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Riyadh Season Announces The New BLVD Runway In Partnership with Saudia Airlines

The Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, has announced the launch of the world-class BLVD Runway project as part of Riyadh Season in collaboration with Saudi Arabian Airlines. 

The BLVD runway aims to provide unique entertainment experiences onboard five specialized airplanes. 

They include world-class restaurants and dining experiences as well as thrilling activities, including a horror-themed experience.

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What is the BLVD Runway?

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

The BLVD Runway is a pioneering venture pushing traditional entertainment’s boundaries. Its unique entertainment zone fuses adventure, luxury, and thrill. The project consists of five specially designed planes that will serve as the venues for exciting activities and entertainment experiences.

The Announcement of BLVD Runway

Image Credit Saudi Airlines

The commencement of the BLVD Runway’s construction was announced in a grand ceremony attended by dignitaries like Eng. Ibrahim Al-Omar, director general of Saudia Group. The event marked the start of a new chapter in the entertainment industry, promising a fusion of excitement, adventure, and luxury.

The Unique Experience at BLVD Runway

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

The BLVD Runway offers more than just a novel form of entertainment. It is designed to deliver an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary. Visitors can indulge in various exquisite cuisines from world-renowned restaurants while onboard these stationary planes.

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

“The BLVD Runway is designed to offer experiences beyond conventional air travel. These planes are outfitted to deliver entertainment and serve gourmet meals, making each visit a memorable one.” – Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman, GEA

Beyond Traditional Air Travel

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

The BLVD Runway is not just about providing a new form of entertainment. It’s about reimagining the very essence of air travel. The aircraft used for this project are specialized planes, typically used for commercial tasks other than passenger transport. 

They have been transformed into entertainment hubs, providing the joy of travel rituals without requiring extensive journeys.

Exciting Activities and Experiences

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

In addition to fine dining experiences, the BLVD Runway will offer a series of thrilling activities. One such highlight includes a horror-themed experience aboard an airplane. This innovative initiative takes immersive entertainment to a whole new level.

Collaboration with Saudia Airlines

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

The BLVD Runway project results from a collaboration between Riyadh Season and Saudi Airlines. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between GEA CEO Eng. Faisal Bafarat and Saudia Group’s Chief Marketing Officer Khaled Tash signifying a joint effort in crafting this distinctive zone.

Gourmet Delights at BLVD Runway

Image Credit Instagram turkialalshik

The BLVD Runway promises a culinary journey that is far from ordinary. With five custom aircraft, this zone offers gourmet meals that surpass typical airplane fare. The restaurants onboard these planes promise to deliver a unique dining experience that combines the thrill of air travel with the pleasure of fine dining.

Image Credit 1010burger

Fed up with the bland taste of airplane meals? BLVD Runway guarantees a superior dining experience with elevated choices, featuring the highly acclaimed burger joint, 10/10.

The Future of BLVD Runway

Image Credit Riyadh Season

While the exact location and dates of the BLVD Runway are yet to be announced, the excitement and anticipation are already high. The BLVD Runway is a testament to Riyadh Season’s commitment to innovation and world-class entertainment. 

Riyadh Season offers an experience that will transport visitors into luxury and excitement. It also attracts visitors worldwide to the capital, Riyadh, during the winter months each year to experience many concerts and unique entertainment events during which artists and renowned brands participate.

As a prominent feature on the Saudi Seasons calendar, Riyadh Season stands out as one of the most significant winter entertainment spectacles globally and has already drawn two million visitors within the opening weeks, targeting 10-12 million total attendees, including 1 Million from outside the kingdom.

Image Credit Riyadh Season

Catering to diverse tastes, this year’s festival showcases an array of lively Saudi performances and introduces GCC-firsts, such as the enchanting Disney Castle, to the heart of Saudi Arabia. 

The season offers many family-friendly experiences, including the Legends Home of Football at Boulevard City and Boulevard World

Image Credit Riyadh Season

Additionally, attendees can enjoy the Wonder Garden, the largest mobile amusement park featuring a vibrant butterfly house, and Ramla Terraza, a lifestyle destination with four upscale restaurants. It is also home to the first five-star Fairmont Residences in Riyadh called Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences.

Ramla Terraza is located on the main King Fahd Road in Riyadh and offers a diverse range of culinary experiences where visitors can indulge in extraordinary flavors and enjoy memorable dining experiences in a vibrant and upscale setting. 

Ticket Information

Details about BLVD Runway tickets are yet to be announced, adding to the anticipation. However, one thing is certain – those lucky enough to secure a spot will be part of a groundbreaking air travel extravaganza.

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