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Royal Commission for AlUla Starts Construction of Sharaan Resort
Royal Commission for AlUla Starts Construction of Sharaan Resort

Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has begun the construction of the Sharaan Resort in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

The resort, set within the Sharaan Nature Reserve, will feature 38 luxurious suites carved into sandstone mountains and offer panoramic views of the region as well as a range of wellness facilities.

The resort, designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, is one of RCU’s flagship projects and blends luxury with sustainability to redefine AIUIa’s hospitality landscape.

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The Sharaan Resort’s Architect

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel, the brain behind the design of the Sharaan Resort, is widely celebrated for his innovative architectural designs. 

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

With a portfolio showcasing his mastery of blending structures with their natural surroundings, Nouvel’s design for the Sharaan Resort is a testament to his ability to create architectural marvels.

The Vision

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The Sharaan Resort is a promising project and a mesmerizing blend of luxury, sustainability, and architectural excellence. The Sharaan Resort is a revival of the ancient architectural wonder of the Nabatean style of living.  

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

Drawing inspiration from the millennia-old Nabataean architecture, Nouvel has designed a resort that pays tribute to the rich historical and cultural heritage of AlUla while incorporating modern architectural principles.

The Construction Phase

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The construction of the Sharaan Resort is managed by the French engineering group Bouygues Construction, which is in a joint venture with Almabani, a leading Saudi engineering firm. 

Pierre-Eric Saint-André, Deputy CEO of Bouygues Construction, the engineering group managing the construction, echoes this sentiment. He stated, “We are grateful to be part of the ambitious cultural and tourism project of AlUla, and in particular to have been chosen by the Royal Commission of AlUla with our partner Almabani to build the iconic Sharaan Resort and International Summit Centre.”

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The construction process is spearheaded by RCU’s Development and Construction sector, with consultation from Canadian firm WSP and program management support from Jasara, a Saudi firm.

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

These teams are working in unison to bring Nouvel’s vision to life. They plan to create a resort that is seamlessly integrated with the natural and cultural heritage of the Sharaan Nature Reserve. 

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

Their approach combines modern construction techniques with the traditional Nabataean method of carving structures into nearby sandstone, preserving the natural scenery and native flora and fauna at the heart of RCU’s vision for Sharaan.

The Resort Experience

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The Sharaan Resort is designed to offer a memorable and timeless experience. The resort features 38 suites, a spa and wellness center, a kids club, a sports center, an all-day dining restaurant, and a business center carved into a mountain dating back 500 million years.

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The resort complex will also house a signature fine-dining restaurant atop the mountain, offering panoramic views of Sharaan. A unique glass elevator will connect the resort with an extraordinary geologic and artistic experience, offering views of ancient sedimentary layers and art-filled niches.

The International Summit Centre

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

Adjacent to the resort, the Sharaan International Summit Centre will stand as a hub for global events and conferences. With a secure and private environment, the Centre is designed to facilitate interactions among guests in an informal setting.

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The Centre will comprise an auditorium, meeting rooms, a library, as well as a sports and leisure area. It will also feature 13 hospitality pavilions and two private villas, ensuring a total of 53 hospitality keys for the entire project.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The Sharaan Resort and International Summit Centre are aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the Sustainability Charter for AlUla. 

The project is designed in harmony with its natural environment, ensuring minimal impact on the extraordinary natural and urban landscapes of AlUla.

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

The design incorporates passive strategies and natural geological heat transfer to efficiently cool the property in summer and provide warmth in the winter. 

The project also aims for zero wastewater by using potable water only when necessary and recycling all treatable wastewater for irrigation and other purposes.

Unmatched Experience Awaits

Image Credit Jean Nouvel

With its unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and cultural reverence, the Sharaan Resort is set to offer an unmatched guest experience, immersing visitors in the wonders of the Sharaan Nature Reserve and the rich heritage of AlUla.

As the resort is set to open its doors in 2024, it remains a highly anticipated addition to Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving hospitality landscape.

More Developments at AIUIa

Sidrat AlUla

Image Credit Royal Commission for AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla has revealed plans for a new stunning real estate venture in South AlUla, named Sidrat AlUla.

This ambitious project will feature 810 units, including luxurious villas and apartments, alongside expansive parks and a sizable 26,000 square meters of retail space. 

Al Akaria Real Estate company, headquartered in Riyadh, will lead this eagerly anticipated initiative, aiming to seamlessly blend contemporary urban living with the timeless natural and cultural heritage of AlUla.

Al Muatadil Equestrian Village

Image Credit AECOM

The Royal Commission for Al Ula has revealed groundbreaking plans for the Al Muatadil Equestrian Village, a visionary project poised to elevate Al Ula into a prominent global equestrian destination. 

The initiative seamlessly merges modern design aesthetics with the cultural heritage of Al Ula, actively contributing to Saudi Arabia’s tourism objectives. 

Architect Erik Behrens, leading the project with AECOM, skillfully combines the region’s cultural legacy with innovative and sustainable design practices.

Six Senses AIUIa

Image Credit AZULIK AlUla

Six Senses has partnered with the Al Ula Development Company to establish a luxurious Six Senses AIUIa hotel spanning 1.2 million square meters in Al Ula, slated for inauguration in 2027. 

Positioned within a serene natural oasis featuring abundant palm groves, the hotel will be encircled by striking red sandstone cliffs and comprise 100 guest villas alongside 25 residences.

Aman Hegra Project

Image Credit Aman

The AlUla Development Company, in partnership with Kun Investment Holding, has officially entered into a joint venture to embark on the prestigious Aman Hegra Project in AlUla. 

Envisioned as a high-end luxury venture, the project is set to feature a 42-key ultra-luxurious hotel and 30 branded residences in AlUla, which stands as the kingdom’s inaugural UNESCO World Heritage site.

AIUIa’s Tramway Project

Image Credit Alstom

Royal Commission of Al Ula has signed a contract worth $500 million with the French company Alstom to construct the World’s Longest Battery-Powered Tramway in AlUla. 

This groundbreaking project by Alstom will span 22.4km and connect 17 stations, providing unparalleled access to Al Ula’s five historical districts, including the renowned UNESCO World Heritage sites of Al Ula Old Town and Hegra Historical City

Alstrom has a successful track record in the Middle East, having completed projects such as the Dubai tramway, the new Riyadh metro, and the Haramain High-Speed railway that links the Holy Cities Makkah and Madinah.

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