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NEOM Awards Webuild $4.7 Billion Contract to Construct 3 Dams At The Trojena Mountain Resort
NEOM Awards Webuild $47 Billion Contract to Construct 3 Dams At The Trojena Mountain Resort

NEOM has awarded Webuild a $4.7 Billion contract to construct 3 dams at the Trojena Mountain resort in Saudi Arabia to create a 2.8km freshwater lake that will form the Centerpiece of the attraction.

The company will also develop ‘The Bow,’ which is an engineering marvel. 

The bow is designed to extend beyond the edge of the lake overhang the mountainous valley below and feature a luxury hotel.

Work is well underway at Trojena, with 90,000 cubic rocks being excavated each week, with the project expected to be completed in time to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

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The Contract: An Overview

Image Credit Webuild

The contract, one of the most significant of its kind, includes the creation of three state-of-the-art dams, a 2.8-kilometer-long freshwater lake for a new-age ski resort, and a host of architectural wonders. 

The project has been designed to accommodate the 2029 Asian Winter Games, thereby projecting Saudi Arabia as a prime tourist destination on the global map.

About WeBuild

Image Credit Webuild

Webuild, an Italian global construction titan, is renowned for its commitment to sustainable development and expertise in executing large-scale, complex projects. 

With an impressive portfolio spanning various sectors – from sustainable mobility and green buildings to hydropower and water management – the company stands as an emblem of engineering excellence.

The Trojena Project

Image Credit Webuild

The Trojena project is set amidst the majestic mountains of Saudi Arabia. Webuild’s contract entails the creation of three dams to form a freshwater lake, which will form the centerpiece of the Trojena ski resort.

Dam Construction

Image Credit Webuild

The dams will be constructed using roller-compacted concrete (RCC) and rock. The primary dam will stand at 145m in height, extend 475m in length, and have the capacity to hold approximately 2.7 million m³ of water.

The Freshwater Lake

Image Credit Webuild

The artificial lake, spanning an area of 1.5 km², will feature an island exclusively reserved for botanical dives and walks. This lake will be the largest architecturally crafted body of water in Saudi Arabia and will play a crucial role in the Trojena project.

The Bow

Image Credit Webuild

In addition to the dams and the lake, Webuild will also construct ‘The Bow’ – an architectural marvel extending the lake’s surface beyond the front of the main dam. 

Shaped like the prow of a ship hanging over the valley, ‘The Bow’ will house a luxury hotel, residential units, and a large central atrium with accommodation and hospitality facilities.

The Importance of the Project

The Trojena project, part of the larger NEOM venture, is a key asset for economic diversification under the Saudi Vision 2030 program. Construction is expected to generate employment for more than 10,000 people, including direct and third-party personnel.

An Engineering Marvel

Image Credit NEOM

Webuild CEO Pietro Salini expressed his delight at being awarded the project. 

He said, “The project is set to be an international engineering and construction marvel, and we believe our team has the global experience and expertise to deliver this exciting infrastructure project.”

Sustainable Approach

Image Credit NEOM

Importantly, the project adopts a sustainable approach by reutilizing all the rock excavated for the lakebed lining and dam construction.

 Philip Gullett, Executive Director – Region Head at Trojena, echoed these sentiments, stating that the appointment of Webuild marked a significant milestone in their construction progress.

Other Projects by Webuild

Image Credit NEOM

As a testament to their expertise, Webuild is already constructing a 57-kilometer-long high-speed railway line between ‘Oxagon’ and ‘The Line’ for NEOM. 

Image Credit Webuild

The company’s operations in Saudi Arabia include the longest line on Riyadh’s underground network and a 10,500-space underground multi-story mega parking facility, Diriyah Square, in the new district of Ad-Diriyah.

Image Credit Webuild

With its subsidiary Fisia Italimpianti, Webuild is also engaged in the construction and long-term management of the water treatment plant at the ZULUF onshore oil complex.

Other Contracts Awarded By NEOM

Image Credit Kuehne+Nagel

Kuehne+Nagel, a Swiss-based logistics giant, has recently secured a significant contract to transport 1.4 million freight Tons of goods for the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia.

Image Credit Envision Group

Kuehne+Nagel has been appointed as in charge of transporting components of 190 wind turbine generators and 67 towers for Envision Energy

 A Pivotal Role

Image Credit NEOM

The Trojena mountain project, backed by Webuild’s global experience and expertise, is poised to be a game-changer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure landscape. 

As the nation prepares to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games, this monumental project will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in attracting global attention and contributing to the Kingdom’s economic diversification goals.

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