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PIF Backed Saudi Coffee Company Signs New Contracts to Boost Supply of Saudi Coffee
PIF-Backed Saudi Coffee Company Signs New Contracts to Boost Supply of Saudi Coffee

The PIF backed Saudi Coffee Company has signed new contracts to dramatically boost the Supply of homegrown Saudi coffee across the Kingdom.

The first deal will see The Saudi Coffee company supply the famous Saudi-based Coffee chain Barn’s with its locally-grown specialty coffee across its 650 stores.

They have also agreed to supply their specialty coffee brand, Jazean, to AlHokair Group’s 23 hotels and Altanfeethi’s 27 VIP airport lounges across the Kingdom.

The deals were signed at the 2nd edition of the PIF private sector forum in Riyadh.

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High-Profile Collaborations

Image Credit Saudi Coffee Company

Among the new contracts, the Saudi Coffee Company will supply locally-grown specialty coffee to the well-known Jeddah-based coffee chain Barn’s 650 stores and BON Cafes’ 50 drive-thru sites in the Kingdom.

This strategic move is expected to strengthen the Saudi coffee supply chain and promote Saudi-grown coffee in these well-known establishments. These partnerships help boost the availability of Saudi coffee in both hot and cold beverage offerings across Barn’s and Bon Cafe.

Partnership with Barn’s Cafe

Image Credit BAYA Studio

During the PIF Private Sector Forum, the Saudi Coffee Company and Barn’s Coffee have partnered to provide specialty coffee sourced from local suppliers. This initiative aims to assist Saudi farmers in producing top-quality coffee and boost the demand for their goods.

The initial agreement involved the Saudi Coffee company providing its locally-grown specialty coffee to Barn’s with 650 stores.

Partnership with BON Cafe

Image Credit BON Café

In an effort to offer dependable, locally sourced coffee beans to domestic brands, Saudi Coffee Company has collaborated with Bon Café to distribute local filter coffee.

BON Café was founded in 1962 in Singapore. Bon Café is a leading gourmet coffee manufacturer and supplier in Asia.

Introducing JAZEAN Bespoke Coffee Brand

Image Credit Jazean

The Saudi Coffee Company has launched its bespoke specialty coffee brand, Jazean. As part of the deal, Jazean will be introduced to AlHokair Group’s 23 hotels and Altanfeethi’s 27 VIP airport lounges. 

The company will also supply Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters green beans and provide comprehensive roasting, processing methods, and tasting training.

Altanfeethi and The Saudi Coffee Company


At the Private Sector Forum, the Saudi Coffee Company also signed an MoU with Altanfeethi company. 

Altanfeethi is an iconic luxury travel provider in Saudi Arabia and offers 27 VIP Airport lounges across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AlAltanfeethi is well known for its bespoke service of chauffeuring guests in high-end vehicles from their VIP lounges directly to board their aircraft. 


Through the agreement with Altanfeethi, The Saudi Coffee Company will supply the Altanfeethi airport lounges with Jazean roasted beans as well as offer barista training for their airport staff.

Al Hokair Group Hotels


At the PIF Private Sector Forum, a significant achievement was made as SaudiCoffeeCompany partnered with Al Hokair Group.  

Within the Kingdom, The Al Hokhair Group owns 35 hotels featuring renowned international names like Louvre Golden Tulip Hotels, IHG Holiday Inn Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Radisson Park Inn Hotel, Accor, and MENA Hotels.

These hotels collectively offer 5,122 superior rooms, luxurious suites, villas, apartments, and chalets, serving the needs of our guests for superior comfort, amenities, and seclusion.

The strategic collaboration with Al Hokair Group will involve providing Jazean, the Saudi Coffee Company’s unique coffee, and thorough barista training to improve the entire value chain of the coffee sector.

The Saudi Coffee Company’s Model Farm

Image Credit Saudi Coffee Company

The Saudi Coffee Company recently unveiled its first Model Farm in Jazan. This significant venture aims to revolutionize the national coffee industry and make Saudi Arabia’s signature coffee, the Coffea Arabica, a global product.

The Model Farm is situated across one million square meters of farmland in Jazan and is expected to nurture five million coffee trees by 2030. This expansion will lay the groundwork for the company’s long-term plans to bolster coffee production capacity from 300 to 2,500 tonnes annually.

Image Credit Saudi Coffee Company

The model farm is also envisioned as a benchmark for coffee farmers nationwide. It will provide a platform for coffee producers to hone their skills, understand the latest sustainable farming practices, and navigate cutting-edge technologies in planting and harvesting. 

Key facts about the Model Farm:

  • Altitude 1600 above sea level
  • Temperature record of 20 years suitable for Arabica plantation 
  • Rich soil

A Vision for the Future

Image Credit The PIF

Khalid Abu Theeb, CEO of the Saudi Coffee Company, articulated his enthusiasm about the company’s pivotal role in advancing the Saudi coffee industry. 

He said, “Our presence at this forum marks a crucial step in our mission to elevate the Saudi coffee industry. With our strategic partnerships and collaborations, we reiterate our commitment to sustainability and sector growth, both locally and globally – proudly contributing to the kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the diversification of the economy.”

Ambitious Goals

Image Credit Saudi Coffee Company

Backed by a substantial SAR 1.2 billion ($320 million) investment from the PIF, the Saudi Coffee Company has set ambitious goals. It aims to increase annual coffee production from 300 to 2,500 tons by 2028 and plant 10 million coffee trees in the Jazan region over the next decade. 

This bold vision positions the company as a key player in reshaping the landscape of the Saudi Arabian coffee industry.

Brewing Coffee Revolution

Image Credit Saudi Coffee Company

The Saudi Coffee Company is a shining example of how strategic partnerships and collaborations can fuel growth and innovation. Its recent deals are set to boost the supply chain and elevate the Saudi coffee industry, making it a significant player on the global stage. 

With a commitment to sustainability and sector growth, the company is confidently marching towards its Vision 2030 goals, thereby contributing to the diversification of the Saudi economy.

With these strategic moves, the Saudi Coffee Company is not just brewing coffee; it’s brewing a revolution in the Saudi coffee industry.

More Coffee News in Saudi Arabia 

Barn’s Coffee Global Expansion

Image Credit Barns Coffee

Barn’s, the renowned Saudi Arabian coffee shop specializing in specialty coffee, has announced its plans to go public in the coming year. 

The company aims to expand its reach to 1,000 stores worldwide and enter new markets such as the UK and USA. This IPO presents a unique opportunity for Barn’s loyal customers to become investors in the company as well.

SHOTTED Speciality Coffee to Washington DC

Image Credit SHOTTED

Saudi Speciality Cafe SHOTTED is bringing Saudi Coffee Culture to Washington, DC. The Saudi-based Coffee shop offers a taste of authentic Saudi Coffee and culture to US customers. 

They have also collaborated with Princess Reema bint Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the US, to cater for events at the Saudi Embassy.

Half Million Coffee: Official Saudi Pro League Partner

Image Credit Half Million

The Riyadh-based coffee chain, Half Million, is now the Official Coffee Chain Partner of the Saudi Pro League, marking its venture into sports sponsorships, capitalizing on the global spotlight on football in Saudi Arabia.

This collaboration comes as Saudi Arabia’s football scene gains global recognition, attracting attention from around the world. 

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