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Riyadh Rise Tower: World’s Tallest Skyscraper Unveiled To Surpass Burj Khalifa

Saudi Arabia Holding Co. unveils the plan for the world’s tallest skyscraper, Rise Tower, in Riyadh, beating the Burj Khalifa. The Plans for Rise Tower were revealed as part of the North Pole Project in Riyadh.

Unveiled as part of the futuristic North Pole Project, the Rise Tower is poised to become a new symbol of innovation and progress in the Middle East. This ambitious project is helmed by Saudi Arabia Holding Co., under the leadership of CEO Mohammed AlQahtani.

A Vision of the Future

Image Credit North Pole Project Riyadh

Spanning over 306 square meters, the North Pole Project is billed as a city of the future. At its heart will stand the Rise Tower, a gravity-defying structure that could potentially eclipse the Burj Khalifa as the world’s tallest building.

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While the exact height of the Rise Tower is yet to be revealed, it is understood that it would need to surpass 828 meters to outdo the Burj Khalifa. It has been estimated that Rise Tower could reach 2 km in height which would be more than twice the height of the Burj Khalifa.

This Dubai landmark currently holds numerous records, including the tallest building in the world, the most stories in the world at 163, and the tallest free-standing structure in the world, not to mention hosting the highest service elevator in the world.

Sustainability and Connectivity

Image Credit North Pole Project Riyadh

As its name implies, the North Pole Project is committed to fostering sustainable urban development. Pedestrian-friendly streets, bike lanes, and natural public spaces are all part of the blueprint. 

This ethos aligns with other groundbreaking initiatives in Saudi Arabia, such as NEOM’s THE LINE, which prioritizes vertical living, autonomous vehicles, and advanced public transportation systems.

The Rise of a Megatall Tower

According to reports from MEED, the proposed 2km skyscraper in Riyadh is currently under consideration by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). A site near King Khalid International Airport has been earmarked for this project, and EY has conducted a feasibility study.

Building a tower of such stature would be a costly endeavour. Contractors in the region estimate that a 2km tall tower could cost around $5bn to construct. However, the potential benefits could outweigh the initial investment, as evidenced by Dubai’s experience with the Burj Khalifa.

Design Competition

A design competition with a $1m entry fee has been initiated to create the most innovative and functional design for the Rise Tower. Top-notch developers, architects, construction specialists, and project managers have been invited to participate. 

Among those linked with the early stages of the project are renowned firms such as Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), and Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture.

A Catalyst for Development

The construction of the Burj Khalifa sparked a wave of development and investment in Dubai. Saudi Arabia expects a similar impact from the Rise Tower. The kingdom is experiencing a construction and megaproject boom, with several ambitious projects underway.

Record Breaking Developments

Image Credit The PIF

Saudi Arabia is no stranger to ambitious development projects. New Murabba, for instance, is set to be the world’s largest modern downtown. In addition, concepts for a colossal floating city in the shape of a turtle have been revealed in the designs for Pangeos.

King Salman International Airport

Image Credit The PIF

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman International Airport is set to join the ranks of the world’s largest airports. The world’s largest airport by area, King Fahd International, is also in the kingdom. 

The King Salman International Airport is expected to span approximately 57 square kilometers, featuring six parallel runways and terminals named after King Khalid.

Other Mega Projects in the Kingdom

Image Credit NEOM

In addition to the Rise Tower and the King Salman International Airport, Saudi Arabia is also developing the $500bn megacity NEOM, a luxury ski resort, and THE LINE, a 170km long city of the future built with AI and devoid of roads.

With such a plethora of groundbreaking projects, the kingdom is genuinely pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in urban development and architecture. Standing tall as the vanguard of these initiatives, the Rise Tower is set to redefine the skyline and become a beacon of progress in Saudi Arabia.

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