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NEOM Receives Shipment of The First Wind Turbines For World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant
NEOM Receives Shipment of The First Wind Turbines For World_s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant

NEOM Green Hydrogen Co. has received its first major shipment of 250 wind turbines for the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in the NEOM megacity, which is to be assembled at the Wind Garden site, supporting NGHC’s goal to export green hydrogen starting in 2026.

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In the pursuit of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, NEOM Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC) has taken a monumental step. This step is marked by the arrival of an initial shipment of wind turbines at the Port of NEOM.

Laying the Foundation

Image Credit NEOM

The first batch of wind turbines arrived on October 8, marking a critical milestone in the construction of this ambitious project. These turbines are now being transported to the Wind Garden site near the Gulf of Aqaba, where they will be assembled and installed.

The Wind Garden

Image Credit Envision Group

The Wind Garden, when completed, will house over 250 wind turbines. These turbines will directly power the green hydrogen plant using a dedicated electricity transmission grid. The completion of the Wind Garden is anticipated by the end of the year.

Integration of Solar and Wind Energy

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Located in Oxagon, NEOM’s industrial city, the NGHC facility will integrate up to 4 gigawatts of solar and wind energy. This massive integration will produce up to 600 tonnes of carbon-free hydrogen daily.

Turning Green Vision into Reality

Upon becoming fully operational in 2026, the green hydrogen plant will export 100% of its green hydrogen production worldwide. This export will be green ammonia, facilitated through a long-term agreement with Air Products.

A Leader In Green Hydrogen Production

David R. Edmondson, the CEO of NGHC, expressed his excitement over the arrival of the first major equipment for the project. 

He states that this marks a significant milestone in NGHC’s journey towards becoming a leader in green hydrogen production and a key player in Saudi Arabia and the wider region’s energy transition.

Wolfgang Brand, Vice President of NEOM Green Hydrogen Project, Air Products, said:

 “As the main engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partner on the project, Air Products continues to make great progress in building NGHC’s large-scale green hydrogen plant, which will deliver clean energy for the world on a massive scale.”

Oxagon: A Clean Ecosystem

Oxagon, the host city for NGHC’s facility, is rapidly advancing beyond the early groundworks phase of construction. The city is set to build an advanced and clean industrial ecosystem, with the arrival of the first major equipment for NGHC marking a watershed moment.

Envision Energy

Image Credit Envision Group

The wind turbines for the NGHC facility are being manufactured by Envision Energy, a supplier to Air Products, NGHC’s EPC contractor. This collaboration underlines the combined efforts of multiple entities in driving the renewable energy revolution forward.

Financial Milestones

In May 2023, NGHC achieved full financial close at a total investment value of USD 8.4 billion. This includes USD 6.1 billion in non-recourse financing from 23 local, regional, and international banks and financial institutions. 

Following this, NGHC concluded the EPC agreements with Air Products at a value of USD 6.7 billion.

Looking Towards the Future

As the ambitions for a clean industrial city take shape, NEOM’s port is expanding its capabilities to meet the rising cargo volumes. The port will facilitate seamless import and export of materials and serve as an economic multiplier for the region.

More Green Hydrogen Investments

Image Credit Alstom

Saudi Arabia continues to lead the way in green hydrogen investments with a recent partnership with French train company Alstom to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy.

These remarkable green hydrogen projects are part of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the Saudi Green Initiative, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy.

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