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NEOM: 10 Projects That Will Form the NEOM Giga Project Have Now Been Revealed
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All 10 projects that will form part of the futuristic $500 Billion NEOM giga project have now been revealed. They are:

  1. The Line
  2. Sindalah Island
  3. Trojena
  4. Oxagon
  5. Leyja
  6. Epicon
  7. Siranna
  8. Utamo
  9. Norlana
  10. Aquellum

Each project is distinctive in its unique futuristic design and combines sustainable, luxury, and cutting technology

1. The Line, Transforming Urban Living

Image Credit NEOM

The LINE, a revolutionary city within NEOM, is dedicated to redefining urban living. This city is designed vertically, promoting walkability and discouraging the use of cars.

Image Credit NEOM

The LINE spans 170 kilometers and aims to provide all essential amenities in proximity, such as housing, schools, workplaces, and parks.

Image Credit NEOM

Residents can access these facilities conveniently by foot, public transportation, or high-speed rail. The city’s vertical design minimizes land and energy consumption while facilitating social interaction through shared spaces. The Line is a city of the future, blending urban living with cutting-edge technology.

The Line’s development is set to be completed by 2045, and it aims to accommodate around nine million residents, thus making it NEOM’s primary habitat. 

Image Credit NEOM

The LINE is designed to revolutionize urban planning and connectivity while reducing Saudi Arabia’s environmental impact as part of its Vision 2030 initiative.

2. Sindalah Island, Luxury Island Destination

Image Credit NEOM

Sindalah, a new island destination set to launch in 2024, is located off the coast of NEOM. It comprises a cluster of islands spanning over 840,000 square meters. 

Sindalah will have three high-end resorts, a yacht club, more than 50 luxury brands, and 86 piers.

Image Credit NEOM

Sindalah has been meticulously crafted to serve as an unparalleled hub for both yacht owners and enthusiasts of yachting. Featuring an 86-berth marina and 75 offshore buoys, it is positioned to emerge as a premier location for the most extraordinary vessels from around the globe.

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM plans to create a high-end nine-hole beachfront golf course on the exclusive Sindalah island. This initiative involves a partnership with IMG Golf Course Services within the project framework.

Covering a distance of 6,474 yards (5,920 meters) year-round, the golf course has a par 70 layout featuring nine holes and 18 teeing points. Additionally, it will include a 280-meter driving range.

The development of Sindalah is expected to generate approximately 3,500 job opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Sindalah is designed to be entirely pedestrian-friendly, devoid of roads and cars.

3. Trojena, A Winter Wonderland

Image Credit NEOM

Trojena, situated within NEOM, is set to redefine mountain tourism. This city spans 60 square kilometers, with elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,600 meters above sea level. It aims to promote mountain tourism in Saudi Arabia by leveraging the region’s sub-zero winter temperatures.

Trojena is set to feature skiing and other winter sports facilities and aims to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games. The city is expected to generate over 10,000 jobs and establish Saudi Arabia as a hub for winter sports tourism.

Image Credit NEOM

Trojena will also be home to The First W Hotel in Saudi Arabia. This move will position Trojena as an elite travel destination, aligning it with globally recognized luxury brands. 

The W Hotel will be comfortably situated at the water’s edge in the Lake Village, a multi-purpose hub combining residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. 

Image Credit NEOM

The Lake Village is designed to host a stunning 2.8-kilometer-long architectural lake, a captivating forest, and various waterfront recreational activities, promising diverse experiences for its residents and guests.

Image Credit NEOM

Zaha Hadid Architects, an internationally renowned British architectural firm, has revealed an awe-inspiring concept named Discovery Tower.

With a planned height of 330 meters, the structure showcases a dazzling crystalline design. This skyscraper is poised to become an iconic masterpiece, reshaping the city skyline and symbolizing the potential inherent in NEOM.

4. Oxagon, A Paradigm Shift in Industrialization

Image Credit NEOM

Oxagon, a floating city in NEOM, is positioned to be an industrial powerhouse. Oxagon primarily comprises factories, manufacturing facilities, and logistics sites located near the Suez Canal in the Red Sea. 

Its primary goal is to serve as a significant logistics and industrial center, focusing on sectors like renewable energy, food production, and digital technologies.

Image Credit Envision Group

Oxagon aims to be a fully sustainable, zero-carbon city, including the world’s first integrated port and supply chain ecosystem. Oxagon’s development is set to be completed by 2030, with some initial logistics facilities ready by 2025.

The city’s ambitious goals include accommodating 90,000 residents and generating 70,000 jobs by 2030. As a city powered entirely by clean energy, OXAGON aims to redefine the landscape of work, living, and overall sustainability.

5. Leyja, A Sustainable Tourism Destination

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja, an upcoming tourism destination in NEOM, is near the Gulf of Aqaba. Leyja will revolve around a natural valley encompassed by tall mountains. It will feature three hotels seamlessly blending into the surrounding landscape.

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja aims to offer a range of sustainable and nature-centered activities. The primary focus is to preserve 95 percent of the area for nature, with three hotels seamlessly blending into the surrounding landscape under the “Our Habitas” brand.

Leyja’s Sustainable Hotels

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja’s hotels have been acclaimed for their intelligent and sensitive design, which complements the surrounding nature. They are designed to operate sustainably, offering distinct experiences to adventurers, explorers, and those seeking wellness retreats.

