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NEOM Announces The Launch of TOPIAN To Revolutionize Global Food Systems
NEOM Announces The Launch of TOPIAN To Revolutionize Global Food Systems

NEOM has announced the launch of TOPIAN, the new NEOM Food Company. Its primary objective is to revolutionize how we produce, distribute, and consume food by providing sustainable and innovative food solutions. 

TOPIAN aims to enhance food security and sustainability in the Kingdom and globally by using Innovative new technologies in line with the Saudi Green Initiative and UN Sustainability Development Goals

These pillars signify Topian’s forward-thinking approach to redefining the global food system while emphasizing sustainability.

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Topian’s launch was backed by the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA). It agrees with the Kingdom’s aim to realize the Saudi Vision 2030, leading Saudi’s initiatives to secure food availability, alleviate climate change effects, and reach net-zero emissions by 2060.

Art of More with Less

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Topian is a company and a vibrant community where scientists, industry specialists, and innovators collaborate to set a new standard in sustainable food production. As a purpose-driven institution, Topian strives to master the ‘Art of More with Less’, embarking on a ‘new era of food’ to ensure food security.

Future to Table

Under the launch concept of ‘Future to Table,’ Topian introduces and implements novel solutions and initiatives that revolutionize the present global food system. It addresses concerns about rapid population growth, changing consumption habits, climate change, and natural resource depletion.

NEOM’s Commitment to Progress

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According to Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, “NEOM stands as a catalyst of human progress, and Topian mirrors our devotion to bring about positive, enduring transformation to lives in Saudi Arabia and globally. Topian’s innovative approach will play a vital role in shaping the future of a sustainable and secure food industry.”

NEOM Goals and Objectives

  • To become a lighthouse for the world in shaping the future of food.
  • To pioneer more efficient and scalable food production solutions in water-scarce environments.
  • To support food security and self-reliance in the Kingdom and help diversify its economy.
  • To empower people to live healthier lifestyles and make more sustainable food choices.

Topian’s Role in the Food Industry

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Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, Chief Executive Officer of Topian, said: 

“As a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEOM, Topian is fully aligned with NEOM’s commitment to providing high-quality food products to the market and promoting food security and sustainability while contributing to the Kingdom’s self-sufficiency objectives and long-term economic goals. We commit to shaping a transformative global food system and setting a global benchmark by pioneering new technologies and innovative solutions to overcome food-related challenges and create a more secure, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.”

Topian’s Strategic Partnerships

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Topian has established numerous strategic alliances with local and international organizations that share Topian’s commitment to reshaping the future of food. These alliances include King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Tabuk University.

Other companies, like Tabuk Fish Company, BlueNalu, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, and Cargill, will collaborate on research and development initiatives, leveraging partners’ expertise to develop innovative and sustainable approaches to food production.

Transforming the Food Future

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NEOM seeks to reshape how we manufacture, distribute, and enjoy food. By utilizing the desert as an experimental ground, we are leading the way in creating more effective approaches to food production in regions with limited water resources. 

NEOM aims to establish scalable models that can be applied globally, especially as climate change intensifies and fertile land diminishes. NEOM fosters a community of visionaries and achievers dedicated to providing food security solutions to enable individuals to lead healthier lifestyles. 

NEOM Food embodies an audacious vision for the future of food rooted in sustainability and innovative practices.

NEOM CARE’s Partnership

Image Credit NEOM

Topian is committed to NEOM CARE’s partnership, developing educational initiatives to promote local, sustainable gastronomy and nurture Saudi talent through training opportunities and chef camps.

Together, they aim to inspire Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world to think differently about sustainable food.

New Future

NEOM is more than a region in northwestern Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea; it’s a vision of a new, sustainable future. It is being built from scratch as a living laboratory where entrepreneurship will chart the course for this new future.

Topian, the NEOM Food Company, foresees a bold new future for food, transcending the challenges of the current global food system. It aims to become a global leader in creating a sustainable and resilient food ecosystem to enhance food security and tackle global food system challenges.

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