offering an enticing array of family-friendly activities and events that showcase the region’s unique charm and traditions.

The Aseer Season showcases the famous Abha Gala, allowing tourists to fully experience the charm of the city it is named after, all while taking in breathtaking panoramic views.

Image Credit Visit Saudi

Guests can fully experience stunning landscapes, ranging from majestic mountain tops to the vast Tihama plains, sandy beaches, and desert wilderness.

Exciting Events at Saudi Summer Season

Image Credit Esports World Cup Foundation

In addition to the iconic seasons, the “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program boasts a lineup of exciting events that will leave a lasting impression on visitors. 

The Esports World Cup‘s inaugural appearance in Riyadh will bring together the world’s most elite esports athletes for an eight-week competition that promises to be a spectacle of skill and excitement.

Image Credit Twitter Turki alalshikh

Furthermore, multiple boxing tournaments will take place in Riyadh and Jeddah, including 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Bout and the First-Ever UFC Event, catering to sports enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers alike.

Explore Diversity of Saudi Destinations

Image Credit Marriott International

The “Saudi Summer is Next Door” campaign embodies an open invitation to explore the magic of Saudi destinations and their diversity. 

The slogan itself, “Saudi Summer is Next Door,” encapsulates this spirit, using simple yet evocative phrases like “Closer,” “Cooler,” “More Beautiful,” and “More Affordable” to reflect the uniqueness of each destination.

Empowering the Private Sector

Image Credit ITB Berlin

Recognizing the private sector’s pivotal role in the success of tourism programs and initiatives, the STA is committed to empowering businesses by encouraging demand for products and offers that meet the aspirations of tourists worldwide. 

This collaborative approach aims to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers unforgettable visitor experiences.

Streamlining Visitor Experiences

Image Credit Fauchon Hospitality

To facilitate a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors, Saudi Arabia has implemented several initiatives to streamline the travel process. The eVisa system has been expanded, making it available to citizens of 66 countries, while the total price of the eVisa has been reduced by 20 percent.

Additionally, the number of weekly flights from Gulf cities to Saudi summer destinations has increased to 1,100, enhancing accessibility and convenience for travelers.

Catering to GCC Residents

Image Credit Wego

Recognizing the importance of regional tourism, Saudi Arabia has introduced the GCC residents visa, which allows multiple entries and stays of up to 90 days within a year. 

This initiative aims to foster closer ties with neighboring countries and encourage regional visitors to explore the Kingdom’s diverse offerings.

Enhancing Accommodation Options

Image Credit Rua Al Madinah

Saudi Arabia is expanding its hospitality infrastructure to accommodate the expected influx of tourists. An additional 25,000 hotel rooms are expected this year, with 320,000 new hotel rooms by 2030, ensuring visitors have a wide range of accommodation options catering to various preferences and budgets.

More Than Events and Attractions

Image Credit Thakher Makkah

The “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program extends beyond mere events and attractions. It features a comprehensive tourism experience with over 550 exceptional products and more than 150 special offers and packages tailored to families, adventure lovers, luxury enthusiasts, and culture and heritage admirers.

From tax-free shopping and private beaches to partnerships with hotels and airlines offering free tickets for children, the program aims to create an all-encompassing and unforgettable journey for visitors.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Image Credit Thakher Makkah

As Saudi Arabia continues to invest in its tourism sector, sustainability remains a key priority. The STA is committed to promoting responsible and eco-friendly tourism practices, ensuring that the Kingdom’s natural and cultural treasures are preserved for future generations.

The “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program aims to balance economic growth and environmental stewardship harmoniously through eco-tourism, community-based tourism, and conservation efforts.

A Global Tourism Powerhouse

The “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program represents a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards becoming a global tourism powerhouse. 

By leveraging the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and world-class infrastructure, the STA is poised to deliver an unforgettable summer experience that will captivate visitors worldwide.

With its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable practices, the “Saudi Summer is Next Door” program sets the stage for a transformative era in Saudi tourism that promises to leave a lasting impact on visitors and the local communities they engage with.

Saudi Arabia’s Upcoming Entertainment Projects

The Qiddiya City Project

Image credit Qiddiya

The development of Qiddiya City, a project aimed at creating a Global Entertainment and Sports Hub in the Kingdom, has been awarded contracts worth more than $2.6 billion. 

The Qiddiya city, located on the outskirts of Riyadh, is expected to have 60,000 buildings, including golf courses, stadiums, and the Six Flags Qiddiya Theme Park.

Its goal is to attract 40 million tourists annually and contribute $36 billion to the GDP. The city aims to have approximately 48 million visitors per year, with a gaming and e-sports district that will serve as a global competition hub. 


Image Credit Qiddiya

Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has recently revealed its plans to develop AQUARABIA, which will be the largest water theme park in the Middle East in Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia. 

This upcoming attraction will feature 22 exceptional rides and attractions, including 5 record-breaking rides, such as the first double water loop in the world, the tallest Junoon Drop water coaster, and 8 uniquely themed zones like Camel Rock and The Den. 

Scheduled to open in 2025, Aquarabia will be joined by the Six Flags Qiddiya theme park, bringing in visitors from around the world to experience unparalleled entertainment and world record-breaking attractions.

Dragon Balls Theme Park

Image Credit Qiddiya

Saudi Arabia revealed plans for a groundbreaking Dragon Balls Themed Park, set to be built in the Qiddiya Entertainment City. 

Covering an area of 500,000 square meters, the park will consist of seven unique zones and offer 30 themed attractions, including a 70-meter-tall dragon roller coaster as its main centerpiece.

Visitors can also expect to find hotels and restaurants with a Dragon Ball theme, inspired by the popular Japanese anime franchise.

This project, located just 40 km away from Riyadh, is part of the larger development at Qiddiya City, aimed at establishing Saudi Arabia as a top global destination for entertainment.

Qiddiya Speed Park Track

Image Credit Qiddiya

The Qiddiya Investment Company has unveiled plans for Qiddiya City’s newest attraction, the Speed Park Track, set to establish itself as a premier venue for Saudi Motorsport and a prominent global destination. 

Crafted by experienced race drivers, including renowned former Austrian Formula One racer Alex Wurz, the track boasts a thrilling layout encompassing 21 turns and an impressive elevation gain of 108 meters per lap, weaving through Qiddiya’s breathtaking mountainous terrain. 

Against the backdrop of the world’s tallest rollercoaster at Six Flags Qiddiya City and a vibrant water theme park, drivers will navigate the Speed Park Track, offering an exhilarating experience amidst various entertainment options.


Image Credit THE RIG

Saudi Arabia has announced that THE RIG, a groundbreaking oil rig-inspired mega theme park, is to be located 40 kilometers off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.

Inspired by the country’s rich oil and gas heritage, the theme park is due to feature 3 hotels, 11 restaurants, helipads, a diving center, and an extreme sports adventure park.

The project is being developed by the Oil Park Development Company, funded by the Public Development Fund, and is anticipated to cost $5 billion.

Seven’s Entertainment Destination

Image Credit Rua Al Madinah

Saudi Entertainment Ventures Seven has revealed its plans to build a 1.3 Billion Riyal entertainment destination in Al Madinah. This new destination will be a hub of fun, excitement, and top-notch attractions, aiming to enhance the lives of the city’s inhabitants. 

The project is due to cover an area of over 100,000 square meters, with a built-up area of 84,000 square meters. The park will feature beautiful paths seamlessly blending with the planned open paths and gardens in the destination.

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