Home » Companies » Partanna and ROSHN Group Announce Collaboration for a Carbon-Negative Concrete Facility in Saudi Arabia
Partanna and ROSHN Group Announce Collaboration for a Carbon-Negative Concrete Facility in Saudi Arabia
Partanna and ROSHN Group Announce Collaboration for a Carbon-Negative Concrete Facility in Saudi Arabia

In a significant move to revolutionize the construction industry with sustainable technology, Partanna Arabia and ROSHN Group have partnered to potentially construct a cutting-edge carbon-negative concrete production facility. 

The collaboration is poised to play a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainable development and its Vision 2030 goals.

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Key Highlights of the Collaboration

  • The facility aims to produce carbon-negative pavers, with plans to expand to blocks, tiles, precast, and pour-in-place solutions.
  • This initiative supports ROSHN’s mission to construct over 400,000 homes, 1,000 kindergartens, schools, and more than 700 mosques by 2030.
  • The project is expected to create over 100 jobs, fostering career growth in the sustainable construction sector.
  • Partanna’s unique concrete formula leverages recycled materials and avoids Portland cement and heating, reducing emissions and absorbing CO₂.

Potential Facility and Its Impact

Image Credit Partanna

The establishment is initially designed to produce carbon-negative paving stones, with the future capability to manufacture blocks, tiles, precast, and pour-in-place options. 

This aligns with ROSHN’s objective of constructing above 400,000 residences, over 1,000 educational establishments, and more than 700 places of worship by 2030, thereby placing Saudi Arabia at the vanguard of carbon-negative building innovation.

The facility is projected to provide employment opportunities for more than 100 people, aiding Saudis in establishing durable careers in the expanding green construction industry. Simultaneously, it paves the way for the Kingdom’s aggressive construction agenda. 

Partanna’s Proprietary Concrete Formula

Partanna’s unique concrete mixture, created from repurposed ingredients like brine, eliminates the need for Portland cement or heat in its creation. The firm’s exclusive blend procedure exposes novel elements that naturally absorb CO₂. 

By steering clear of emissions associated with clinking, and by incorporating waste materials produced in Saudi, Partanna’s materials rapidly transition into being carbon-negative, without the necessity for costly CCUS technology (carbon capture, usage, and storage). 

This procedure enables structures and infrastructures built with Partanna to actively contribute to the planet’s healing by reusing waste materials and extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, similar to a tree’s function.

Environmental Impact

Image Credit SEDRA

Desalination facilities in Saudi Arabia are responsible for producing 70% of the nation’s potable water. On the brink of making a significant ecological contribution, Partanna’s innovative technology aligns with ROSHN’s dedication to preserving natural resources and minimizing waste. 

This technology transforms the waste brine, a byproduct of desalination processes, into a harmless, practical material, preventing massive amounts from contaminating water systems and harming marine life.

The establishment of this new facility is a step forward in actualizing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for sustainability, inclusive of Saudi’s pledge to achieve Net Zero by 2060. 

The construction sector, contributing to 38% of global carbon emissions, is notoriously difficult to reform. However, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regards Saudi Arabia’s construction industry as the most robust globally, highlighting the urgency for inventive remedies.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

According to Partanna’s calculations, the construction of 100,000 houses using their material could potentially offset or eliminate the CO₂ output equivalent to the yearly emissions produced by more than a million vehicles.

When operating at maximum efficiency, the proposed plant can produce around 1.3 million carbon credits each year. It’s these superior grey-carbon credits, named for their origin in the built, grey environment, that can be marketed to Saudi corporations aiming to counterbalance their emission outputs.

Leadership Statement

Rick Fox, CEO of Partanna said:

“This is a partnership of pioneers. Partanna has developed the world’s first and only carbon-negative concrete production process. ROSHN has long been recognized as a champion of utilizing ground-breaking technologies, such as ours.

“Together, we’re going to show the world that you can build sustainably without compromise. Together, we’re going to delink Saudi Arabia’s development from pollution. Together, we’re going to change the way the world builds – for good.

“I am grateful to be starting 2024 with this announcement today, and our signing this week of a historic Heads of Agreement with the Government of The Bahamas. Thanks to the leadership of Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, Partanna is scaling globally from the frontline of climate change to frontier emerging markets.” 

