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NEOM is Partnering with Superyacht Maintenance Company MB92 at Sindalah Island
NEOM is Partnering with Superyacht Maintenance Company MB92 at Sindalah

NEOM is partnering with Superyacht refit and maintenance company MB92 group, to establish a new luxury yacht repair Center at Sindalah, a luxurious resort set to open in Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Neom project in 2024.

This landmark collaboration signifies a crucial stride towards making Sindalah a sought-after destination for yacht owners globally.

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A Strategic Partnership


This venture between MB92 and NEOM is a strategic move, anticipating the future growth of the yachting community in the region.

 The partnership comes into play as Sindalah prepares for its grand opening in 2024, and this repair facility will be the first among several planned yacht maintenance centers in NEOM.

A Shared Vision

Image credit NEOM

Antoni Vives, NEOM’s Chief Urban Planning and Islands Officer, said, “Our collaboration with MB92 Group is a testament to our commitment towards becoming a unique yachting destination. 

This venture demonstrates our dedication to providing world-class infrastructure and services to cater to the needs of yachts visiting the Red Sea.”

Image credit NEOM

Both partners are committed to providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions for yacht maintenance and repair needs. 

The construction of the new center will place a significant emphasis on sustainable development, incorporating eco-friendly design, processes, and equipment.

Services Offered

Image credit MB92 Group

The repair center will kickstart its operations offering a wide range of services including onboard electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic system repairs. 

The center is equipped to welcome yachts of all sizes for in-water works and drydock operations for vessels up to 40 meters in length.

The Role of MB92

Image credit MB92 Group

MB92 Group’s Chairman, Pepe García-Aubert, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. He said, “We are thrilled to be part of the extraordinary NEOM project and welcome the opportunity this partnership represents. 

We envision this as the beginning of a long-lasting and meaningful collaboration, enabling us to provide the local yachting community with a world-class refit and repair service in this stunning region with so much to offer.”

Sindalah: A Snapshot

Image credit NEOM

Sindalah, NEOM’s luxury island and yachting destination, is a unique haven for yacht owners looking for an exotic getaway.

Image Credit NEOM

 Its beautiful landscape, coupled with top-notch amenities and services, makes it an attractive destination for yacht owners worldwide.

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