Leyja’s Activities

Image Credit NEOM

Leyja offers refined experiences and activities, including fine dining and wellness facilities. It also hosts guided walks and enthralling hiking trails set in the valley’s dramatic mountain landscapes for adventure seekers.

6. Epicon, Luxury Coastal Tourism

Image Credit NEOM

Epicon, a new high-end coastal tourism destination located on the Gulf of Aqaba within NEOM, will consist of two towers reaching a height of 275 meters. 

Epicon aims to redefine hospitality and architecture by providing extravagant amenities and experiences for guests and residents seeking an escape from their daily routines.

Reimagining Luxury Tourism

Image Credit NEOM

Epicon, one of NEOM’s premier cities, is a testament to the project’s futuristic vision. Epicon is set to redefine the standards of luxury coastal tourism, promising an unparalleled experience to its residents and visitors.

Epicon’s Architectural Marvels

Image Credit NEOM

The highlight of Epicon’s architectural grandeur is its two magnificent skyscrapers, rising majestically from NEOM’s desert landscape. These towers are home to an ultra-premium hotel and luxury residences, including suites and apartments, offering breathtaking views of one of NEOM’s most desirable shorelines.

Gateway to the Future

Image Credit NEOM

Epicon is designed to be more than just a destination. It’s a gateway to the future, offering a much-needed escape from the stresses of daily life. It houses state-of-the-art facilities to ensure an unparalleled experience for its occupants.

7. Siranna, Exclusive Tourism Destination

Image Credit NEOM

Siranna, an exclusive tourism destination along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in northwest Saudi Arabia within NEOM, will feature a luxury hotel with 65 rooms and 35 high-end residential properties. Siranna aims to provide a retreat for relaxation and creative thinking.

Image Credit NEOM

Siranna will feature high-end amenities, including a signature beach club, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, and spas. 

The property’s architecture pays homage to the local heritage and seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape, preserving natural beauty while facilitating a sustainable development mode.

8. Utamo, A Treasure of Tomorrow 

Image Credit NEOM

Utamo, an immersive destination for art and entertainment situated along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in northwest Saudi Arabia within NEOM, aims to offer a unique setting for hosting music, art, and cultural events.

Utamo promises to offer one-of-a-kind experiences. It will host global artists for entertainment events, exhibitions, and art activations that redefine traditional entertainment experiences.

Utamo’s Unique Offering

Image Credit NEOM

Utamo promises to redefine traditional entertainment experiences. The city will host global artists for entertainment events, exhibitions, and art activations, all set against its stunning natural backdrop.

An Unforgettable Arrival

Image Credit NEOM

Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by a garden promenade featuring more than 50 species of shrubs, herbs, and flowers. This pathway leads to a grand hall with a 64-meter-high entrance, setting the stage for awe-inspiring experiences.

A Futuristic Theatre

Image Credit NEOM

Utamo is set to be a future theatre where reality converges with the digital world. The city will host events designed to redefine the benchmark of entertainment, making it one of the world’s most exclusive event spaces.

9. Norlana, Modern Residential Community

Image Credit NEOM

Norlana, a modern residential community in northwest Saudi Arabia as part of NEOM, is situated along the Gulf of Aqaba coast. Norlana will comprise 711 properties, including various homes integrated with the natural dunes.

The NORLANA Community

Image Credit NEOM

NORLANA aims to accommodate an exclusive community of 3000 residents by offering a portfolio of 711 residential properties. These properties are thoughtfully integrated into the surrounding dunes, bringing the residents closer to serene nature.

NORLANA’s Sports and Wellness Facilities

Image Credit NEOM

In addition to the above, NORLANA caters to a diverse range of water sports, including sailing and diving. These facilities will enable residents and guests to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural environment of the Gulf of Aqaba.

10. Aquellum: Innovative and Luxurious Space

Image Credit NEOM

Aquellum, one of NEOM’s ten envisioned cities, is a hidden jewel nestled within the majestic mountains along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline. This luxurious destination promises to offer visitors a unique blend of traditional design and cutting-edge technology.

Architectural Brilliance 

Image Credit NEOM

Aquellum’s design surpasses conventional architectural boundaries, integrating seamlessly with its natural surroundings. The city promises a harmonious balance between nature and technology, marking a significant milestone in the creation of innovative ecosystems.

A Journey Like No Other

Image Credit NEOM

The journey to Aquellum is nothing short of extraordinary. It begins with a specially designed vessel journey through a concealed underground canal, leading guests to this hidden gem. 

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a 100-meter-high vertical space extending from water to sky, forming an awe-inspiring courtyard.

A Multifaceted Urban Experience

Image Credit NEOM

The city offers a variety of experiences, including luxury hotels, high-end apartments, varied retail spaces, leisure and entertainment zones, and innovation hubs. 

A dynamic boulevard further connects diverse social spaces, shopping, and dining experiences, offering residents numerous experiences without straying far from their doorstep.

A Visionary Perspective

Image Credit NEOM

NEOM’s ten futuristic cities exemplify a visionary perspective on the future of urban existence and sustainable growth. By seamlessly incorporating technology, innovation, and sustainability, NEOM aims to redefine what a city can accomplish.

NEOM’s steadfast commitment to economic diversification, environmental conservation, and social progress positions it as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformative change.

As Saudi Arabia embarks on an exciting journey towards a sustainable and diversified economy, the world eagerly watches as the pioneering vision of NEOM unfolds.

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