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Marriott and NEOM Sign Deal to Introduce The Ritz-Carlton Reserve To Trojena
Marriott and NEOM Sign Deal to Introduce The Ritz-Carlton Reserve To Trojena

Marriott International has partnered with NEOM to bring The Ritz-Carlton Reserve to the stunning, secluded mountains of Trojena in northwestern Saudi Arabia. 

The resort will feature 60 luxurious, 1 to 4 bedroom villas, a lavish spa, pools, and several world class restaurants. 

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Trojena will offer an exclusive immersive private escape, marking Marriott’s seventh venture in NEOM.

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The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena is expected to feature 60 expansive villas, ranging from one to four bedrooms. Each villa will be meticulously designed to blend with the destination’s natural environment.

Aimed at providing a private world of luxury to its discerning guests, the Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena will be tucked away in a remote corner of Trojena. 

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena’s design reflects the destination’s vision and experiences. It’s in harmony with the natural environment of Trojena, offering the guests an immersive stay.

This ultra-luxurious property is one of the only six Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties worldwide. The others are in Thailand, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

Facilities at Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena will house a lavish spa, swimming pools, and culinary venues. These amenities aim to provide an idyllic escape complete with expansive views across the desert and mountain ranges of the destination.

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena will offer highly personalized service centered around human connection. This feature is a unique characteristic of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties, known for their intimate and transformative experiences.

Image Credit NEOM

Chadi Hauch, Regional Vice President, Lodging Development, Middle East, Marriott International, said, “Ritz-Carlton Reserve features a portfolio of exclusive properties that offer an intimate and transformative experience rooted in heartfelt care and human connection.”

Marriott International and NEOM Collaboration

Image Credit NEOM

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena, the second Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Saudi Arabia, with the first being Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve which is now open for bookings, and marks only the 7th Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the world.

The partnership between NEOM and Marriott aims to strengthen the relationship between the two companies further and emphasizes the ongoing luxury development in the region.

Marriott International and NEOM are also expected to unveil two unique concepts later this year. These initiatives will likely further boost the region’s tourism and hospitality industry.

The Trojena Experience

Image Credit NEOM

Trojena, developed by NEOM, is a rare destination offering year-round adventure sports. Visitors can partake in various activities, including skiing, water sports, hiking, and mountain biking. 

Image Credit NEOM

The development of Trojena also includes apartments, chalets, retail and dining spaces, entertainment and leisure facilities, sports and recreational facilities, and other hospitality offerings. This consists of a W Hotel and a JW Marriott Hotel, further enhancing the allure of this destination.

Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena is a sanctuary created to capture the magic of Saudi Arabia, providing visitors and residents with an ultimate luxury experience in an unforgettable location.

Redefining Luxury and Adventure Tourism

Image Credit NEOM

Introducing the Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena is a significant step toward promoting luxury tourism in Saudi Arabia, as one of the flagship developments within NEOM, the Trojena project is set to redefine the concept of luxury and adventure sports destinations in the region.

This is an exciting time for both Marriott International and NEOM as they continue collaborating and innovating to bring unique luxury experiences to discerning travelers worldwide. The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Trojena is one to watch out for in the near future.

Planned Marriott Hotels at Trojena

W Hotel Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The W Hotel, situated in the diverse Trojena’s Lake Village, will have a total of 236 guest rooms and 47 suites. These accommodations will provide captivating views of the nearby mountains and freshwater lake. 

The hotel will also showcase the Marriott’s well-known areas and provide four distinctive dining options for guests.

JW Marriott Hotel 

Image Credit NEOM

Located in The Bow, the Trojena JW Marriott Hotel will be a technologically advanced aquatic paradise that combines nature and modern advancements seamlessly. The establishment will boast 500 lavish rooms and suites and a diverse range of activities and amenities for guests to enjoy. 

As the first W Hotel and JW Marriott in Trojena, Saudi Arabia, Marriott International is again revolutionizing the luxury hospitality world.

More Upcoming Hotels at Trojena

Raffles Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The renowned luxury brand of Accor, Raffles Hotels & Resorts, is preparing to make its debut in Trojena, a mountain destination in NEOM that is open all year round. 

Scheduled to launch in 2027, Raffles Trojena will redefine hospitality in mountainous areas, granting guests unparalleled access to the region’s breathtaking beauty. 

Positioned at an altitude of 2300m, the resort will boast a distinctive ring-shaped structure, with 105 guestrooms arranged along the perimeter to offer exceptional panoramic views of the mountains while ensuring privacy. 

Raffles Trojena will feature the renowned Raffles Butler service and top-notch restaurants, adding to the grandeur of the vast mountainous region.

Anantara Resort Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The Anantara Resort, developed by Minor Hotels, is currently being built in Trojena’s Water Village, part of the Valley Cluster and a promising district that will feature three projects centered around an artificial lake spanning 2.8 kilometers. 

The resort will offer a range of rooms and suites with private pools and breathtaking views of the lake or mountains. It will also provide various dining options and amenities, such as the Anantara Spa, 270 rooms and pool villas, an infinity pool, and multiple sports activities.

25-Hours Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

TROJENA’s 25-hour team will provide a range of amenities, including an in-house cinema, a farm-to-table restaurant, a bike workshop with co-working space, and a rooftop restaurant with a pool, all inspired by the futuristic design of the building.

Morgans Originals Trojena

Image Credit NEOM

The Morgans Originals Hotel will transport individuals to a world deeply rooted in the brand’s iconic cultural legacy. The eight-story vertical core of the hotel will feature microclimates and immersive art experiences. 

Guests can also enjoy four exceptional dining options and a 2,000-meter destination spa and bathhouse. The hotel will also boast a ski slope roof with architectural significance and a rooftop pool bar that offers breathtaking views of the Trojena mountains. 

Trojena has chosen both 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals as they perfectly align with NEOM’s vision to provide unmatched experiences to residents and visitors seeking luxury, adventure, entertainment, livability, and a departure from the ordinary.

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