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NEOM Unveils Siranna, A Hexagon Shaped Luxury Hotel on The Gulf of Aqaba
NEOM Unveils Siranna A Hexagon Shaped Luxury Hotel on The Gulf of Aqaba

NEOM has unveiled a new luxury tourism destination, Siranna, an exclusive tourism escape on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in northwest Saudi Arabia. 

The futuristic and ultra-luxurious Siranna is due to feature a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive residences designed in hexagonal pillars with uninterrupted views of the Red Sea.

Siranna is another testament to NEOM’s ongoing commitment to creating sustainable, eco-friendly, innovative, and luxurious spaces in nature.

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The Location

Image Credit NEOM

The Siranna retreat, designed by Woods Bagot, is strategically located on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, nestled in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia. This allows guests to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Red Sea, with the tiered property design offering diverse perspectives. 

The exclusivity of the location is further enhanced by the fact that the property can only be accessed via waterborne transportation.

The Design

Siranna’s distinctive architectural design, which forms hexagonal pillars, complements the surrounding mountains and flora while emerging from the rugged coastal terrain. The pillars, reminiscent of basalt column formations, offer a unique aesthetic that is modern and in harmony with nature.

The Experience

Guests will journey through natural rock formations before reaching the enchanting entrance of the property. The destination is designed to foster original thinking and relaxation, offering an escape from the noise and disruptions of everyday life. 

With a focus on fostering a lifestyle without compromise, Siranna is a space where elegance and innovative living meet.

Amenities and Facilities

Image Credit NEOM

In line with its commitment to providing an ultra-luxurious experience, Siranna will feature numerous high-end amenities. These include a signature beach club, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, and spas. 

For those seeking adventure and connection with the landscape, winding discovery trails can be explored on foot or horseback.

Dining and Entertainment

Sophisticated dining options will cater to various tastes, ensuring every guest’s culinary desires are met. Additionally, guests will have access to various entertainment options, making their stay at Siranna a truly memorable one.

Sustainable Development

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM’s guiding principle for developing Siranna is ensuring minimal intervention in nature. The architecture will pay homage to the local heritage and seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape. 

This approach will ensure the preservation of natural beauty while facilitating a sustainable mode of development.

The Future of NEOM

This latest addition to NEOM’s portfolio aligns with its commitment to sustainable and future-focused development. Siranna complements the coastal location and is being developed sustainably. 

This approach is consistent with NEOM’s other projects, such as Leyja and Epicon, sustainable tourism destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Other NEOM Projects in the Pipeline

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM has also unveiled plans for Leyja, a destination set to feature three luxury hotels in the Gulf of Aqaba. The trio of hotels will be overseen by the Habitas group and are scheduled to open in 2028.

Image Credit NEOM

Furthermore, NEOM has unveiled Epicon, a new luxury coastal tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, featuring gravity-defying skyscrapers, a hotel, a luxury resort, and residences in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Redefining the Standards

NEOM’s latest project, Siranna, is a testament to its commitment to sustainability, luxury, and innovation. With its unique design and strategic location, Siranna is set to redefine the standards of the luxury hospitality industry.

Looking Ahead

Image Credit NEOM

As NEOM continues unveiling its ambitious projects, the world watches keenly. The development of Siranna is just another step in NEOM’s journey towards creating a sustainable and innovative future.

 It will be fascinating to see what NEOM has in store next as it continues to shape the landscape of Saudi Arabia.

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