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Riyadh Air Signs its First Sports Sponsorship Deal with Spain’s Atletico de Madrid
Riyadh Air Signs its First Sports Sponsorship Deal with Spains Atletico de Madrid

Riyadh Air has signed its first major sports sponsorship deal with the world-renowned, Atletico Madrid Football Team.

The Partnership aims to leverage the popularity and international fanbase of Atletico Madrid to propel the Riyadh Air brand worldwide and support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals of increasing tourism to the Kingdom.

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A Strategic Move into Sports Sponsorship

Image Credit Riyadh Air

Riyadh Air has blazed a trail by venturing into sports sponsorship, an arena previously unexplored by the airline. The company recently announced a multi-year partnership with the esteemed football club Atlético de Madrid, becoming the club’s official airline partner. 

Image Credit Riyadh Air

This sponsorship marks Riyadh Air’s first foray into sports marketing since its launch in March 2023. This strategic partnership extends beyond mere logo placements. It signifies a fusion of sports enthusiasm with the expansive outreach of the travel industry. 

This synergistic relationship is expected to open avenues for Riyadh Air to engage with the football community globally, potentially featuring branding initiatives at the club’s home matches, high-profile events, and even team apparel.

A Disruptive Force in the Sky

Image Credit Riyadh Air

The Saudi Arabian startup airline Riyadh Air, is creating ripples in the aviation industry with its ambitious plans. The airline, expected to commence operations in 2025, aims to fly to over 100 destinations globally, targeting 100 million visitors by 2030. 

Riyadh Air’s mission is to transform Riyadh City into a hub for global travel, encouraging visits to Saudi Arabia for business and leisure purposes. 

Image Credit Riyadh Air

The airline has already inked an agreement for a widebody order of 39 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, showcasing its commitment to offering top-notch aviation services. 

Riyadh Air’s strategy is to carve a niche in the industry by providing unparalleled attention to detail in the guest experience and adopting innovative technology to raise the industry bar.

Leveraging the Power of Football for Brand Building

Image Credit Riyadh Air

The universal appeal of football offers a dynamic platform for Riyadh Air to connect with millions of passionate fans globally. 

The airline’s entry into sports sponsorship reflects a growing trend among airlines to harness the dynamic power of sports, fostering a deep-seated brand affinity among diverse audiences.

Image Credit Riyadh Air

The collaboration with Atlético de Madrid, a football club of significant stature in Spain’s football hierarchy, promises to elevate Riyadh Air’s market presence and create lasting impressions in consumers’ minds. 

As Riyadh Air takes flight on this new journey, the sponsorship deal symbolizes a strategic play in the high-stakes game of international brand recognition and consumer engagement in sports.

A Partnership Transcending Borders

Image Credit Riyadh Air

The sponsorship deal indicates more than a business transaction; it represents a shared commitment to excellence, a passion for connecting people and cultures, and a vision for future growth.

Tony Douglas, CEO of Riyadh Air, said, “It is an incredibly exciting day for Riyadh Air as we enter into a long-term partnership with Atletico de Madrid, one of Europe’s greatest clubs, to become their main and official airline partner.”

Image Credit Riyadh Air

Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético de Madrid, reciprocated this sentiment by stating,

 “We are delighted to welcome Riyadh Air as our new main sponsor of the club. This partnership signifies a great opportunity to offer better experiences to our fans around the world, and I am confident that this alliance with Riyadh Air will elevate our club to new heights,” said Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atletico de Madrid. 

A Visionary in the Making

Image Credit Riyadh Air

As Riyadh Air gears up for its inaugural flight in 2025, the airline stands as a testimony to the potential for unprecedented growth in the aviation industry. 

In the words of Riyadh Air’s CEO, Tony Douglas, “With this agreement, we are once again surprising the world as we move towards our inaugural flight in 2025.” The confidence and optimism reflected in this statement encapsulate the forward-looking vision driving Riyadh Air’s growth trajectory.

Image Credit Riyadh Air

Its strategic moves, Riyadh Air and Turkish Airlines partnership to enhance travel benefits between Saudi Arabia and Türkiye has not merely surprised the world but set new standards for industry practices.

The agreement allows a code-sharing arrangement and will enable travelers to share loyalty points between airlines and seamless connectivity via Istanbul Airport to 130 destinations worldwide.

A Landmark Partnership

Image Credit Riyadh Air

This landmark partnership between Riyadh Air and Atlético de Madrid is more than a game changer. It represents a legendary partnership that has the potential to redefine the landscape of sports sponsorship in the aviation industry.

As Riyadh Air continues to make strategic moves in anticipation of its inaugural flight in 2025, the world eagerly awaits the impact of this alliance on the global stage. The future indeed takes flight with Riyadh Air as it continues to explore new horizons in the aviation industry and beyond.

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