Home » Neom » NEOM Unveils EPICON, A Futuristic Luxury Coastal Tourist Destination on The Gulf of Aqaba
NEOM Unveils EPICON, A Futuristic Luxury Coastal Tourist Destination on The Gulf of Aqaba
NEOM Unveils EPICON A Futuristic Luxury Coastal Tourist Destination on The Gulf of Aqaba

NEOM has unveiled Epicon, a new luxury coastal tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, featuring gravity-defying skyscrapers, a hotel, a luxury resort, and residences located in the Gulf of Aqaba.

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Introducing Epicon: The Future of Luxury Tourism

Image Credit Neom

Epicon is a testament to the futuristic vision of NEOM, the sustainable regional development taking shape in northwest Saudi Arabia. With its grandeur and exclusivity, Epicon is set to redefine the standards of luxury coastal tourism, promising an unparalleled experience to its residents and visitors.

Epicon’s strategic location on the Gulf of Aqaba offers it a unique advantage. The gulf’s pristine waters and mesmerizing beauty form the perfect backdrop for this architectural masterpiece, enhancing the allure of the destination.

Epicon’s Architectural Marvels: Towers That Touch the Sky

Image Credit Neom

The highlight of Epicon’s architectural grandeur is its two magnificent towers. Rising like a shimmering mirage from NEOM’s desert landscape, the towers stand at 225 meters and 275 meters, respectively. These towers are home to an ultra-premium 41-key hotel and luxury residences, including 14 suites and apartments.

A stone’s throw from the towering skyscrapers is the Epicon resort. A haven of tranquility and indulgence, the resort houses 120 rooms and 45 exquisite residential beach villas. The resort seamlessly blends luxury and serenity, offering a unique getaway from the humdrum of everyday life.

Epicon: A Gateway to the Future

Image Credit Neom

Epicon is designed as much more than a destination; it’s a gateway to the future. It provides a much-needed escape from the stresses of daily life. Whether it’s unwinding at the beach club, indulging in personalized wellness treatments at the spa, exploring the surrounding nature, or participating in the various watersports on offer, Epicon has something for everyone.

Residents and guests of Epicon enjoy unrestricted access to world-class facilities. These include a state-of-the-art gym, a well-stocked library, comfortable workspaces, refreshing swimming pools, and relaxing lounges. Combined with the breathtaking views of one of NEOM’s most desirable shorelines, these amenities ensure an unparalleled experience for Epicon’s occupants.

Epicon’s Culinary Experience: A Gastronomic Delight

A visit to Epicon is incomplete without experiencing its culinary delights. The destination houses multiple restaurants, each offering an unforgettable dining experience. The diverse culinary offerings cater to various palates, ensuring that every meal at Epicon is a gastronomic adventure.

Epicon’s Residences: Redefining Luxurious Living

Image Credit Neom

Epicon’s residences are designed to offer new levels of livability. These luxurious residences and beach villas leverage cutting-edge innovations and world-class services to deliver unmatched living experiences. This has positioned Epicon as a benchmark for iconic living.

Epicon and Leyja: Enriching NEOM’s Ecotourism Offering

Image credit Neom

News of Epicon follows the recent announcement of Leyja, another sustainable tourism destination within NEOM. Leyja is a stunning natural valley that offers a unique blend of sustainable tourism experiences. 

Together, Epicon and Leyja are set to strengthen and enrich NEOM’s ecotourism offerings, aligning with the broader objectives of the Kingdom.

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