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The PIF Unveils ARDARA with AlWadi Abha as Its First Development
ARDARA Alwadhi Abha

The PIF has launched ‘Ardara,’ an exciting new company with the AlWadi Project in Abha as its first development. AlWadi Abha is due to be a new Highland tourist destination in the Aseer Region, covering a huge area of 2.5 million square meters including 16km of waterfront, 17km of sports trials and 30% green spaces.

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The AlWadi: A Vision of Prosperity

The AlWadi project, marking the maiden venture of Ardara, is envisioned to evolve as a dynamic urban hub and a charismatic tourist spot for both local and international visitors. 

This aligns well with the broader ambitions of Saudi Vision 2030, aimed at diversifying the nation’s economy and unlocking the potential of various promising sectors, including tourism and entertainment.

A Green Initiative for Economic Growth

Image Credit ARDARA

The AlWadi project is projected to contribute over SR 19 billion to Saudi Arabia’s non-oil GDP by the year 2030. Beyond the economic impact, its development will also result in the creation of thousands of jobs for the local populace. 

The project is ecologically framed, with sustainability at its core. Over 30 percent of the project’s area will be dedicated to green open spaces, fostering a healthier lifestyle and environment for residents and visitors.

The AlWadi: An Overview

Spanning an impressive 2.5 million square meters, AlWadi is destined to be more than just a tourist destination. The project will incorporate over 16 km of waterfront and 17 km of sport trails, along with areas for cultural and community activities.

 AlWadi, translating to “the valley”, is designed to integrate seamlessly with its surrounding environment while providing a high quality of life for its inhabitants.

Distinct Districts and Experiences

Image Credit ARDARA

The AlWadi project will feature five distinct districts including Al Bihar, Jacaranda Boulevard, Wadi Waterfalls and Tilal Al Wadi, each offering a unique experience to its residents and visitors. 

These districts will offer a diverse range of residential, hospitality, and recreational options, designed to be in harmony with the region’s identity and history. 

The project’s first phase, to be completed over the next three years, includes the development of 2,000 residential units, luxury hotels, commercial spaces, and business spaces.

A Platform for Investment and Partnership

Image Credit ARDARA

Ardara Co. is set to provide a plethora of investment opportunities for local and international investors across various sectors. 

From hospitality to arts, culture, food, agriculture, retail, and entertainment, Ardara aims to strengthen its partnership with the private sector and contribute to the economic development of the region.

Ardara and the Aseer Development Strategy

The launch of Ardara and its AlWadi project is also in sync with the objectives of the Aseer Development Strategy, as announced by the Crown Prince in 2021. This strategy aims to uplift and develop the Asir region, highlighting its unique cultural and natural heritage.

The Aseer Development Project

Image Credit Aseer Region Development Authority

In 2021, the Crown Prince unveiled the Aseer Development Project, a $13 billion initiative to make the Asir region a global tourism hotspot with 10 million visitors by 2030.

 The ‘Arabian Highland’ project, under this strategy, creates mountain peak attractions centered on nature and culture, aiming to establish a year-round destination for global tourists.

More Aseer Developments in Progress

Image Credit Soudah Peaks

The PIF is also in the process of developing a Luxury Mountain Development called, Soudah Peaks, in Aseer. This mega project, revealed in September 2023, is expected to be ready in the next 10 years .

The site will be situated at an height of 3,015 meters above sea level and will be divided into six distinct areas.

Another exciting initiative in the region is the new Abha International Airport. With a targeted opening date in 2028, the airport’s expansion is expected to see it cover 65,000 square meters, which is six times the size of Abha’s existing airport.

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