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Red Sea Global Becomes First Ever Company To Achieve ‘Optimized’ Performance Excellence Award
Red Sea Global Becomes First Ever Company To Achieve Optimized Performance Excellence Award

The Visionary Red Sea Global Giga project has achieved the highest level of accreditation from The KPI Institute. The developer is the first in the world to achieve the ‘Optimised’ Performance Excellence Award demonstrating their excellence in performance planning, management, and culture. 

On completion, Red Sea Global aims to offer 8,000 hotels room and 1,000 residential properties across on 22 islands in the Red Sea.

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A New Benchmark in Performance Excellence

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global’s achievement sets a new industry benchmark. The company was awarded the maximum Level 5 accreditation, outshining the average level of 3 of most companies in the GCC region. 

The certification process included an assessment of the company’s Strategy & Performance Management Architecture design and implementation.

RSG’s innovative approach to the Balanced Scorecard methodology was particularly highlighted in The KPI Institute’s report. The company added sustainability as a fifth perspective, thereby emphasizing the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and regenerative tourism for the organization.

John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global, shared his excitement about this achievement, “From day one, our goal was to set new standards in everything that we do.

 We are proud to have achieved the highest possible level in this certification, reflecting our comprehensive approach to planning and performance. This is not merely about adhering to established norms but about redefining and innovating them.”

The KPI Institute’s Holistic Assessment

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The KPI Institute, through its Strategy & Performance Audit division, known as the Global Performance Audit Unit (GPA Unit), conducts a holistic assessment spanning five critical dimensions. 

These are Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Performance Management, Performance Culture, and Employee Performance Management.

Adrian Brudan, General Manager EMEA of The KPI Institute and GPA Unit, commented on Red Sea Global’s commitment to performance excellence, “Red Sea Global has dedicated itself to the development and enhancement of its strategy and performance management practices. 

This commitment reflects the company’s visionary leadership, dedicated workforce, and state-of-the-art performance management architecture. With this achievement, Red Sea Global sets a new benchmark for excellence within its industry and beyond.”

Redefining Tourism and Real Estate

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Last month, the Red Sea project welcomed its first set of visitors. Two of its hotels have already opened their doors for bookings, and the Red Sea International Airport has been maintaining a regular schedule of flights since September. 

The destination, upon its full completion in 2030, will consist of 50 resorts, providing up to 8,000 hotel rooms and over 1,000 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. The destination will also feature luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment, and leisure facilities.

Red Sea Global is a closed joint-stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. 

The company has a mission to lead the world towards a more sustainable future by demonstrating how responsible and regenerative development can uplift communities, drive economies, and enhance the environment.

A cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambition to diversify its economy, RSG is playing a key role in transforming the nation.

It is creating exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent and the private sector as it develops built assets and destinations across multiple sectors that make a positive impact on people and the planet.

About The KPI Institute

Image Credit Red Sea Global

The KPI Institute has been providing integrated performance solutions for over 15 years, leveraging its rigorous multidisciplinary global expertise. The institute has trained over 6,536 professionals and empowered 95,245 community members to reach professional excellence.

 It offers a range of online and open courses, providing world-class learning opportunities for professionals worldwide. The KPI Institute has also published 226 reports, offering insights and developments associated with performance.

The KPI Institute has successfully delivered performance audits globally through its Global Performance Audit (GPA) Unit. 

It has helped organizations worldwide understand and improve performance across diverse areas, offering solutions for performance management and strategy measurement to assist organizations in their growth.

Red Sea Global’s LEED Certification Achievement

Image Credit Red Sea Global

It is announced in another news that Red Sea Global has achieved a remarkable LEED score for The Red Sea Project, setting a new precedent in sustainable building and community design. 

Their phase one master plan scored 96 out of 110, showcasing their commitment to environmentally conscious development. 

This achievement and their ‘Outstanding Developer’ award at the LEED Homes Awards 2023 underscores their dedication to regenerative tourism and industry leadership in sustainable practices.

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