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Saudi Arabia Announces a 10 Year Deal to Host First Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters
Saudi Arabia Announces a 10 Year Deal to Host First-Ever Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters

Saudi Arabia has announced a groundbreaking 10-year deal to host the inaugural Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters with a prize funding of more than £2 million.

The first-ever Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters is due to take place between August 31st and September   7th, 2024, in Riyadh. It is due to become the ‘Fourth Major’ on the World Snooker Tour schedule.

The new deal enhances Saudi Arabia’s reputation as a growing hub for international sports events aligning with the country’s Vision 2030 goals.

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The ‘Fourth Major’ on the World Snooker Tour

Image Credit PA Media

The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters is not just another addition to the global snooker calendar. It’s a game-changer. The Saudi edition of the Snooker Masters will be held in Riyadh from August 31 to September 7, 2024. 

With a staggering prize fund exceeding £2 million, it’s poised to become the sport’s ‘Fourth Major’ on the World Snooker Tour schedule, ranking only behind the renowned World Championship in terms of prize money.

Image Credit World Nineball Tour

The Kingdom will also host the World (9-Ball) Billiard Championship from June 3-8, 2024, in Jeddah, with a total record prize pool of $600,000.

Several elite pool players, including World Champion Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, five-time US Open title holder and 2022 World Champion Shane Van Boening, and 2018 World Champion Joshua Feller, will participate.

Snooker Masters’ Format

Image Credit World Snooker Tour

This inaugural event will be a ranking tournament open to all 128 tour players. This inclusivity enhances the competition’s appeal, ensuring a diverse and exciting line-up of world-class talent. The event will also include six local wildcards, providing a unique opportunity for local talent to compete at the highest level.

A 10-Year Deal: Aligning with Vision 2030

The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters is more than just a snooker tournament. It symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s broadening horizons and commitment to becoming a global hub for premier sporting events. 

As part of the nation’s Vision 2030, the 10-year deal underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a vibrant sports culture, promoting community engagement, and driving economic growth.

Saudi Arabia: The Emerging Sports Capital

Image Credit World Snooker Tour

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has taken great strides in developing its sports ecosystem. The country has hosted numerous international sporting events, drawing athletes and fans from across the globe. 

The addition of the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters further cements the Kingdom’s status as a growing sports capital.

Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn said in a statement:

“The addition of both the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters and World Pool Championship over the next decade further enhances that as it heralds an exciting chapter for snooker and nine-ball pool. We have seen the incredible impact boxing has had in this region. Now, I believe we will see billiards cement its legacy here, too, creating incredible opportunities and competition for the finest players on the planet.”

Contribution to the Local Sports Scene

The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters is not just about bringing international stars to Saudi Arabia; it’s also about nurturing local talent. 

With six local wildcards set to participate in the tournament, the event provides a unique platform for Saudi players to showcase their skills on a global stage. This exposure is expected to boost the development of snooker in the Kingdom, inspiring more young people to take up the sport.

A Boost to the Economy

Image Credit World Snooker Tour

Sporting events like the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters promote sports development and contribute significantly to the economy

They attract international tourists, generate jobs, and stimulate local businesses, leading to economic growth. Moreover, they enhance the country’s international image, attracting further investment.

Global Television Syndication

Image Credit World Snooker Tour

Fans around the world won’t miss out on the action. The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters will be globally syndicated, ensuring viewers everywhere can enjoy the thrilling competition. This worldwide coverage will further raise the profile of Saudi Arabia, showcasing its capability to host world-class events.

A Bright Future

The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters is just the beginning. Both Snooker and Nineball Pool are set to see significant growth in the region over the next decade. 

With a strong focus on developing sports and offering opportunities to local talents, the future of Snooker and Pool in Saudi Arabia looks brighter than ever.

Upcoming Saudi Sports Spectacles

6 Kings Slam

Image Credit Tennis Majors

Riyadh Season is gearing up to host the prestigious 6 Kings Slam, an elite Tennis championship scheduled for October 2024. 

The event is eagerly anticipated and will feature top-tier tennis stars, including Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. This much-awaited competition is seamlessly integrated into Riyadh Season, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to hosting major global sports events.

The FIFA World Cup 2034 

Image Credit FIFA

Saudi Arabia has also officially secured the hosting rights for the 2034 FIFA World Cup following the withdrawal of Australia’s bid. 

The Asian Football Confederation’s endorsement of Saudi Arabia played a pivotal role in this outcome, and the final approval is set to take place at a dedicated FIFA congress scheduled for the conclusion of the upcoming year. 

This decision is in harmony with Saudi Arabia’s broader vision of establishing itself as a prominent international sports hub, aligning with the objectives outlined in Vision 2030. 

The First Esports World Cup 2024

Image Credit Twittersaudiesports

Saudi Arabia is set to host the first E-Sports World Cup in 2024, a milestone event that promises the largest prize pool in esports history. This strategic move reflects the kingdom’s ambitious vision to establish itself as a key player in the global gaming industry, currently valued at $13.3 billion.

In addition to its commitment to elevating the esports sector, Saudi Arabia aims to substantially impact the job market by generating 39,000 new opportunities, showcasing its dedication to fostering growth and innovation in this rapidly expanding field.

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