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Riyadh Season Announces Tickets for First Ever PFL Vs Bellator Champions Event
Riyadh Season Announces Tickets for First Ever PFL Vs Bellator Champions Event

Riyadh Season and The Professional Fighters League have announced tickets for the first-ever PFL vs. Bellator champions event.

This is due to be the first-ever event to feature fighters from both MMA brands and is scheduled to take place at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on February 24th, 2024. 

The event is also due to see Muhammad Ali’s grandson, Biaggio Ali Walsh, make his professional MMA debut.

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A New Chapter in MMA History

Image Credit PFL

In a move that signifies a new chapter in MMA history, this event will see the biggest names in combat sports from both PFL and Bellator going head-to-head in the PFL SmartCage. The lineup includes world champions and renowned fighters, promising an unprecedented skill, strength, and strategy showdown.

The Inaugural PFL Vs Bellator Event

Image Credit BJJ Fanatics

Headlining the fight card is a much-anticipated clash between PFL Heavyweight Champion Renan Ferreira and his Bellator counterpart, Ryan Bader. This fight is expected to be epic, showcasing the prowess and strength of two heavyweight titans.

Image Credit PFL

In another thrilling match-up, PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Impa Kasanganay, who will fight at 185 pounds, takes on Bellator Middleweight Champion Johnny Eblen. This promises to display technique and endurance, as both fighters are known for their tenacity and tactical approach to the game.

Welterweight Division

Image Credit PFL

Two-time PFL Champion Ray Cooper III is set to square off against Bellator Welterweight Champion Jason Jackson.

Featherweight Division

Image Credit PFL

At the same time, in the featherweight division, PFL Champion Jesus Pinedo will face Bellator Champion Patricio Pitbull. 

These matches underline the diversity and depth of talent in both organizations, with each fight offering a unique blend of styles and strategies.

A New Generation of MMA Fighters

Image Credit Getty Images

Adding to the excitement in the preliminary card, the event will also witness the professional MMA debut of Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali. 

Image Credit Instagram007abdellah007

Other notable fighters on the card include Saudi Arabia’s own Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Thiago Santos, Yoel Romero, Clay Collard, AJ McKee, and Aaron Pico, who are all set to put on a thrilling show for the fans.

A Milestone for Women’s MMA

The event will also feature the first-ever female MMA fight in Riyadh, marking a significant milestone for women’s MMA in Saudi Arabia. 

This much-anticipated event will see two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and women’s boxing champion Claressa Shields take on Kelsey DeSantis in a Women’s Lightweight back.

The Venue: Kingdom Arena

Image Credit Riyadh Season

The PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions weigh-ins will take place at the Kingdom Arena on February 23rd at 6 pm KSA time. This pre-fight ritual allows fans to see the fighters face-to-face before the big showdown, adding to the anticipation and excitement.

Booking Your Ticket

Tickets for the first-ever PFL vs. Bellator Champions event can be booked through the website and mobile application. At the time of writing, only Category 2 tickets priced at SAR70, Category 1 tickets priced at $21 ( SAR 80), and Gold tickets priced at $53 (SAR 200) are available.

Watching the Fight

Those who prefer to watch the inaugural PFL pay-per-view Super Fight from the comfort of their homes can tune in to ESPN+ pay-per-view and DAZN. The event will be broadcast live, ensuring that MMA fans worldwide can enjoy every punch, kick, and takedown as it happens.

The Impact of Riyadh Season

Image Credit Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season has made significant strides in positioning Saudi Arabia as an emerging hotspot for global sporting events. This festival attracts people worldwide to experience various international martial arts and boxing events, entertainment options, and international experiences. 

This unique blend of sport and entertainment includes participation from celebrities and well-known brands, making Riyadh Season a must-visit event for sports and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

The Rise of MMA in Saudi Arabia

Image Credit SRJ Sports

The first-ever PFL vs. Bellator Champions event marks a significant step forward for MMA in Saudi Arabia. As the sport grows in popularity, this event provides an excellent platform for local talents such as Abdullah Al-Qahtani to showcase their skills on a global stage. 

The inclusion of a female fight also signifies progress toward gender equality in the sport, further cementing Saudi Arabia’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in sports.

A Thrilling spectacle

The first-ever PFL vs. Bellator Champions event promises to be a thrilling spectacle of MMA, featuring a lineup of world champions and renowned fighters. 

Whether you’re a seasoned MMA fan or new to the sport, this event promises to deliver a rollercoaster of excitement and adrenaline. So, gear up and get ready to witness a historic event in the world of MMA.

More Combat Sports Iniatives in Saudi Arabia 

Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou

Image Credit Instagramturkialalshik

Anthony Joshua, the reigning WBA heavyweight boxing champion, will return to Riyadh on March 8th for an eagerly anticipated bout against former UFC titleholder Francis Ngannou as part of the Riyadh Season’s Knockout Chaos event. 

This high-profile matchup, officially announced by Tuki Alalshikh, is poised to attract significant attendance, aligning seamlessly with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative to host prominent sports competitions.

The PFL and Bellator Merger

Image Credit PFL

The Professional Fighters League has acquired its rival, Bellator MMA, which has brought about a novel format in the world of MMA, where fighters compete in a regular season, playoffs, and championship each year. 

This format offers an exciting twist to the traditional MMA scene, providing fighters with more opportunities to showcase their skills globally.

The combined roster of PFL and Bellator boasts 30% of its fighters independently world-ranked in the top 25 of their respective weight class, matching the same percentage as the UFC. This statistic underscores the quality of fighters in both organizations and the high competition expected at the event.

The Professional Fighters League Stakes

Image Credit SRJ Sports

SRJ Sports Investments, supported by the PIF, has entered the mixed martial arts realm with its first investment, acquiring a $100 million stake in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). 

This move represents SRJ’s initial foray into MMA, with plans to introduce a regional tournament to the kingdom.

The PIF and ESPN Partnership

Image Credit PFL

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia has collaborated substantially with ESPN, focusing on the Professional Fighters League. This strategic partnership underscores the increasing impact of Saudi Arabia in the worldwide sports domain. 

The agreement encompasses broadcasting and Pay Per View on ESPN+, with the objective of enhancing Saudi Arabia’s representation in the global sports arena.

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