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Qiddiya Unveils Speed Park Track: A New Global Motorsport Venue
Qiddiya Unveils Speed Park Track_ A New Global Motorsport Venue

The Qiddiyah Investment Company has announced that Qiddiya City will feature a new Motorsports venue called the Speed Park Track, which is envisioned to become the new home of Saudi Motorsport and a leading Global Motorsports venue.

The racing track has been designed by race drivers, including the former Austrian Formula One driver Alex Wurz.

The Speed Park Track is due to feature 21 turns and an incredible elevation of 108 meters per lap across Qiddiya’s dramatic mountain landscape.

Drivers will race alongside the world’s tallest rollercoaster at the nearby Six Flags Qiddiya City, as well as a water theme park.

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The Speed Park Track Design

Image Credit Qiddiya

This state-of-the-art track has been meticulously designed by the race drivers themselves. Among them is former Austrian Formula One driver Alex Wurz, collaborating with German circuit designer Hermann Tilke. Their combined expertise has resulted in a track that promises an unparalleled racing experience.

Unique Track Formation

Image Credit Qiddiya

The Speed Park Track is set to feature a total of 21 turns and an impressive elevation of 108 meters per lap. This unique design takes full advantage of Qiddiya’s dramatic mountain landscape. It’s a step away from traditional flat circuits, offering drivers a thrilling experience and spectators a unique visual treat.

First Cantilevered Track Section

Image Credit Qiddiya

In a world-first, the Speed Park Track will feature a cantilevered track section. This design element will add an extra level of excitement and unpredictability to the races, testing the drivers’ skills to their maximum.

The Iconic Blade Section

Image Credit Qiddiya

The track’s most iconic feature, the Blade, is the world’s first elevated section of a racing track. Standing at the height of a 20-story building, it has been designed by Alex Wurz and German circuit designer Hermann Tilke, aiming to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for drivers.

Speed Park Track: World’s First Open Track

Image Credit Qiddiya

Another unique feature of the Speed Park Track is that it will be the first in the world to offer both open track and street configurations. This will provide a more versatile and varied racing environment, catering to different race formats and driver preferences.

Speed Park Track’s Location

The Speed Park Track is strategically located within the heart of Qiddiya City which will be located just outside Riyadh.. The track routes seamlessly through surrounding areas and attractions, including theme parks, promenades, and hospitality spaces. 

This location provides a thrilling experience for visitors and guests and places them right at the core of the action.

Spectator Experience at Speed Park Track

Image Credit Qiddiya

The spectator experience at the Speed Park Track has also been carefully considered in the design. Instead of conventional grandstands, the track will feature viewing terraces on the track edge. This design provides a fully immersive experience, putting spectators at the heart of the action.

The track’s elevation is equivalent to a 20-story building and an elevation of 108 meters per lap. This offers a unique perspective for spectators and a thrilling challenge for drivers.

Additionally, the backdrop to the Speed Park Track is the stunning Tuwaiq Mountains, providing a dramatic backdrop to the high-speed action.

Technical Features at Speed Park Track

Image Credit Qiddiya

The Speed Park Track has all the technical features required to host the world’s largest motorsports events. This includes garages and 3 DRS activation zones. On this track, drivers can reach over 325 KM/H speeds. This makes the Speed Park Track one of the fastest tracks in the world.

Environmental Integration at Speed Park Track

Image Credit Qiddiya

The Speed Park Track has been designed to blend seamlessly into its environment. Competitors will find themselves racing above a music venue at one point, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

A Unique Redefining Experience

Image Credit Qiddiya

The Speed Park Track is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a global leader in the world of motorsports. As part of the broader development of Qiddiya City, it promises to provide a unique and thrilling experience for both drivers and spectators alike.

More Projects in Qiddiya City 

The Qiddiya City Project

Image credit Qiddiya

The development of Qiddiya City, a project aimed at creating a Global Entertainment and Sports Hub in the Kingdom, has been awarded contracts worth more than $2.6 billion. 

The Qiddiya city, located on the outskirts of Riyadh, is expected to have 60,000 buildings, including golf courses, stadiums, and the Six Flags Qiddiya Theme Park.

Its goal is to attract 40 million tourists annually and contribute $36 billion to the GDP. The city aims to have approximately 48 million visitors per year, with a gaming and e-sports district that will serve as a global competition hub. 

Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium 

Image credit Qiddiya

Saudi Arabia has announced its plans to construct a new stadium, The Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Stadium, in the upcoming Qiddiya Entertainment City near Riyadh. 

This modern stadium has a capacity of 45,000 seats and will be situated in the Tuwaiq mountains, perched atop a striking 200-meter cliff. It will be the new home for two of Riyadh’s most prominent Saudi Pro League teams, Al Nassr and Al Hilal. 

Image credit Qiddiya

This versatile venue is also expected to host major sporting events in the Kingdom, including the Saudi Cup, the Asian Cup, and potentially even the FIFA 2034 World Cup.

Qiddiya City’s Falcon’s Flight

Image Credit Intamin

Saudi Arabia has revealed Plans for Qiddiya City’s  Falcon’s Flight, which is set to become the fastest, longest, and tallest rollercoaster in the world. This record-breaking ride will be located at Six Flags Qiddiya near Riyadh and is expected to reach a speed of 250kmph and a drop of 640 feet.

Riyadh School of Tourism and Hospitality

Image credit Qiddiya

Saudi Arabia intends to establish the Riyadh School of Tourism and Hospitality in the Qiddiya region by 2025. The campus, which will cover an area of 5 million square meters and require a budget of more than $1 billion, aims to provide educational opportunities in the field of tourism and hospitality. 

This initiative is a generous contribution from Saudi Arabia to the global community.

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