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NEOM Introduces AQUELLUM, A Futuristic Destination Located Inside A 450m Mountain
NEOM Introduces Aquellum A Futuristic Luxury Lifestyle Experiential Space on the Gulf of Aqaba

NEOM has unveiled Aquellum, a new futuristic lifestyle destination on the Gulf of Aqaba blending luxury and nature.

Aquellum will be hidden within a 450-metre-high mountain haven that blends grand architecture and cutting-edge technology to provide visitors with a futuristic experience.

It will be accessible via the world’s first floating marina from where guests will board a specially designed vessel that will take them through an underground canal that leads to Aquellum.

Here they can experience Aquellum’s luxury hotels, shopping zones, and world-class restaurants.

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Aquellum Blending Luxury and Innovation

Image Credit NEOM

A remarkable addition to NEOM’s ongoing endeavors, Aquellum offers a peek into the future of living. It’s where traditional design and construction boundaries are pushed but are obliterated to make room for a visionary outlook.

Aquellum is a hidden gem, veiled within the stunningly high mountains along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline. Its design brilliantly integrates with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious balance between nature and technology. 

This distinct community transcends the conventional norms of architectural and construction designs, marking a significant milestone in innovative ecosystems.

The Journey to Aquellum

Image Credit NEOM

The journey to Aquellum is nothing short of extraordinary. It begins at the world’s first floating marina, where guests embark on a specially designed vessel. This voyage takes them through a concealed underground canal and finally leads them to the hidden community of Aquellum.

Inside Aquellum

Image Credit NEOM

Once inside, visitors are greeted by a 100-meter-high vertical space that extends from water to sky, forming an awe-inspiring courtyard. 

This vertical hub, driven by digital technology, is an architectural marvel that challenges the traditional understanding of space and scale.

Image Credit NEOM

This digital community seamlessly integrates various elements:

  • Luxurious hotel accommodation
  • High-end apartments
  • Varied retail spaces
  • Leisure and entertainment zones
  • Hubs for innovation

The Dynamic Boulevard

Image Credit NEOM

A dynamic boulevard winds through the courtyard, connecting diverse social spaces, hospitality areas, immersive art installations, event venues, shopping, and dining experiences. This allows residents and guests to enjoy many experiences without venturing far from their doorstep.

The Innovators Generator

One of the unique features of Aquellum is ‘The Generator.’ This signature space is dedicated to hosting research labs for disruptors, innovators, and creative thinkers. Here, the future is envisioned and created, offering a platform where revolutionary ideas can be transformed into reality.

The Omnifarious Seamless Transit System

Complementing Aquellum’s innovative design is an omnidirectional internal transit system. This system ensures easy access to the upper floors, transporting residents and visitors to their homes, hotels, and even rooftop gardens, offering panoramic coastal views.

Aquellum’s Harmony with Nature

Image Credit NEOM

Aquellum doesn’t just stand out for its innovative design and futuristic concept. It also aligns with NEOM’s commitment to conservation, complementing its coastal location.

A Testament to Future Developments

Image Credit NEOM

Aquellum is not an isolated project. It joins the ranks of sustainable tourism destinations like Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, and Norlana, which are located in the Gulf of Aqaba. These ambitious projects align with NEOM’s conservation and groundbreaking development ethos.

More NEOM Developments

Image Credit NEOM

Norlana is a luxury, world-class waterfront destination on the beautiful Gulf of Aqaba. Norlana is designed as an exclusive community with an ultra-luxury hotel, deluxe mansions, beachfront villas, residences, a superyacht marina, and a spectacular 18-hole golf course.

Image Credit NEOM

Utamo is an immersive cutting-edge art and entertainment destination in Saudi Arabia located along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline and nestled within mountains, it combines nature with technology. The entrance will feature a beautiful lush garden promenade leading to a 64m high entrance to the grand hall.

Image Credit NEOM

Siranna is an exclusive tourism escape on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in northwest Saudi Arabia. The futuristic and ultra-luxurious hexagon-shaped hotel is due to feature a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive residences designed in hexagonal pillars with uninterrupted views of the Red Sea.

Image Credit NEOM

Epicon is a new luxury coastal tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, featuring gravity-defying skyscrapers, a hotel, a luxury resort, and residences in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja is a destination set to feature three luxury hotels in the Gulf of Aqaba. The trio of hotels will be overseen by the Habitas group and are scheduled to open in 2028.

These are announced as major tourist hotspots characterized by towering skyscrapers, futuristic habitats, and tranquil hotels seamlessly integrated with nature. The evolution of ecotourism within this ambitious framework continues to redefine excellence.

A Marvel in The Making

Image Credit NEOM

Aquellum is a futuristic design and construction marvel, seamlessly blending with its natural surroundings. It redefines luxury, innovation, and lifestyle, standing as a beacon of the future of living. 

Image Credit NEOM

The journey to Aquellum, the experiences it offers, and its commitment to conservation and innovation make it an unprecedented project in regional development.

Aquellum is not just a project; it’s a vision of a future where luxury, innovation, and conservation coexist. It’s a testament to NEOM’s unwavering commitment to crafting spaces that typify the future of luxury, innovation, and lifestyle.

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