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Ronnie O’Sullivan Signs 3 Year Ambassador Partnership with Saudi Arabia
Ronnie O_Sullivan Signs 3 Year Ambassador Partnership with Saudi Arabia

Ronnie O’Sullivan has signed a three-year partnership with Saudi Arabia, committing to participating in all World Snooker Tour (WST) events in the Kingdom. 

The agreement includes playing in the World Masters of Snooker and the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters as well as establishing a Ronnie O’Sullivan Snooker Academy in the Kingdom.

This collaboration aims to expand Snooker’s growth in Saudi Arabia and nurture local talent, fostering a long term relationship between the World Snooker Tour and Saudi Arabia.

Snooker’s Global Expansion

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The agreement represents a significant leap forward in the global expansion of snooker. With this partnership, Saudi Arabia commits to participating actively in the snooker world, hosting prestigious international tournaments, and nurturing local talent.

The Ronnie O’Sullivan Academy

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O’Sullivan’s agreement goes beyond participating in tournaments; it also includes a commitment to mentor aspiring talent in the Kingdom. Establishing a Ronnie O’Sullivan Academy in Saudi Arabia is part of this commitment. 

O’Sullivan will make regular trips to the Kingdom to coach and foster local talent, helping to make snooker a major sport in Saudi Arabia.

O’Sullivan expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Playing in Riyadh last month was an amazing experience. I love the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the fans. We can make snooker huge in Saudi Arabia. So I am excited by this chance to work to grow the sport there and the opportunity to coach the best young talent and pass on my experience.”

The World Masters of Snooker

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Part of O’Sullivan’s agreement includes participating in the Riyadh Season World Masters of Snooker, the inaugural edition he won in Riyadh last month. 

The tournament, which will return to the calendar next season, features a controversial new “golden ball” that offers the opportunity for a maximum break of 167. The prize for potting the golden ball, which stood at $500,000 in the first tournament, will be doubled to $1 million in the upcoming season.

The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters

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In addition to the World Masters, O’Sullivan will play in the new ranking event, the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters. This commitment effectively quashes any retirement rumors for the 48-year-old snooker legend, ensuring his continued presence on the world stage.

WST’s Commitment to the Middle East

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WST Chairman Steve Dawson expressed his honor to work with His Excellency Turki Alalshikh on his visionary plans for progress. He affirmed WST’s shared ambition of bringing snooker to many more fans across the Middle East and its commitment to deepening its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

A Mutual Vision for Growth

This partnership is a mutual commitment to growth between Ronnie O’Sullivan, the World Snooker Tour, and Saudi Arabia. All parties share a vision of expanding Snooker’s presence in the Middle East, fostering new talent, and developing grassroots structures for the sport.

A New Era in Snooker

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This three year agreement between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Saudi Arabia signals a new era in the global expansion of snooker. It promises exciting sports developments, with prestigious international tournaments and a dedicated academy for nurturing local talent. 

As the world’s number one snooker player, O’Sullivan’s commitment to this partnership is a powerful endorsement of Saudi Arabia’s promising future. With a shared vision of progress and growth, the future of snooker in Saudi Arabia looks brighter than ever.

Upcoming Sports Events in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters

Image Credit World Snooker Tour

Saudi Arabia has revealed a transforming 10-year agreement to host the first-ever Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters, featuring a prize fund exceeding £2 million. 

The premiere of the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters is scheduled to occur in Riyadh from August 31st to September 7th, 2024, positioning it as the ‘Fourth Major’ on the World Snooker Tour calendar.

6 Kings Slam

Image Credit Tennis Majors

Riyadh Season is gearing up to host the 6 Kings Slam, an exclusive Tennis championship scheduled for October 2024. 

This event, featuring renowned tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, is eagerly anticipated and seamlessly integrated into Riyadh Season, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s initiative to become a hub for major global sports events.

The FIFA World Cup 2034 

Image Credit FIFA

Saudi Arabia has secured the hosting rights for the 2034 FIFA World Cup following the withdrawal of Australia’s bid. The support from the Asian Football Confederation was instrumental in this decision. 

The ultimate confirmation is anticipated at a dedicated FIFA congress set for the end of the upcoming year. This choice is consistent with Saudi Arabia’s broader aspiration to establish itself as a prominent international sports hub, aligning with the outlined objectives of Vision 2030.

The First Esports World Cup 2024

Image Credit Twittersaudiesports

Saudi Arabia is set to host the inaugural E-Sports World Cup in 2024, marking a significant milestone with the promise of the largest prize pool in esports history. 

This strategic initiative reflects the kingdom’s ambitious vision to establish itself as a prominent player in the global gaming industry, currently valued at $13.3 billion.

In efforts to elevate the esports sector, Saudi Arabia aims to substantially impact the job market by generating 39,000 new opportunities. This underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation in this rapidly expanding field.

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