ROSHN Group’s Sustainable Development Focus

Image Credit ROSHN

ROSHN is committed to building environmentally friendly and self-reliant communities. Their collaboration with Partanna highlights their mutual dedication to sustainable growth and illustrates ROSHN’s commitment to incorporating eco-friendly technologies in their large-scale residential projects.

The contract with Partanna was signed a few months after the company introduced its first carbon-negative ‘global home’ in The Bahamas, marking the start of 1,000 such homes to be built in cooperation with the Bahamian Government. 

In 2023, Partanna entered a long-term procurement contract with Red Sea Global, having already supplied more than 11,000 paving slabs to the developer. Furthermore, there is an existing partnership between Partanna and the Diriyah Gate Development Authority.

About Partanna

Partanna is an innovative tech firm focused on aiding industries in their quest for decarbonization, increased profit margins, and the creation of carbon credits.

It has spearheaded the creation of the planet’s initial zero-emission material, a substance that organically extracts carbon from the air. Deployed across multiple sectors, this revolutionary technology yields high-value carbon credits in an expanding worldwide market.

About Partanna’s Technology

Partanna’s eco-friendly construction material not only matches the affordability, adaptability, and resilience of regular cement but also contributes positively to the ecological balance. 

Instead of the carbon-emitting Portland cement, Partanna opts for a unique blend of organic and repurposed components. The concoction is then left to harden at room temperature.

The binding elements within Partanna’s mix absorb CO2 during their hardening phase, effectively reducing atmospheric carbon. Rather than using the energy-consuming clinker method which leads to significant CO2 emissions, Partanna employs a different approach using naturally occurring pozzolans. 

A saline activator is used in place, which aids in forming solid carbonates and absorbing CO2 concurrently.

As these elements interact and break down, they create a novel kind of binder that serves the same purpose as conventional cement.

About ROSHN Group

The ROSHN Group, fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia, is the nation’s most reputable property developer and is responsible for a mega-project. 

ROSHN’s varied array of combined developments introduces a novel lifestyle in Saudi Arabia, complete with conveniences within walking distance, green areas, sports centers, and bike paths. 

Using technology, innovation, and sustainability as driving forces, ROSHN Group is constructing on a massive scale throughout Saudi Arabia, presently holding land assets exceeding 200 million sqm. 

By the year 2030, ROSHN aims to construct over 400,000 homes, along with 1,000 kindergartens and schools, and more than 700 mosques.

In 2021, ROSHN introduced SEDRA, its prime community spanning over 35 million sqm in Riyadh, delivering the first Phase homes earlier than planned and marking the Kingdom’s first mega-project handover to customers. 

The Group has subsequently initiated the 4 million sqm ALAROUS community project in Jeddah and has disclosed further integrated developments such as WAREFA in Riyadh (1.4 million sqm); ALFULWA in Al Ahsa (10.8 million sqm); and more recently, MARAFY, the Kingdom’s first canal project. 

MARAFY is a multi-purpose development in northern Jeddah that brings the Red Sea into the city. The project spans over 300 square meters.

Recognized as a national leader in various industries, ROSHN adopts a human-focused strategy in creating sustainable developments, advocating for a lifestyle that transcends physical barriers and enriches life quality throughout the Kingdom. 

As part of the United Nations Global Compact, ROSHN is committed to achieving corporate superiority, collaborating with elite partners to establish unprecedented benchmarks in conventional development. This commitment has led to its recognition as the finest developer in the GCC by Construction Week Middle East’s Top 50 GCC Developers 2023 roster.

More ROSHN Developments

Image Credit Dar Al Arkan

Elie Saab, in collaboration with Dar Al Arkan, has launched its first branded residences, ‘Etoile by Elie Saab’, in Riyadh’s SEDRA community. This marks a significant step in Saudi Arabia’s real estate sector, blending Saab’s iconic elegance with the kingdom’s property landscape. 

The luxurious villas, situated in a 20 million square km development, feature-rich designs and are located near Wadi Hanifa, offering breathtaking views. This project is a part of the ROSHN Giga project, aiming to increase Saudi homeownership by 2030.

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