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NEOM Partners with BURGESS To Provide Exclusive Yachting Services on Sindalah Island
NEOM Partners with BURGESS To Provide Exclusive Yachting Services on Sindalah Island

NEOM has partnered with the global superyacht provider BURGESS to offer exclusive yachting services on Sindalah Island, including yacht sales, yacht charter, and new build services.

Sindalah Island is poised to become a global yachting destination, providing guests with an idyllic luxury lifestyle. The collaboration between NEOM and Burgess will elevate Sindalah’s yachting offering, making it a prominent fixture on the global yachting calendar.

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The Vision for Sindalah Island

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM envisions Sindalah Island as a world-leading yachting ecosystem, with its marina set to become a new hub for the global yachting community. 

The partnership with Burgess aims to support this vision by providing a comprehensive range of luxury services to enhance the yachting experience for guests visiting Sindalah. 

These services include yacht management, charter and charter management, sales and purchase, yacht insurance, new build and refit projects, yacht marketing, and procurement.

Image Credit NEOM

Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development and Islands Officer at NEOM, said: “We’re committed to becoming a distinctive yachting destination and delivering world-class services to guests and yachts visiting the Red Sea. We recognize chartering as a critical aspect of the yachting experience.

Our partnership with Burgess will help us to ensure that this critical activity is enabled at Sindalah from the time of launch.”

Burgess Superyacht Services

Image Credit Burgess

Burgess, known for its expertise in the superyacht industry, is well-positioned to provide Sindalah guests with the highest level of service. The company’s presence in the Middle East since 2016 has allowed it to understand the growing demand for superyacht services in the region.

Image Credit Burgess

From arranging bespoke superyacht charters to managing the logistics of chartering yachts in the Red Sea, Burgess has the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience for all involved.

Jonathan Hind, Managing Director, Burgess Middle East, said: “We are very excited to be a part of this new development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at NEOM. Sindalah will offer superyacht clientele everything they want and need for a fantastic experience, and we will be on hand to make this happen.”

The Growing Demand 

Image Credit NEOM

Over the past decade, the demand for superyacht services in the region has experienced exponential growth. This surge in demand played a significant role in Burgess’s decision to establish a presence in the Middle East in 2016. 

Image Credit NEOM

With their commitment to providing the best-in-class services, Burgess is now perfectly positioned to cater to the yachting needs of Sindalah’s discerning clientele.

Burgess is not the only venture NEOM has pursued in providing luxury yachting experience as NEOM has recently joined forces with JLS Yachts to transform Sindalah Island into a premier luxury yachting destination in Saudi Arabia, featuring over 5,000 berths.

NEOM’s alliance with JLS Yachts is set to propel Sindalah towards its vision of becoming a premier yachting destination. 

The Role of the SRSA

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM and Burgess receive vital support from the Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA), the key enabler and regulator of Red Sea coastal tourism, committed to sustainability and improving customer journeys for marine operators.

In 2023, SRSA issued yachting-friendly regulations, including the Large Yachts Chartering Regulation and Visiting Private Yachts Regulation, to protect and preserve the Red Sea environment. SRSA leverages technology to facilitate permit licensing and define infrastructure requirements per their responsibilities.

Looking Forward

Image Credit Burgess

The collaboration between NEOM, Burgess, and Sindalah will elevate the yacht industry in Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea region, catering to the growing demand for superyacht services. 

As Sindalah prepares to open its doors in 2024, guests can look forward to a seamless and unforgettable yachting experience, courtesy of NEOM and Burgess.

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