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Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Reaffirm Commitment to Expedite $5 Billion Investment Package
Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Reaffirm Commitment to Expedite $5 Billion Investment Package

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have solidified economic ties with Saudi Arabia agreeing a $5 billion investment package for Pakistan after a high level meeting in Makkah during the Holy month of  Ramadan.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif of Pakistan  at Al-Safa Palace in Makkah which overlooks the Holy Mosque, known as Al Masjid Al Haram.

The leaders emphasized Saudi Arabia’s pivotal role in boosting Pakistan’s economy and promised to swiftly implement collaborative ventures across various sectors.

They also stressed dialogue for regional stability, addressing issues including the need for unhindered humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

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Meeting Participants in Makkah

The pledge to speed up the investment was reiterated during a high-level meeting at Al-Safa Palace in Makkah. 

Image Credit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The meeting saw the participation of the Saudi Crown Prince, Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.  The meeting aimed at deepening the fraternal ties between the nations and exploring avenues for enhanced collaboration across diverse sectors. 

The Crown Prince of Bahrain was also in attendance and both leaders had iftar with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince

The $5 Billion Investment Package

Image Credit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The proposed investment package is integral to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to supporting Pakistan’s economy. The package is expected to catalyze economic growth in Pakistan, marking the first wave of collaborative economic endeavors between the two nations. 

The commitment to swiftly implement this investment reflects the mutual interest in strengthening economic cooperation and the shared ambition to achieve mutual economic growth.

Saudi Arabia’s Support to Pakistan’s Economy

Both parties emphasized the Kingdom’s supportive role in bolstering Pakistan’s economy. They expressed a mutual desire to strengthen trade and investment ties, underlining their commitment to expedite the first wave of the investment package worth $5 billion. 

The investment is a significant step towards solidifying the economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and indicates a strong relationship between the two nations.

Emphasis on Regional Stability and Dialogue

Image Credit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A crucial part of the discussions also centered on regional and global developments of mutual interest. The leaders emphasized the need for dialogue between Pakistan and India to resolve outstanding issues, particularly the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. 

This dialogue is seen as a necessary step towards ensuring peace and regional stability.

In addition, the leaders also addressed the pressing issue of the situation in the Gaza Strip. They called for immediate international action to halt Israeli military operations and mitigate the humanitarian impact. 

They also underscored the need for Israel to comply with international law and ensure unhindered access to humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza.

The Way Forward

As Saudi Arabia doubles down on its commitment to accelerate the $5 billion investment package in Pakistan, the future looks promising. The strengthened economic ties are set to bring about a wave of prosperity, fostering a sense of progress and innovation in both nations.

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