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Raffles Trojena: Luxury Raffles Hotel to Debut in Trojena, NEOM Mountain Resort
Raffles Trojena_ Luxury Raffles Hotel to Debut in Trojena NEOM Mountain Resort

Raffles Hotels & Resorts, Accor’s leading luxury brand, is set to debut in Trojena,  the all-year-round mountain destination in NEOM.

Set to open in 2027, Raffles Trojena will reimagine mountainside hospitality, offering guests unparalleled access to the region’s stunning beauty.

The resort will be built at a height of 2300m and feature a unique ring-shaped design, offering 105 guestrooms arranged around the perimeter of the ring that offers exceptional panoramic Mountain Views coupled with privacy. 

Raffles Trojena will feature the legendary Raffles Butler service and world-class restaurants in the region’s vast mountains.

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Raffles Trojena: Luxury Mountain Resort

Image Credit NEOM

Raffles Trojena will be a unique resort positioned among the majestic mountains of Trojena. The resort will feature a unique and striking ring-shaped design, offering stunning scenic views of the surrounding destination from every vantage point. 

The resort will comprise 105 guestrooms, nestled at a staggering height of 2,300 meters arranged around the perimeter of the ring, offering guests the highest level of comfort in addition to unobstructed vistas and privacy.

Raffles Trojena: Connecting with Nature

The design of Raffles Trojena encourages exploration and discovery. The ground level will feature meticulously landscaped gardens and circular zones, while the roof, comprised of various circular apertures, will allow for ample natural light. 

These design elements are a testament to Raffles’s commitment to creating a resort beyond mere luxury living, fostering a sense of exploration and connection with the natural surroundings.

The Signature Raffles’ Experience

Image Credit NEOM

Raffles Trojena will offer the signature hallmarks for which the globally renowned hospitality brand is known. This includes its legendary butler service, exceptional culinary offerings, and an emphasis on destination arts and culture. 

These elements, combined with the unique features of the Trojena region, will provide a hospitality experience like no other.

Raffles Luxury in Saudi Arabia

Image Credit NEOM

Raffles Trojena is set to serve as a beacon of luxury in Saudi Arabia’s first year-round mountain and adventure destination. 

The resort will offer high-end hospitality service and a host of experiences, including skiing, hiking, and stargazing, showcasing the diverse offerings of the Trojena region.

Trojena: A Unique Mountain Destination

Image Credit NEOM

Trojena, nestled in the mountainous region of NEOM, is set to redefine mountain tourism. Apart from its natural majesty, Trojena will offer immersive and extraordinary experiences, ranging from world-class sporting events, skiing, and hiking to Arabian culinary and stargazing adventures. 

TROJENA makes it an ideal location for the first-of-its-kind outdoor skiing experience in the GCC region. The area experiences natural snowfall yearly with sub-zero temperatures throughout winter, making it a perfect winter sports destination.

Raffles Hotels & Resorts: A Glimpse into the Brand

Image Credit Raffles Hotels Resorts

Raffles Hotels & Resorts is a luxury hospitality brand under the umbrella of Accor, a multinational hospitality group. The brand is synonymous with luxury and known for its signature butler service, exceptional culinary offerings, and an emphasis on destination arts and culture. 

Raffles Makkah Palace, inaugurated on August 12, 2010, is the first Raffles Hotel in Saudi Arabia. It is in a prime location adjacent to Al-Masjid al-Haram, the Grand Mosque in Makkah. 

London-based Areen Hospitality designed and constructed this hotel as part of an initiative to modernize the city for present-day Hajj pilgrims while incorporating elements of local Saudi Arabian architecture and culture.

The addition of Raffles in Trojena will further enhance the appeal of this destination, offering a luxury hospitality experience that harmoniously blends with the mountain spirit.

Raffles Trojena will embody these qualities, further enhanced by the unique features of the NEOM region.

NEOM: The City of the Future

Image Credit Webuild

NEOM is a $500 billion mega-city project in Saudi Arabia, envisioned as a sustainable living model. Spread across 26,500 square kilometers, NEOM is being built from the ground up as a living laboratory. Entrepreneurship and innovation will chart the course for this New Future in this place. 

Trojena, one of the distinct clusters in NEOM, is an all-year-round mountain destination offering breathtaking views and various outdoor activities.

Partnering with NEOM Hotel Division

Raffles Trojena is the newest hospitality brand to partner with the NEOM Hotel Division. NEOM’s Hotel Division is responsible for bringing the world’s most iconic hospitality brands to the region, ensuring visitors’ diverse range of luxury accommodations.

A New Model for Sustainable Living

NEOM is a region currently being shaped by several visionary giga-projects set to serve as a new model for sustainable living. 

Raffles Trojena aligns with this vision, offering a unique blend of luxury and sustainability, promising an unparalleled hospitality experience in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Redefining Luxury Hospitality

Image Credit NEOM

With the Raffles Trojena, NEOM is set to redefine the luxury hospitality landscape in Saudi Arabia. The resort is not just another addition to the growing list of luxury accommodations in the region but a testament to the future of hospitality.

It blends luxury, sustainability, and a deep connection with the natural surroundings. With its unique offerings and unmatched location, Raffles Trojena is set to become a must-visit destination for discerning travelers worldwide.

More Upcoming Hotels at Trojena

W Hotel Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The W Hotel, situated in the diverse Trojena’s Lake Village, will have a total of 236 guest rooms and 47 suites. These accommodations will provide captivating views of the nearby mountains and freshwater lake. 

The hotel will also showcase the Marriott’s well-known areas and provide four distinctive dining options for guests to enjoy.

JW Marriott Hotel 

Image Credit NEOM

Located in The Bow, the Trojena JW Marriott Hotel will be a technologically advanced aquatic paradise that combines nature and modern advancements seamlessly. The establishment will boast 500 lavish rooms and suites and a diverse range of activities and amenities for guests to enjoy. 

As the first W Hotel and JW Marriott in Trojena, Saudi Arabia, Marriott International is again revolutionizing the luxury hospitality world.

Anantara Resort Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The Anantara Resort, developed by Minor Hotels, is currently being built in Trojena’s Water Village, which is part of the Valley Cluster and a promising district that will feature three projects centered around a man-made lake spanning 2.8 kilometers. 

The resort will offer a range of rooms and suites with private pools and breathtaking views of the lake or mountains. It will also provide various dining options and amenities, such as the Anantara Spa, 270 rooms and pool villas, an infinity pool, and a variety of sports activities.

25-Hours Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

TROJENA’s 25-hour team will provide a range of amenities, including an in-house cinema, a farm-to-table restaurant, a bike workshop with co-working space, and a rooftop restaurant with a pool, all inspired by the futuristic design of the building.

Morgans Originals Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The Morgans Originals Hotel will transport individuals to a world that is deeply rooted in the brand’s iconic cultural legacy. The eight-story vertical core of the hotel will feature microclimates and immersive art experiences. 

Guests can also enjoy four exceptional dining options and a 2,000-meter destination spa and bathhouse. The hotel will also boast a ski slope roof with architectural significance and a rooftop pool bar that offers breathtaking views of the Trojena mountains. 

Trojena has chosen both 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals as they perfectly align with NEOM’s vision to offer unmatched experiences to residents and visitors seeking luxury, adventure, entertainment, livability, and a departure from the ordinary.

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