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NEOM Opens its First US Office in New York to Attract American Investors
NEOM Opens its First US Office in New York to Attract American Investors

NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s $500 Billion visionary gigaproject, has opened its first US office in the heart of New York City.

This strategic move aims to attract American investors and strengthen existing partnerships following the launch of NEOM’s London office in 2023. 

Bob Stefanowski, a proven global financial executive, will lead the NEOM USA Office.

This office will be the base for NEOM’s business across the United States, aiming to foster innovation and investment for the NEOM giga project.

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NEOM’s International Expansion

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM’s international expansion strategy has been a cornerstone of its development plan. The opening of NEOM’s first US office follows the launch of its London office in 2023. 

The London office was designed to support NEOM’s business across Europe, fostering robust relationships with partners, investors, and stakeholders across the continent.

The establishment of a US office signifies a strategic leap into the American markets, signifying NEOM’s commitment to fostering global collaborations.

Location of NEOM’s First US Office

Image Credit WorldAtlas

NEOM’s first US office is located at 50 Hudson Yards, a prominent skyscraper in the Manhattan district of New York City. This location was chosen strategically, considering New York City’s international stature as a global capital for the financial and business sector.

The office is designed to serve as a hub for NEOM’s business operations across the United States. It aims to promote closer collaboration with American industries, corporations, and investors, further accelerating NEOM’s efforts to confront global challenges.

Leadership at NEOM’s US Office

The leadership of NEOM’s US office has been entrusted to Bob Stefanowski, a seasoned financial executive with extensive global experience. Stefanowski has previously held C-suite positions at prominent companies, including General Electric, UBS, and 3i Group PLC.

His leadership is expected to steer the US office towards achieving NEOM’s strategic objectives and fostering productive collaborations with key American industry verticals and business sectors.

Objectives of NEOM’s US Office

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM’s US office aims to strengthen its existing relationships with American institutions and explore new partnerships and investment opportunities. The office intends to accelerate NEOM’s efforts to redefine the concepts of living, working, and environmental conservation.

The office will also serve as a platform for NEOM to showcase its potential to American investors. It aims to demonstrate the vast opportunities that the NEOM project offers, extending beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia.

HRH Ambassador Reema Bandar Al Saud said: “We are delighted for NEOM to open an office in New York. The potential impact of NEOM extends far beyond Saudi borders. By serving as a catalyst for innovation, sustainable development, and economic diversification, NEOM has the power to inspire similar initiatives worldwide – driving positive change and serving as a blueprint for the cities of tomorrow.”

Global Partnerships and Investments

Image Credit NEOM

One of NEOM’s key global partnerships includes the NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, a joint venture working on building the world’s largest carbon-free green hydrogen plant. 

With a physical presence in New York, NEOM anticipates enhanced partnerships with US companies. These partnerships aim to incubate and commercialize new sustainable technologies that can be leveraged in NEOM and across the globe.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, said: “In order to continue to achieve the vision of NEOM, it is imperative that we work alongside global partners that can accelerate our efforts. We chose New York City as our second international NEOM office due to its position as a global capital for business and finance. NEOM has already established many investments and partnerships with U.S. entities, and through this office, we intend to build our relationships among key industry verticals and business sectors.”

NEOM’s Commitment Towards Sustainability

NEOM’s commitment towards sustainability is reflected in its innovative approach to urban development. The project is designed to foster sustainable living, focusing on renewable energy, water conservation, and carbon-neutral practices.

The opening of NEOM’s first US office is a testament to this commitment, aiming to attract investors and partners who share NEOM’s vision for a sustainable future.

Fostering Global Partnerships

The establishment of NEOM’s first US office in New York marks a significant milestone in NEOM’s international expansion strategy. This development underscores NEOM’s commitment to fostering global partnerships, attracting international investments, and promoting sustainable practices.

As NEOM continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in its vision of redefining urban living, business practices, and environmental conservation. It seeks to inspire similar initiatives worldwide, driving positive change and serving as a blueprint for the cities of tomorrow.

NEOM’s US Partnerships and Investments


Image Credit Ponyai

NEOM is taking a significant step towards revolutionizing the transportation sector by investing $100 million in, a leading US-based autonomous driving technology company. 

NEOM’s investment in goes beyond mere financial support. This strategic partnership is set to develop, manufacture, and deliver autonomous driving services, cutting-edge vehicles, and intelligent vehicle infrastructure across NEOM and key markets in the Middle East.


Image Credit REGENT

NEOM has embarked on an innovative journey to shape the future of integrated and sustainable mobility systems. A strategic partnership with U.S.-based electric sea glider manufacturer REGENT propels this mission forward. 

The partnership’s primary goal is zero carbon emissions, aligning with NEOM’s vision of a carbon-free community and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. REGENT has pledged to establish a Middle East R&D and Training Hub as part of the strategic agreement. 

Boom Supersonic

Image Credit Boom Supersonic

In a major leap toward the future of aviation, Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Investment Fund has made a significant investment in the U.S.-based aviation company Boom Supersonic.

Established in Denver, Boom Supersonic’s mission revolves around revolutionizing air travel by creating the fastest airliner in the world. 


Image Credit BURGESS

NEOM has partnered with the global superyacht provider BURGESS to offer exclusive yachting services on Sindalah Island, including yacht sales, yacht charter, and new build services.

The collaboration between NEOM and Burgess will elevate Sindalah’s yachting offering, making it a prominent fixture on the global yachting calendar.

These partnerships and investments, along with potentially numerous others in the future, demonstrate the potential that exists for further collaboration in transformational industries.

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