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Royal Commission For AlUla Partners with Al Akaria To Develop New Sidrat AlUla Development
Royal Commission For AlUla Partners with Al Akaria To Develop New Sidrat AlUla Development

The Royal Commission for AlUla has unveiled the plan for a new stunning Real estate development in South AlUla called Sidrat AlUla.

The 810-unit development will feature world class villas, apartments, parks, and 26,000 square meters of retail space. 

The much-awaited development will be spearheaded by the Riyadh-based Al Akaria Real Estate company and aims to combine modern urban living with AlUla’s rich natural culture landscape.

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A Partnership for Progress

Image Credit Royal Commission for AlUla

The collaboration between the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and Al Akaria signifies a major step towards meeting the growing demand for housing in AlUla. 

The partnership brings together the expertise and resources of two leading entities to create an iconic development that will set a new benchmark for urban living in the region. 

By joining forces, RCU and Al Akaria aim to create a community-centric environment that reflects AlUla’s unique heritage and natural beauty.

Unveiling the Iconic Sidrat AlUla

Image Credit Royal Commission for AlUla

Sidrat AlUla is set to be a vibrant and inclusive urban development, offering a total of 810 residential units, including 570 apartments and 240 villas/townhouses, catering to a diverse range of residents

In addition to the residential units, the project will feature a sprawling 26,000 sq. meters of retail space, providing new job opportunities for the local community. 

Sidrat AlUla will also prioritize the well-being of its residents with lush green spaces, sustainable landscaping, cycling lanes, shaded pedestrian walkways, and essential community facilities such as mosques and kindergartens.

Sidrat AIUIa’s Design

Image Credit Al Akaria

Designed by Khammash Architects, Sidrat AlUla draws inspiration from the cultural legacy of AlUla while embracing contemporary design principles. 

The project’s architecture reflects the region’s unique character, blending tradition with modernity. The aim is to create an elevated quality of life for all residents while preserving the rich heritage and natural beauty of AlUla.

Diverse Demographics at Sidrat AIUIa

Image Credit Al Akaria

Sidrat AlUla is committed to providing various housing options to cater to the diverse demographics of AlUla. The project’s inclusive planning and design ensure that desirable housing units are available for individuals and families of all sizes. 

The range of amenities offered, from public parks to healthcare facilities, further enhances the quality of life in Sidrat AlUla and underscores RCU’s dedication to the community’s well-being.

A Testament to RCU’s Vision

Image Credit AlUla Development Company

Sidrat AlUla is a milestone in AlUla’s real estate sector and a testament to RCU’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life through meticulously planned living spaces and community-focused initiatives. 

The project aligns with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and supports its emphasis on superior housing, economic growth, tourism, and sustainable development. 

By creating a thriving urban environment, Sidrat AlUla contributes to the comprehensive regeneration and development of AlUla as a flourishing hub for investment and growth.

The Role of Al Akaria

Image Credit Al Akaria

Al Akaria, a renowned real estate company in Saudi Arabia, plays a crucial role in developing Sidrat AlUla. As a strategic partner of RCU, Al Akaria brings its expertise and successful track record in developing innovative real estate programs. 

The company’s mission to redefine real estate experiences ensures that life in Sidrat AlUla will be comfortable, inclusive, and in line with the vision of RCU and Saudi Vision 2030.

Sustainable Development with Sidrat AlUla

Sidrat AlUla represents a significant step towards sustainable development in AlUla. The project incorporates sustainable landscaping and infrastructure, promoting a greener and more eco-friendly community.

Sidrat AlUla sets a new standard for future regional developments by prioritizing preserving the natural environment and incorporating sustainable practices.

Economic Growth

The development of Sidrat AlUla is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy. The project will create new job opportunities during and after construction, contributing to economic growth in AlUla. 

Additionally, the retail space within Sidrat AlUla will support local businesses, further stimulating the economy and enhancing residents’ overall quality of life.

Sidrat AlUla: A Symbol of Progress 

Sidrat AlUla is not just a residential and retail development; it is a symbol of progress and a testament to the potential of AlUla. By reimagining urban living in South AlUla, RCU, and Al Akaria are shaping the region’s future. 

With its blend of modern amenities, cultural heritage, and sustainable design, Sidrat AlUla represents a new era of development that embraces the rich history and natural beauty of AlUla.

Transforming Urban Living in AlUla

Sidrat AlUla, a collaborative project between RCU and Al Akaria, is set to transform urban living in South AlUla. With its innovative design, inclusive planning, and commitment to sustainability, Sidrat AlUla exemplifies the vision and goals of RCU and Saudi Vision 2030. 

This iconic development promises a high-quality living environment that celebrates AlUla’s unique heritage while embracing the future. 

Sidrat AlUla is not just a residential and retail project; it is a catalyst for economic growth, a model for sustainable development, and a symbol of progress for the region.

More Projects at AIUIa

Al Muatadil Equestrian Village

Image Credit AECOM

The Royal Commission for Al Ula has revealed groundbreaking plans for the Al Muatadil Equestrian Village, a visionary project poised to elevate Al Ula into a prominent global equestrian destination. 

The initiative seamlessly merges modern design aesthetics with the cultural heritage of Al Ula, actively contributing to Saudi Arabia’s tourism objectives. 

Architect Erik Behrens, leading the project with AECOM, skillfully combines the region’s cultural legacy with innovative and sustainable design practices.

Six Senses AIUIa

Image Credit AZULIK AlUla

Six Senses has partnered with the Al Ula Development Company to establish a luxurious Six Senses AIUIa hotel spanning 1.2 million square meters in Al Ula, slated for inauguration in 2027. 

Positioned within a serene natural oasis featuring abundant palm groves, the hotel will be encircled by striking red sandstone cliffs and comprise 100 guest villas alongside 25 residences.

Aman Hegra Project

Image Credit Aman

The AlUla Development Company, in partnership with Kun Investment Holding, has officially entered into a joint venture to embark on the prestigious Aman Hegra Project in AlUla. 

Envisioned as a high-end luxury venture, the project is set to feature a 42-key ultra-luxurious hotel and 30 branded residences in AlUla, which stands as the kingdom’s inaugural UNESCO World Heritage site.

AIUIa’s Tramway Project

Image Credit Alstom

Royal Commission of Al Ula has signed a contract worth $500 million with the French company Alstom to construct the World’s Longest Battery-Powered Tramway in AlUla. 

This groundbreaking project by Alstom will span 22.4km and connect 17 stations, providing unparalleled access to Al Ula’s five historical districts, including the renowned UNESCO World Heritage sites of Al Ula Old Town and Hegra Historical City. 

Alstrom has a successful track record in the Middle East, having completed projects such as the Dubai tramway, the new Riyadh metro, and the Haramain High-Speed railway that links the Holy Cities Makkah and Madinah.

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