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ROSHN Launches ALMANAR, 17,000 Person Integrated Community in Makkah
The PIF funded Saudi Real Estate Developer ROSHN has launched ALMANAR its first venture in Makkah which is due to house 17000 residents

The PIF funded Saudi Real Estate Developer, ROSHN has launched ALMANAR, its first venture in Makkah which is due to house 17,000 residents.

The AlLMANAR development will be located only 20 minutes from Al Masjid Al Haram and under 1 hour from Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport.

ALMANAR is due to offer 4,149 residential units, including 3 to 5-bedroom townhouses, duplexes, and villas, as well as a regional mall and a business park.

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Strategic Location of ALMANAR

Image Credit Ministry of Hajj and Umrah

Strategically located at the western gate of Makkah, ALMANAR offers a seamless connection to both old and new expressways that link the city to Jeddah. This convenient location positions residents just 20 minutes from the Holy Mosque and less than an hour from King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah.

Energy-Efficient Residential Units at ALMANAR

Image Credit ROSHN

ALMANAR, a 17000 person community in Makkah, offers a wide range of residential options, with 4,149 residential units in total, such as 3- to 5-bedroom townhouses, duplexes, and villas, all reflecting the rich heritage of the Western Province through their architectural designs.

Image Credit ROSHN

The residences at ALMANAR feature advanced energy-conserving technologies, including modern insulation materials, solar water heaters, and efficient air-conditioning systems. 

Furthermore, ROSHN Group has taken a step towards promoting the use of electric vehicles by installing EV chargers in many of its homes, thereby contributing to its ambitions of fostering a greener society.

Tradition and Modernity at ALMANAR

Image Credit ROSHN

The architectural heritage of the Western Province visually inspires ALMANAR. The façades of the residential units incorporate ornate details such as elliptical and geometric patterns that seamlessly blend history and modernity. 

This aesthetic approach is a testament to Makkah’s rich heritage and its promising future.

Facilities at ALMANAR Community

Image Credit ROSHN

In addition to its residential units, the first phase of ALMANAR will feature a wide range of amenities. These include a regional mall, eight neighborhood commercial centers, a business park to boost economic development in the city, and several local and Jumaa mosques.

ALMANAR’s Sustainability and Natural Beauty

Image Credit ROSHN

In line with ROSHN Group’s commitment to sustainability, ALMANAR incorporates meticulously planned green and open spaces, which cover 12% of the community’s total footprint. 

ROSHN Group has made significant efforts to preserve the natural landscape by incorporating wadis that meander through the neighborhoods of ALMANAR, thereby creating a resilient green infrastructure that supports the conservation of indigenous flora and fauna.

Redefining Makkah’s Urban Landscape

ALMANAR is not just a place to live — it’s a community designed for a thriving future. The launch of ALMANAR by ROSHN Group marks a significant milestone in expanding Saudi Arabia’s urban development. 

With its blend of traditional aesthetics and modern conveniences, ALMANAR is set to transform Makkah’s urban landscape and significantly contribute to its economic development.

More Redefining Projects in Makkah

Jumeirah Jabal Omar Hotel

Image Credit Jumeirah International

The Jumeirah Jabal Omar Hotel in the Holy City of Makkah, the first hotel in Saudi Arabia by the Jumeirah Hotel group from Dubai, has been officially announced to be open. 

Image Credit Jumeirah International

Located in the second phase of the Jabal Omar development, the hotel is positioned in the heart of Jabal Omar near the Grand Mosque, Al Masjid Al Haram

Image Credit Jumeirah International

Featuring more than 1000 rooms and suites, some offering direct views of the haram, the hotel strives to offer extraordinary experiences to pilgrims on their Hajj and Umrah journeys.

Sky Mussallah at The Address Jabal Omar

Image Credit Jabal Omar Development Company

The Address Hotel in Jabal Omar, Makkah, known for its 5-star service, has recently introduced its Sky Musallah. This uniquely designed prayer room is located within a sky bridge, setting a new Guinness World record at 483 meters above sea level. 

From this elevated position, visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of Al Masjid Al Haram, The Holy Kaaba, and the bustling city of Makkah. 

The skybridge, situated between the 36th and 38th floors, connects the two twin towers of The Address Jabal Omar Hotel and can accommodate 520 individuals.

Makkah’s Masar Destination

Image Credit Umm Al Qura

The hotel landscape in Makkah is about to undergo a significant transformation with a massive investment of $666.6 million into the highly anticipated Masar Destination

The Masar Destination, owned by Umm Al-Qura for Development and Construction Co., has partnered with the General Authority of Awqaf to bring over 1,000 new upscale hotel rooms to the sacred city of Makkah.

The centerpiece of this project is the Residential Towers, which showcase the ambitious vision of Masar Destination.

In September 2023, Umm Al-Qura announced a collaboration with Scope Properties to construct Residential Towers in Makkah, a project worth $240 Million (SAR900 million).

Voco Makkah

Image Credit Voco Makkah

To provide for religious travelers’ needs during the Hajj or Umrah seasons, IHG Hotels & Resorts has launched its premium Voco brand in Makkah. Voco Makkah is the third Voco property in Saudi Arabia and the largest globally, with 4,321 keys.

More Projects by ROSHN Group

Marafy Project

Image Credit ROSHN

MARAFY, spearheaded by ROSHN Group, is a visionary initiative that aims to transform Jeddah, infusing it with modern vibrancy while honoring its deep-rooted cultural legacy. 

An impressive feature of the MARAFY initiative is the implementation of an 11-kilometer-long and 100-meter-wide navigable canal, which is unprecedented in Saudi Arabia. This man-made wonder will have a horseshoe-like structure, connecting to Obhur Creek and ultimately leading to the Red Sea. 

The waterfront atmosphere at MARAFY will be comparable to major cities such as Chicago, Hamburg, and central London, seamlessly integrating the marine environment into the heart of the city. 

It will provide residents and tourists with a unique and scenic backdrop, fostering a lively and energetic ambiance.

Elie Saab Branded Residences

Image Credit Dar Al Arkan

Dar Al Arkan, a prominent real estate company in Saudi Arabia, has recently introduced the inaugural Elie Saab Branded Residences in Riyadh. 

These residences, known as Etoile by Elie Saab, are situated within the SEDRA community in northern Riyadh, in close proximity to King Khalid International Airport.

Image Credit Dar Al Arkan

SEDRA stands out as one of Riyadh’s highly sought-after developments, spanning an expansive 20 million square kilometers.

It is an integral part of the ROSHN Giga project, fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). ROSHN has a strategic goal of increasing the homeownership rate among Saudi citizens to 70% by the year 2030.

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